13 Tips: How to Get Younger Looking Skin - Get the Glow & Plump Back in Your Face

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It's no secret that having youthful looking skin makes us more attractive, confident and happier. How can we help prevent the signs of aging and keep our skin in great condition? Can we get the glow and plump back if we're already losing it? Here are 13 tips for you to get younger looking, glowing and gorgeous skin!

1.) Stop Drinking Soda & Start Drinking a Ton of Water

Guys, this one is real. Soda and sugar is rough on our skin and we need water! I had a hard time with this one for a while. I would buy a bunch of expensive face creams, have professional facials and still my skin felt very dull and lackluster. When I cut out sugar (as much as I could) and stopped drinking soda, I noticed a huge difference. Then, when I started drinking a boat load of water every day, that's when my skin DRASTICALLY improved. It can be tough to drink a lot of water if you don't love it. I added a squeeze of lemon to my water for a while. Now, I'm so used to drinking it that I really enjoy my water every day.

Imagine the differences you would notice if you drank 1 gallon of water each day.

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2.) Do a Detox

I used to have a lot of skin problems when I was in my teens and early twenties. Detoxing changed my life. I love Lipo Nourish Detox and Digestion Aid from Vitauthority. It tastes just like I'm drinking a glass of pink lemonade so I can easily have a glass each day with a meal. This is an amazing product from a truly amazing company. What is detoxing anyway?

From Vitauthority:

Everyday, we’re exposed to dozens of toxins, chemicals, and other pathogens in the air we breathe, food we eat, and water we drink. Detoxing is the act of using ingredients to help flush those toxins out, allowing your body to reset and reach its normal “balance” point again. Detoxing has a ton of health benefits, including benefiting your skin’s healthy glow and increasing mental alertness.

Check out Lipo Nourish Detox & Digestion Aid

3.) Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

I cannot talk enough about exfoliation. I literally became obsessed with exfoliation when I realized how much it was changing my skin. Not only does it smooth away imperfections, it makes the products you use absorb into your skin so much better.

If you don't have a good exfoliant, here's one of my favorite exfoliating products.

Check out over 2,800 reviews on Amazon.

4.) Drink Collagen

Did you know that as we age, our body's ability to produce collagen starts declining?

I've tried a lot of Collagen products over the years, but my favorite collagen drink BY FAR is by Vitauthority. You don't even know you're drinking it. It just doesn't get any better. You can read my review here. It's truly such an impressive powder, and can easily be added to coffee every morning, or any drink you prefer. There is no taste and it has seriously changed my skin!

Check out this collagen powder for yourself.

5.) Microdermabrasion

Remember when I said to exfoliate? If you haven't tried microdermabrasion, it is absolutely life changing for your skin. This will help you so much. Getting microdermabrasion in a professional spa or salon is great, but it's expensive because you can't just do it one time.

I found a device that you can do at home, for the cost of about 2 sessions in a spa. I love using this and it works in my opinion, just as good as what you get professionally.

It has changed my skin for sure, and I do a treatment every 2-3 weeks.

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6.) Light Therapy

One time during a facial, I received red light therapy and was really intrigued. Turns out, there are many different colors of light therapy for your skin. I discovered this mask that you can wear for a certain amount of time and change the colors yourself.

For example, blue light kills acne and tightens skin. Green light smooths skin and reduces redness. Red light increases blood flow and collagen production.

Check it out for yourself on Amazon. I love light therapy and find it very innovative!

7.) Do Something About Uneven Skin Tone

Meladerm® by Civant has been hands down my favorite product for evening out my skin tone. I remember the day I really noticed the results. I had been using the Meladerm for about 2 weeks.

It was early morning and I just didn't feel like putting foundation on just to take my mom to her Doctors appointment. When she got out of the car to go into the Doctor's office, I did my usual habit of looking at myself in the rear view mirror. Normally, if I'm not wearing foundation, I really dislike looking in the mirror.

I was STUNNED. My skin tone was so incredibly even and smooth it was unreal. It looked better than when I had foundation on. I hate the look of foundation covering imperfections, and sometimes with my foundation I feel like you can absolutely see what I'm trying to hide. I remember feeling so confident and happy. You can read a lot more about this product on their website, see the ingredients, reviews and a ton of real before and after photos. They're really impressive and in my book, this product is a real game changer.

8.) Have a Healthy Smoothie Daily

Healthy smoothies have done wonders for my energy, health and skin. I like to be creative with smoothies and put as many fruits and vegetables in my Nutribullet that will fit, and drink away! It can get tiring going to the store constantly to buy produce, so I discovered

Farmbox Direct and they're incredible because you can get organic produce (super tasty and high quality) delivered to your doorstep. Here's a photo from a recent medium sized box that was a mix of fruit and vegetables. They do have different boxes to choose from.

Check out a blog post on smoothie recipes.

Check out Farmbox Direct

9.) Do a Detox Face Mask

I love charcoal detoxifying masks, and this one by Palm Beach Nutra is a current favorite because it's a peel off.

When I do this mask, you can feel it working. Peeling it off isn't painful and it's so satisfying. The magnetic charcoal in this mask draws out excess oil, toxins and impurities from your pores. It truly leaves your skin instantly smooth and glowing.

I love this because I like to detox my body and I feel like this is helping me detox my pores.

Check it out

10.) Take Your Vitamins

Are you getting all the nutrients you need? Ritual offers a unique multivitamin for women. Read all about it on their website because it's really interesting how they've created this multivitamin over others out there.

11.) Try CBD on Your Face

People are really starting to discover the uses of CBD.

I have a friend who swears by CBD for her back pain from back surgery many years ago. My dad uses it for his arthritis. What can it do for skin?

I use and love Mantra Mask. They have several different masks available for different skin issues. You can read on their website about the benefits of using their sheet masks with CBD among many other exciting ingredients!

12.) Use a Good Vitamin C Serum

If you really want to achieve glowing skin, you're going to love a good vitamin C serum. I've tried MANY vitamin C serums over the years and never really got impressive results. Then, I discovered this one by [re] fresh skin therapy and I love it.

This serum contains clinical strength Vitamin C, 20%. Vitamin C boosts skin’s collagen production to plump and firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains Vitamin E which protects skin from scarring, age spots, and increases skin’s hydration levels. It also includes Vitamin B3 + B5 and Ferulic Acid. I like this brand because their products are Vegan, Cruelty Free, Free from added fragrances, colors and GMOs. Alcohol free and Gluten Free.

13.) Use a Microneedling Roller

Wow, this is one of my favorite products! This microneedle roller is so easy to use, it's inexpensive and does beautiful things for your skin.

You can read thousands of reviews of this on Amazon and see before and after photos.

This little tool is painless, easy to use and provides really awesome results!

There you have it, 13 tips and best products to get younger looking skin! I hope you enjoyed this article and are on the way to more youthful and glowing skin.

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