15 Gift Ideas Your Bridesmaids Will Absolutely Love! (and Won't Break Your Budget!)

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What Are the Best Gifts for Bridesmaids?

If you're getting married chances are you have bridesmaids, you know... all of your closest pals to stand up next to you as you marry the love of your life.

These bridesmaids are super important to you, and the gift you give them for being in your wedding should be thoughtful. They're your best friends! After all, many bridesmaids fork up a lot of time, money and effort to help ensure you have the best day ever. From the moment they find out you're getting married, to the bachelorette parties and bridal showers... to the night before the wedding, to walking down the aisle, posing for photos... to the very end of your reception. These girls will usually buy their dresses to be in your wedding, which isn't always cheap. They may have to take time off of work, and some may travel. Some may even pay to have their hair and makeup done.

It's important to show these ladies (or gents) just how much you love and appreciate them. I know one time I was in a wedding and the bride paid for my dress, so that was her gift to me. Others I've been in, I was given a gift.

When I got married, I actually created really cute gift baskets for my bridesmaids! I was able to be creative with the amount of money I spent and come up with some really awesome gifts inside. They were a HUGE hit and the girls loved them.

I included a beautiful necklace as the main gift, and then added in fun items that were a little cheaper. I included a fun tie the knot bracelet, Himalayan bath salts, a coffee mug, nail polish, a shot glass, a customized hanger with their name on them, a face mask, a small candle etc. It was cool because some of these items I was able to buy in bundles and save money. I felt this approach was super fun to put together and didn't break the bank. I was able to put together super nice baskets for under $140 each. But really, you could have a smaller (or of course larger) budget when taking this approach! From everyone I've always asked (and read about in various articles when I was wedding planning) you should expect to spend at least between $75-$150 per bridesmaid.

Of course I also added an additional gift for my maid of honor because she was always doing things and I wanted to show my appreciation.

Oh! I also added some eyeshadow pallets, lip glosses, tumblers and a few other odds and ends, of course, after I took the picture! Be careful, it's easy to keep adding little cute trinkets to the baskets!

I think it's something worth considering that a bridesmaid might not want just a bunch of gifts that say "bridesmaid," think of things they can actually use as well! I say OF COURSE it is super fun to have those types of gifts, but perhaps consider other items like pajamas, makeup, robes, skincare, house slippers, wine glasses, wallets, to add to the mix.

Here are some bridesmaid gift ideas, whether you want to fill up a basket or give one individual gift... I hope this helps get your creativity going!

Some of these gifts are bigger, while others are fun "stuffers" for a basket or gift box.

#1 Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Rose Gold Plated, 10 Pack

Save money with getting 10 in a pack!

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#2 CBD Face Masks

Who doesn't love skincare? I've tried these and I'm in love.

Shop Face Masks Now

#3 Customized Jewelry from Oragami Owl

Literally anything from this company will be special as it's customized and something a bridesmaid would want to keep forever.

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#4 Alpyn Beauty Bundles

What an awesome gift for self care, amazing skincare products some of us might never get to buy for ourselves. It's stuff like this we all love and appreciate!

Shop Alpyn Beauty

#5 Bridesmaid Necklace

Bridesmaids for a day, Best Friends for life... now don't cry!

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#6 Bride to Be Champagne Flute

How adorable are these for group photos and fun?

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#7 Cute Makeup Bags

These are so cute, and could even be stuffed with small little things to get through the wedding. Bobby pins, lip gloss or Chapstick, trial size mouth wash, trial size deodorant, etc.

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#8 Purse, Clutch or Wallet

I LOVE Shein. They have the cutest stuff and it's so budget friendly. Just make sure you order in plenty of time because the shipping can be slow. So many fun accessories your bridesmaids would love... not to mention fun outfits for you (think bridal showers, brunches and bachelorette party!)

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#9 Kate Spade New York Tumbler with Reusable Straw

I am in love with these! How fun for the day of the wedding... everyone has something to sip on while getting ready!

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#10 Cute Friendship Ring Dish

I added one of these to the gift basket and the girls loved them!

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#11 Bride Tribe Sunglasses, 10 Pack

Oh my gosh, how cute are these to add to the mix?

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#12 Bridesmaid Robe

The photo says Bride on the robe, but you can choose the one that says BRIDESMAID and they have SO MANY COLORS! This is something bridesmaid can continue to wear after the wedding, even if it does say bridesmaid. Plus, imagine the cute wedding photos!

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#13 Anne Klein Women's Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set

Pretty sure, I'm in love with this set!

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#14 Personalized Tumblers

I mean, who wouldn't love these? They're so cute!

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#15 Design Your Own Wine Glass!

Ok, how fun is this? You can personalize a stemless wine glass for each bridesmaid! I can't get over how inexpensive this is!

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There you have it, 15 gift ideas for your bridesmaids! If you're doing some online shopping for the best bridesmaids gifts that are unique, fun, personalized and something they'll actually like... I hope this article helped give you some ideas!


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