15 Easy Habits to Look & FEEL Younger! Always Be Gorgeous & Full of Energy!

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They say it takes at least 21 days to form a habit. I got really serious a while back about anti-aging and taking really great care of myself so I can look and feel great all the time. These are 15 habits I've formed and lifestyle changes I've made. Maybe you already do some of these and if not, maybe you will learn a few new things!

#1 Get Serious About Clean Eating & Increase Water Intake

This is a big one, that's why it's #1. What we put in our bodies makes a huge difference in not only how we feel but how we LOOK. Sugar is horrible for our skin and our energy levels. Cut back on sugar as much as possible. Avoid processed foods, sodas, cakes, and greasy foods. Try your best to just eat cleaner (think plants) for 1 week and see how big of a change you will feel. Eat more vegetables fruits and treat yourself on a limited basis when it comes to junk.

Next, start drinking a ton of water. This will not only help flush out toxins in your body which is VITAL, it will hydrate your skin and give you energy. Don't like water? Add a flavoring to it (be mindful of sugar or artificial sweeteners). I also love to infuse my water with fruit.

#2 Add Beauty Drops to Your Water

Speaking of drinking water, add these wellness drops to your water for great flavor and to support healthy skin, nails and hair. They are free of sugar, calories, artificial sweeteners, gluten and caffeine.

They have Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to help your skin from the inside out. I LOVE THEM & it's easy.

See Amazon Reviews

How I made it a habit: I keep these drops in my purse and one in a kitchen cabinet so I always have easy access to it.

#3 Eat More Superfoods

Add more superfoods to your diet. Be creative when making your meal and grocery lists. How can you add more spinach, avocados, kale, berries, dark leafy greens, broccoli, nuts, seeds, garlic, ginger, turmeric, sweet potatoes, eggs and other superfoods into your diet?

Add as many superfoods as you can!

How to Make it a Habit: It helps to look into delivery services and subscription boxes. Farmbox Direct delivers organic produce to your door so you don't have to worry about staying stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies.

Zest is a monthly subscription box (see photo) that helps you stock up on healthy snacks! Instead of reaching for chips or cake, you will have these great unique, tasty and superfood snacks to grab. It's easy to make a habit when you have easy access to supplies, subscription boxes help you stay stocked.

#4 Take a Food Based MultiVitamin

I have a new favorite inexpensive multivitamin I found on Amazon by N1 Nutrition. I'm really into food based supplements and would choose them any day over synthetic supplements.

This vitamin I've been using has amazing Amazon reviews. It has 37 essential vitamins and minerals PLUS Wild Yam Extract, Red Clover Extract, Lutein, Cranberry Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Lycopene, Goldenseal Root, Echinacea, Spirulina, Garlic, Green Tea, Hawthorne Berries, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Bilberry Fruit Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Black Currant & Pomegranate Fruit Extract.

How I made it a habit: I take 2 in the morning when I get to the office. I fill up my motivational cup with tasty cold water, chug it down with 2 of these vitamins and then login to email. On the weekends, I take it when I start my day, but at home and without checking email. ;) Again, it's all about figuring out you can start adding these into your "daily routines" so they become part of you and your habits.

#5 Walk, Walk, Walk

Not a big fan of exercise? Too busy for the gym? Not in the mood to sit in front of the TV to do a workout video? I GET IT. That's why I started walking every day. After both of my pregnancies, my mom and I would put the baby in the stroller and go for a walk around the neighborhood. Depending on how much time we had, some walks were longer and some shorter. It didn't feel like exercise because we would laugh and talk the whole time. I lost the extra pregnancy weight quickly and this is one of the biggest ways I stay in shape. It's easy! My kids and I walk a LOT and they love it! Find a buddy and walk every day.

How to make it a habit: On your lunch break at work, go outside and walk! Take the stairs when you have the option. When you go to the store, park far away so you can walk more. It gets your heart rate up and does more for you than you realize. Want more motivation? Consider a step counter! Try to reach 10,000 steps per day. Being active improves your health, energy levels and can help reduce risk of diseases.

