10 Ways to Start Preparing Now to Be the Most Gorgeous Bride... EVER!

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You just got engaged and in addition to planning your wedding, it's time to start preparing yourself to look and feel your best on the most exciting day ever. You're the star of the show! I remember the day of my wedding, I had a lot of confidence in how I looked... which ultimately made the day even better! Here are 10 ways to start prepping now, to be the most sexiest beautiful bride there ever was!

#1 Make Sure Your Decolletage Is Smooth & Sexy

Most wedding dresses expose our decolletage and chest area a TON!

We want it to be as smooth and sexy as possible. I have read countless articles stating that the decolletage area is considered to be one of the sexiest places of the female body! (I have to agree, looking at you J.Lo!)

I WISH I would've found this product before my wedding. Unfortunately, I had a lot of chest and cleavage wrinkles/lines I wasn't pleased with on my wedding day, sigh.

But now, I can share something exciting with you! I found this product by Prai Beauty, it's their throat & decolletage creme and here were my actual results with it in just 4 days. It's good stuff and isn't expensive! Read my full review here. Click here to check out the creme.

You can purchase their neck rescue kit which I like because it comes with both the creme and a night creme as well. Again, I wish I would've discovered this stuff before my wedding!

Nothing is sexier than a smooth and glowing chest area, especially if you have a dress that exposes that area!

Take it from me, work on this area before your wedding day!

Check Out Neck Rescue Kit

#2 Whiten Your Teeth

Do You Know How Much You'll Be Smiling in Photos?

It's true, there will be so many photos! Nothing is more gorgeous than a bright, white smile that dazzles as the bride walks by. Quick story, I used to have really crooked teeth when I was younger.

I couldn't afford braces so I just focused on whitening my teeth as much as I could. I got compliment after compliment on my smile, even though my teeth weren't perfectly straight. In photos, my teeth looked awesome... all you could see was how bright and shiny they were.

Whiten your teeth, and start now! You don't need to spend a ton of money going to the dentist, you can get some pretty inexpensive whitening products online.

This is an awesome teeth whitening system that won't break the bank!

It has a ton of awesome reviews and before/after photos from real customers.

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#3 Start Working to Get Healthier Hair

Your Hair on Your Wedding Day, is Kind of a Big Deal.

There are all kinds of things you can do right now to start getting healthier hair. To get healthier and longer hair, I work to have a high protein diet. I take vitamins and supplements, drink tons of water, massage my scalp and use products that help my hair grow.

Here are some of the products I use and LOVE.

Premier Protein Shakes

These babies pack 30 grams of protein per shake, 24 vitamins and minerals and only 1 gram of sugar. They taste great.

I remember asking the owner of a med spa one time (who had hair down to her butt) how she got her hair so long. She said "protein!"

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Sugar Bear Hair Gummy Vitamins

I remember seeing celebrities posting about these all over social media a few years back. I was skeptical and thought they just had a lot of money to spend on advertising, turns out... they're pretty awesome. Amazon reviews confirms.

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Grow Long Shampoo

This stuff is under $10 and it's been amazing to my hair. Seriously, get a good shampoo like this one and start using it. Don't forget the conditioner.

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Stimulate Your Scalp!

Take care of your scalp, no better time to do it then when you're in the shower washing your hair!

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#4 What's In Your Shower Water?

It could be affecting your hair and your skin...

This brings me to my next point. I bet you're not thinking about this, because I sure didn't for years! I got a new shower head filter and it's been amazing. My hair and skin is softer and I love it.

If you don't have one of these on your shower head, I would definitely check them out! Your skin, nails and hair will THANK YOU!

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#5 Exfoliate Your Skin, NOW!

Not just your body, but your face!

Yes, you probably should pick up an exfoliator you can use in the shower, but I'm talking about exfoliating your face. You want your skin to glow, right? It starts with exfoliation. I actually got a Hydrafacial a few times before my wedding day and WOW it was amazing.

If you don't want to pay a ton of money for professional facials, you can get some amazing exfoliation products online. I adore my at-home Microdermabrasion device, and it was cheaper than just 1 of the professional facials I got.

Here are some of my favorite products I use for exfoliation.

Himalayan Salt Scrub

This is a great one for your body!

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At Home Microdermabrasion

I LOVE this device, it's way cheaper than going to have professional microdermabrasion treatments and I get the same results. I've had mine for years and just buy replacement heads when needed.

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Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels

These peels are hands down AMAZING. They're a little expensive but they're so worth it. I know this is more of a "peel" and not so much exfoliation, but they work wonders. I love them.

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# 6 Use Some Great Serums & Skin Products!

You removed all that dead skin with exfoliation (keep it up!) - now apply some great products and have a FACE THAT GLOWS!

I've got 2 suggestions for you.

I absolutely love the pigment corrector, Meladerm. Here is my before/after photo just after 16 days of use. Read my full review here.

Disclaimer: This photo displays my personal results and do not guarantee you get the same result or experience.

Check Out Meladerm Here

Suggestion #2: My other skin favorite product I use are the serums by Refresh Skin Therapy. Oh wow, these products are amazing. They're not expensive, and I've tried all 3 of these. I apply at night before bed, I would suggest picking the one that's right for you.

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#7 Your Eyes Are Important!

We want bright, fresh & young eyes that POP!

I feel like we forget our eyes a lot of times. We're so focused on our bodies, skin, teeth, hair and all that... we forget that our eyes are a HUGE focal point! Our eyes tell a story. Our eyes can make us look older, tired, worn down or bright, youthful and cheery!

We all know I love Prai Beauty, and you can snag this eye duo kit for just $20 bucks!

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#8 Eat Clean & Do Some Detoxing!


Tip 2: EAT CLEANER (looking at you processed foods)

Tip 3: TRY A DETOX (Like SoFlo Detox!)

I am currently obsessed with SoFlo Detox. You can choose your own detox plan and get these incredible juices and smoothies. No blender, no mess... no finding all the ingredients. This truly is an awesome company. Check out their testimonials to see for yourself.

The truth is, we can apply face creams and special shampoos all day... but what really helps is to look at our INSIDES and what we put INTO our body. If we have a body that's working well on the INSIDE, it's going to show a ton on the outside! It's going to make all of your other efforts pay off huge. You will not only look better, you're going to feel better too.

Check out SoFlo Detox Plans

#9 Add Collagen to Your Morning Coffee!

You won't taste it... and do you know the benefits of collagen?!

You can read my full review here, but wow I love this stuff. I get the flavor-less collagen and put it in my coffee in the mornings and I can't even taste it! I got softer skin among many other amazing benefits pretty quickly and now I can't live without it. They also have flavored powders as well!

Shop Vitauthority Collagen

#10 Be Active!

My last tip is to be active. If you can join a gym, great. If you can't, find creative ways to be active. Take walks during the day or find YouTube workouts you can do at home. Park far away at stores so you can walk more, take the stairs when you can. Being active is going to help keep you feeling great!

In the End

You're the BRIDE and you're going to be gorgeous no matter what you do, seriously. Don't put too much stress on looking or being perfect! We hope you found a tip in this article that spoke to you and helped, and if you didn't... you'll still be the sexiest bride to live anyway!

Happy wedding planning!

Disclaimer I am not a professional of any kind and this post is for entertainment and educational purposes only. This post reflects my personal experiences and is not to be taken as any kind of professional or personal advice. We are not responsible in anyway for any purchases you make or experiences you have with products or companies.