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What Is Blissful Blue Jays?

When my mom died last year at such a young age, I was devastated.  I couldn't figure out what the point of life was if all we do is die.  I was determined for someone to answer:  "What is the point?"

3 pastors came to my mom's house in her last days, comforting family.  I grabbed each one of them on their way out asking "hey... what is the point of life anyway if we're just going to die?"  I thought for sure I had stumped them.  But, they all looked at me with concern, as if they felt sympathy that I didn't understand the meaning of life.  They all had the same response. 


"Life is a gift.  We get to come to this physical world to have experience."  


As I sobbed, I looked at my mom (my best friend) and realized she had lived an incredible life with beautiful experiences.  She built so much in her short 50 years.  She lived a life of giving, loving, being an amazing wife, mother and grandmother.  She experienced hardships and learned how to grow from them.  She broke negative family patterns and started new traditions.  

Here we are, 1 year after her death and what continues to shine through when I think about her is just how much she LOVED.   In fact, all she kept telling us in her last days was:  "Love is what matters most." 


She kept her marriage together through thick and thin, and she helped others do the same when things got tough (like myself!).  No relationship is perfect, it takes work, she taught me that.  


I originally started this blog to talk about "experiences" in life.  Quickly, it took off for marriage and weddings.  It occurred to me that these are BIG EXPERIENCES in life.  My mom helped me plan my dream wedding, and it's a memory I will always cherish.   I've decided to dedicate this blog to helping you plan your own dream wedding.  However, this website will be different from all of those big, overwhelming wedding websites with thousands of vendors.  Plus, you will find information on how to build a strong marriage when the party is over.  


- Steph, Owner of

A More Exclusive, Less Overwhelming
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