#6 Sexy Decolletage - Get Rid of Wrinkles & Deep Lines on Your Chest

Did you know that the decolletage can be considered one of the most sexy and attractive parts of a female? I have to say, I totally agree! It's also an area that tends to be overlooked when the aging process begins. We're so into our faces, we forget the skin on our decolletage! Having a smooth chest and neck that glows gives me googly eyes! It gives a youthful and sexy appearance.

I struggled with deep lines and wrinkles on my neck, chest and cleavage area for a long time. I discovered an inexpensive product and it's been amazing. You can see my before and after photos in this blog post I did. THIS IS A BEST SELLER FOR A REASON!

How to make it a habit: I keep it by my nightstand and when I hop into bed, it feels SO good to put it on the night creme right before I fall asleep. In the morning when I'm getting ready, I always put a moisturizer on my face before my make-up and I also do put the day time decolletage cream on.

#7 Take Great Care of Your Eyes

When you're doing a face mask or getting a bath, place cucumber slices over your eyes. It feels AMAZING and cucumber has anti-inflammatory effects that can help reduce puffiness.

My next tip? Invest in a really good eye cream. Wrinkles around your eyes, dark circles and crow's feet can make you look even older than you are. Youthful eyes can do a LOT for your overall appearance!

Afterall, your eyes are what a lot of people first notice about you besides your smile. Make it part of your routine. I apply eye cream before bed and in the morning before I put my makeup on. It's just become routine. My current favorite is another product by PRAI Beauty. It's a wrinkle repair eye serum and part of their 24k Gold line. Plus, it's so pretty!

#8 Drink a Collagen Drink

I used to not realize just how much we lose collagen production as we age and how much it affects us. From your skin losing it's plump youthfulness to your lips thinning.

I had tried a few collagen supplements over the years with literally NO RESULTS. Then, I found a collagen drink mix by Vitauthority and I am hooked. I noticed my skin was getting really soft after just a few times of drinking it, and now I'm obsessed. My favorite thing about it? It's very high quality and easy to drink.

How to make it a habit: It's inexpensive and I put it in my coffee EVERY morning. I can't even taste it in my coffee, I feel like I've made my favorite morning cup of joe into a "beauty" drink. Check out my review here.

#9 Drink Healthy Fruit & Veggie Smoothies

I got a Nutribullet last year and it didn't just improve my life, it improved my kid's lives too! I feel so healthy and I've noticed huge improvements in my skin, hair and energy levels. I am in my early 30s and I get carded everywhere I go. The most recent time was when entering into a casino on an anniversary trip with my husband. The security literally almost trampled me after I walked in because they thought I was under age, it ended with some good laughs when they saw my ID. The female officer said "keep doing whatever you're doing girl!" That's right, they didn't think I was even 21! My husband got all annoyed at the escapade, I was truly FLATTERED.

Anyway, I keep my smoothies simple so it's easy to do and keep up with. However, smoothies are a GREAT way to add a ton of vegetables and superfoods into your diet because you can't really taste them when they're in the smoothie and it's WAY easier to drink a smoothie than eat a boat load of vegetables daily.

My Daily Smoothie Recipe is EASY:

Handful of frozen organic blueberries or strawberries

1 Whole Organic Banana

A heaping handful of kale

A tablespoon of Flax Seed

About half of a water bottle

Some days I will throw more power foods into the mix if I have them on hand, but that recipe is always my starting point and it tastes good.

How to make it a habit:

I started having a set time I would make these for myself and the kids. I don't drink them every day but aim for at least 3-4 each week.

#10 WHEATGRASS!!!!!!!!

Wheatgrass is CHANGING my life (and my mom's life) and I just want everyone to know about it. We originally looked into it for my mom's stomach cancer (I'll be doing a post on that soon) and the results have been absolutely beyond incredible.

