10 Awesome (& USEFUL) Christmas Gifts for the Husband or Man Who Has Everything (2020)

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Tis the season to be JOLLY!

Oh how exciting, the holidays are coming up and you want to get that special man in your life something he will really love, enjoy and use.

If you're looking for some great gifts for your husband this holiday season, here are 10 Christmas gift ideas he will love that won't break the budget.

#1 Something for His Sore, Achy Muscles

A few years ago, I got my husband a heated back massage tool that he sits in his recliner and it massages up and down his back. He loves it, and still uses it! Whether it be a massage gun or a neck massager, full back massager... these things are great!

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#2 A New Watch

Every other year or so, I'll buy my husband a new watch for Christmas. He loves them, and it's always been a gift I know he'll actually enjoy! There are a ton of great watches that are affordable, with awesome reviews on Amazon.

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#3 Bluetooth Headphones Beanie Hat

This is a super fun gift, especially if your man works outside or likes to go on runs. This has tons of awesome reviews on Amazon, and won't break the bank. Pretty unique gift right here!

#4 Car Cleaning Kit

What guy doesn't love keeping their car super clean? They'll love this inexpensive kit that literally has everything they need to keep his (and yours) ride clean and beautiful! This is definitely a gift idea your husband will love for Christmas.

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#5 Phone Docking Station

I LOVE this one. My husband was always losing his keys, misplacing sunglasses, his watch...etc. Now, he has his OWN little station where he can put everything that is his and always know where it's at. It's a win-win because you no longer will have him tossing all his junk on the kitchen counter or dining table anymore!

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#6 Tools

What man doesn't love new tools? This is a great gift idea for your husband this Christmas. Plus, Amazon has a ton of tool sets that won't break the bank and have awesome reviews so you know you're getting something of good quality. This cordless tool set is inexpensive on Amazon, and has almost 2,000 reviews.

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#7 Get Him a New Grill

Men love to grill. It's a bonus for you because now you'll get some help with cooking delicious meals! Plus, there are some great options on Amazon. My close friend bought her husband a Black Stone grill, and he has been cooking almost every night for a month. I tried the food, it was delicious.

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#8 How About a New Lunchbox or Cooler?

This Carhartt deluxe insulated lunch bag is awesome and my husband loves it. He takes it to work, camping, on trips... pretty much everywhere. It has thousands of great reviews on Amazon and was super affordable.

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#9 Hilarious Socks

These face socks are so funny, your husband, dad, boyfriend or really anyone you gift them to will get a real good laugh. Plus, they're pretty cheap. You just upload the picture you want on the socks. You can even order them on Amazon. How about uploading a picture of YOU to make them extra fun?

#10 Flashlight Gloves

These are so awesome, they make an amazing holiday gift and they're under $20. Imagine all the projects that can be done without someone having to "hold the flashlight!"

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There you have it! 10 useful gifts your husband will love this holiday season. They won't break the bank and really could be good for even your brother, dad, boyfriend, son or other great man in your life!