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10 Gifts Bridesmaids Will Love that & They Won't Break the Bank

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What Are the Best Gifts for Bridesmaids?

If you're getting married chances are you have bridesmaids!

These bridesmaids are super important to you, and the gift you give them for being in your wedding should be thoughtful. They're your best friends! After all, many bridesmaids fork up a lot of time, money and effort to help ensure you have the best day ever.

They usually buy their dresses to be in your wedding, which isn't always cheap. They may have to take time off of work, and some may travel. Some may even pay to have their hair and makeup done... and that could just be the beginning of their duties!

It's important to show these ladies (or gents) just how much you love and appreciate them. I know one time I was in a wedding and the bride paid for my dress, so that was her gift to me. Others I've been in, I was given a gift.

When I got married, I actually created really cute gift baskets for my bridesmaids! I was able to be creative with the amount of money I spent and come up with some really awesome gifts inside. They were a HUGE hit.

I wanted to make this blog post to help inspire you when shopping for bridesmaids gifts. I think it's worth mentioning to get gifts your bridesmaids will not only love, but they'll actually use! They might not want all gifts that say "bridesmaid." Of course those are super fun to tie in, but consider other items as well!

This list is fun and full of affordable items! Happy shopping!

#1 A Candle with a Surprise Ring Inside!

Ok so these are so cool! Plus, I am so surprised by how affordable they are. I would've loved to have gotten something like this as a bridesmaid. This company makes candles (among other items) with rings/jewelry inside. They also make bath bombs (I'm sure you've seen them all over social media!) They state on their website that a jewel valued $20 ~ $7500 is hidden inside every Home Candle. They state that their huge handmade premium bath bombs have hidden jewels valued $15 ~ $7500.

Be sure to read details before you buy a product to see what is inside. Some items like soaps can have jewelry like necklaces and earrings inside. Some candles have crystals, so just read before buying to make sure you know which one you're ordering.

#2 Jewelry from Dear Ava

I purchased a necklace for each bridesmaid as well as my sister, flower girl, sister-in-law and mom. The quality of Dear Ava is on point and the packaging is not only cute, it's really sentimental to add a special touch to the gift. Their price points are really affordable and everyone kept saying how gorgeous their necklaces were! So glad I bought these and highly recommend them to anyone looking for special bridesmaid gifts.

#3 Customized Jewelry from Origami Owl

I bought one of these lockets for my mom many years ago and personalized it with little charms. This company has come such a long way, they have SO MANY charms you can choose from to put in the lockets. They also have bracelets and watches. How cool to personalize a locket for your bridesmaid perhaps with your and hers birth stones, plus other relevant charms to make for a sentimental gift. They have a ton of different styles of lockets, chains, etc.

#4 A Self Care Box

TheraBox is an amazing self-care subscription box. If you don't want to subscribe, you can buy just 1 of their "past boxes" and it will ship immediately. These are so cool because you can see what is inside of them before you buy, and they have many to choose from. Many of the boxes have a value of $180+ but you aren't paying nearly that cost! Win-Win!

Their website states that: "Each happiness research inspired box includes one self care therapeutic activity + 6-8 full sized wellness products (or, ingredients as we like to call it) to improve your life and boost joy!"


#5 Personalized Robes

These are not only so adorable, they are comfy and great for getting ready in on the big day. Plus, imagine the cute photos you can get!

View Robes on Etsy

#6 Personalized Zipper Pouch

Speaking of beauty products, these bags are so cute. They can be stuffed with small little things to get through the wedding like bobby pins, lip gloss, trial size mouth wash, trial size deodorant, moisturizer, etc. Plus, they can be personalized!

#7 Coffee Mug

I love getting new mugs. My collection is quite impressive. This Etsy seller has so many BEAUTIFUL mugs, and some you can even personalize! The designs are amazing. These mugs are sure to be loved by your bridesmaids and they are super affordable.

Shop All Mugs

#8 Personalized Flasks

I don't know if I've ever seen a cuter flask. I want one! I need one!

View on Etsy

#9 Personalized Pajamas

Not only are these so comfy looking, they will make for amazing photos together!

View on Etsy

#10 Personalized Hangers

These are super cute and inexpensive, plus they make for great photos! I think these are a great little addition to your bridesmaid gift.

View on Etsy

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