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Bored Woman

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I Am Bored in My Marriage.  How Can I Change This?

We asked an expert on how to fix a marriage you feel bored in.

Eating Popcorn

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My Spouse Feels Like a Roommate, Not a Romantic Partner

We're talking to an expert about this topic!

Credit Card

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My Spouse Has a Spending Problem.  I'm Tired of Stressing About Money!

We asked an expert and they're weighing in on how to help this situation.

Counselor Suntia Smith

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Why Is Apologizing So Hard?

We asked an expert, and she talks about how to apologize better and why you should.

Stressed Woman

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My Spouse Shows Zero Appreciation for Me.

We asked an expert what to do when you feel unappreciated by your husband or wife.


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I've Lost the Spark in My Marriage!

We asked an expert how to get it back!

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