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I'm Steph, I run the Blissful Blue Jays blog.
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What is the point of life?  Why are we here?

This is what I asked myself this year when my very young mother passed away just a few months after finding out she had an aggressive cancer.  There were no symptoms until it was too late.  She was my best friend.

You see, I have always been a go-getter. 

I'm a 30-something-year-old mompreneur.  I've spent the last decade working in various marketing roles, helping companies of all sorts expand their businesses.  While I loved working in that industry, I decided to do something bigger.  My soul wanted more.

So again I asked myself, what IS the point of life?  Why are we here in this physical world?  I must have asked a dozen people this when my mom died.  I asked every preacher that came to pray over her on her deathbed.  After her passing, I read every book I could get my hands on that might answer this question.

I came to realize my mom isn't gone forever, her time here in this physical world was just up.  She's now waiting for me to finish my life out here, and I get signs from her all the time that she is still alive and well.  

This physical world we are in, it's a gift.  This life is all about experience, and living it to the absolute fullest. 


A big part of our life, is LOVE and finding our perfect partner in this world to share and build a life with.

So - here we are, 1 year after my mom's death and what continues to shine through when I think about her is just how much she LOVED.   In fact, all she kept telling us in her last days was:


"Love is what matters." 


She kept her marriage together through thick and thin, and she helped others do the same when things got tough (like myself!).  No relationship is perfect, it takes work, she taught me that.  


I originally started this blog to talk about "experiences" in life.  Quickly, it took off for relationships, marriage and weddings.  It occurred to me that these are BIG experiences in life.  My mom helped me plan my dream wedding, and it's a memory with her I will always cherish.   I've decided to dedicate this blog to helping you plan your own dream wedding, and to build a strong marriage when the party is over.  

My goal is to create a massive well-respected wedding and marriage platform through Blissful Blue Jays that people can count on to find great information.  My goal is to create something different from the rest.  

Life is precious, it's truly a beautiful delicate thing.  We should live it to the fullest while we are here and love, love, love!​


- Steph, Owner of