I've read consuming a shot of wheatgrass everyday can increase energy, help to detox the body, help inflammation, help circulation/blood flow (and even spider veins!), prevent greying of hair, work as an anti-aging agent, help your fingernails and MUCH MORE. When my mom started consuming wheatgrass, she started feeling better just after a few days.

She's on chemo and extremely fatigued so this has been amazing for her. I started drinking it (it's not the best taste, you will get used to it) and I get crazy amounts of energy. When consuming this, I feel like I'm doing amazing things for my body, health AND beauty.

You can grow it and juice it (we tried this and it was difficult) or you can buy a really awesome powder that you just mix in with water or juice. This is what we've been doing and it's GREAT!

#11 Grow Luscious Hair

Thick, shiny and healthy hair is attractive. I recently did an experiment with rosemary oil and castor oil and it worked wonderfully to grow my hair when it was seriously suffering.

You can see my before and after. This is a cheap, easy & FAST way to get your hair growing!

There is also a shampoo by HairMax that both my husband and I have been using and we love it.

How to make it a habit: I do the oil 1-2 times a week before bed if I know I'm going to have to wash my hair the next day. As for the shampoo this one is easy because you have to wash your hair anyway, so why not?

#12 Get a Shower Head Water Filter

Speaking of hair, do you know what comes out of your water when you're in the shower?

I decided to install this inexpensive shower head water filter from Amazon a few months ago and it's made huge changes in my skin and hair. My hair feels so much softer and so does my skin. My only mistake was not discover it sooner.

How to make it a habit: I didn't have to, I installed it 1 time and forget about it until it's ready to change! Bam, cleaner water made easy.

#13 Do Your Eyebrows!

I had a makeup artist tell me that doing your eyebrows brings your whole makeup look together and frames your face. It literally changes your whole look. Thicker eyebrows give a youthful appearance. I have very very thin eyebrows, but many people would never know it! I use a brow false fiber product I found on Amazon that literally makes my eyebrows look INCREDIBLE. Here is a before & after photo so you can see how thin my eyebrows are without this stuff. It's really easy to apply, looks SUPER natural because it adds these little hair like fibers and it's probably my favorite stuff ever.

How I Made it a Habit: This is something I have included in my makeup routine. If you want to grow your eyebrows out more, you can apply castor oil to them at night before bed!

#14 Get Longer Lashes

Longer lashes are another thing that literally change your whole look and you don't even realize it until you get them.

You have some options.

#1 Extensions - I tried them and LOVED them. They were gorgeous, I didn't have to wear mascara and they gave me this incredible sexy look to my eyes. I had people compliment my "features" but didn't know what they were complimenting. Here's the problem, I didn't love the price and I had to get them filled every 2 weeks which was a huge pain. I ended up getting rid of them and they left my real eyelashes super short, and I had to wait months for them to grow back out.

#2 Castor Oil Before Bed - I tried this because I know so many women swear by it, but honestly it drove me nuts having oil on my eyelashes.

#3 Growth Serum - I have had great results with this. Here is my favorite one and it is rated HIGHLY on Amazon!

#4 Fake Lashes - I love the look of them, but I'm not a fan because I can feel/see them the whole time i'm wearing them and I am not good at applying them.

#5 Fiber Mascara - THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING TO DO. It's so easy and gives me a really dramatic lash effect without having to fool with applying fake lashes. Here is my favorite product right now for this.

#15 Whiten Your Teeth

I used to have really crooked teeth before I could afford braces in my 20's. I decided if I couldn't afford straight teeth, I could at least afford super white teeth. So, I got super bright and white teeth. When I was getting ready in the morning, I would have the teeth whitener in my mouth while I was washing my face, applying makeup, doing my hair, etc. After a few weeks, I got insane compliments on my smile...yes, crooked teeth and all! Till this day, I have so many people say "HOW DO YOU GET YOUR TEETH SO WHITE!" I don't have to do it much anymore, but having super white teeth makes me feel so confident and like I said, it gets noticed A LOT.

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