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We all know life is a gift.  We are here to experience.  Are you obsessed with self-improvement?  Do you want to live the happiest life possible with tons of amazing experiences? 


This blog is here to help you live your best life, and to have as many beautiful experiences as you possibly can in this lifetime!  The sky is the limit.  When you're on your death bed, what will you be able to say you've accomplished on your journey while you were here in this physical world?  What made you happy?


We're here to share our discoveries with you, anything we think can help you achieve your dreams and live your life to the fullest.  And hey,  when things get tough (because it's life) we will help you through that, too... because even the bad experiences serve a purpose, they teach you something.  Enjoy the blog!

Let's Start Creating Amazing Experiences

What do you want to do?

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Can You Make Money Blogging? 
This Blogger Made $3800 in Her First 3 Months!  

Sara, the owner of Gathering Dreams is truly living the dream blogging.  She teaches others how to do it too, check out this interview.

My Spouse Feels more like
a Roommate than
a Romantic Partner

Do you miss getting butterflies?  Do you feel like your spouse is someone you're just "living with?"  I asked  professionals on this topic,  and they provided incredibly helpful insight.

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Getting Through the COVID-19 Pandemic Financially - Expert Ande Frazier Weighs in

Ande Frazier is offering a free workshop right now to help you get through the pandemic that is impacting so many people financially.  Plus, she has a book and offers a great quick tip of what you can start doing today.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars: 5 Powerful Products to Fade Acne Scars at Home 

I was left with acne scars after many years of suffering with acne.  I was told by professionals that I would never get rid of them.  I found products and tools to fade these scars and now my skin looks better than it ever has.  If you're wondering what the best treatment for acne scars are, I share some different highly rated products that I've used that have worked wonders on my acne scars and skin overall.  

Is Mindset a Success Factor?  We Interviewed Matthew Woodward, Award Winning SEO Expert

Matthew Woodward is an extremely successful online entrepreneur.  His blog has earned over a million dollars, grabbed 8 awards, published over 243 tutorials, and has over 180,000 subscribers.  I wanted to dig deep to find out what kind of mindset he had to develop and maintain to achieve his level of success.  He shares some great wisdom in this interview!  

PRAI Beauty: An Interview with the Animal Loving Owner - Cathy Kangas + My New Favorite Decolletage Product! 

Cathy Kangas started PRAI Beauty when she realized that the beauty industry completely shut out older women and only used younger women in advertisements for wrinkle creams and anti-aging products.  She's a beauty veteran and has a huge love for animals.  She is doing some incredible things in the beauty world and helping animals all at the same time.  

How to Attract Money with Energy - An Interview with Margaret Donahue, Author of Money is an Energy Game 

After Madeline Gerwick and Margaret Donahue taught prosperity classes for many years, they decided to write a book to provide a means for people to recognize and eliminate, patterns that push money away and to develop an effective blueprint for bringing more prosperity into their lives, in easy and effective ways.  You're going to LOVE this interview!

I am Always Tired!  An Eye Opening Reason Why You Might Constantly be Feeling Fatigued

Do you ever wonder why you always feel tired?  Is there a reason or root cause behind your chronic fatigue?  What does your diet look like?  We asked an expert, and Emily McGlone weighed in on what might be causing you to constantly feel so tired and sluggish.  

This 15-Stage Shower Head Water Filter Changed My Life! 
(Hair, Skin, & More!)

If you have well water or hard water, you might experience issues with your hair and skin.  Do you experience frizziness, color fading, texture issues and other damage?  Do you have dry flaky skin?  It might be your water!  This shower head water filter was an inexpensive fix and has been life changing for me! 

The Collagen Drink that is Making My Skin so Soft and I Don't Even Know
I'm Drinking It!

I put Vitauthority's Collagen drink to the ultimate test.  If you don't know about collagen drinks, you're going to find this review really interesting!    

My Husband Has a Spending Problem & I'm Tired of Being Stressed Out Over Money!  

We asked a professional marriage counselor, Victoria Holroyd on what to do if you are faced with this type of situation.  She provided some very helpful information!  

EASY Smoothie Recipes from an Expert  + Ideas
for Simple Ingredients to Boost Your Health! 

We asked an expert who specializes in getting to the root causes of health issues, using food as medicine and she provided some incredible easy smoothie ideas for ingredients!

18 Easy, Quick & Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look & Feel More Expensive

In this blog post, I share with you 18 ways you can easily upgrade your home to feel more beautiful and more luxurious.  Simple additions can do wonders so you can impress guests and feel your happiest in your environment.

I Tried Farmbox Direct and Here are My Honest Thoughts on the Produce Delivery Service

I've been looking for a reliable, quality produce service for a while.  I reviewed Farmbox Direct's service and received a medium organic mix box.  Here is my review of the service.


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