18 Quick, Easy & Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

If there's one thing I love, it's making my home as gorgeous as possible. I have a passion for home decor and beautiful things. Not only do I love to impress guests, I love to impress myself every time I walk into my home. My favorite thing is to make improvements to my house that look really expensive, but are actually on a budget! Here are my top tips for you to easily make some quick and inexpensive upgrades, to give your home a more expensive look and feel!

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1.) Add a Peel & Stick Back Splash

I love the look of tile, it adds character to wherever you put it. If you're wanting something longer lasting and heavier duty, I recommend absolutely getting a real tile back splash and doing the entire thing with mud and grout.

If you're not able to install a real tile and grout back splash yourself, these peel and stick back splashes are the next best thing! I love them because a lot of these come with 10 sheets and are super inexpensive. A great way to add character to your home and make it look more expensive.

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2.) Paint Cabinets

I've done this in my kitchen and my bathroom, and it makes them look seriously brand new! I did all white cabinets in my kitchen and I did dark navy blue cabinets in my bathroom. It updated the look times a thousand! Buying brand new cabinets is so expensive, but you can paint them for really cheap and it lasts. I've had my painted kitchen cabinets for over 3 years and they still look great.

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3. Update Cabinet Hardware

This is super inexpensive and literally adds a whole new look to your cabinets. Especially these modern cabinet handle pulls. I love these and just added them to my bathroom cabinets. You can get them in a big pack instead of buying individually at the store, which saves a lot of money. Check them out on Amazon

4.) Paint Counter Tops

I did this and it really looks like it's granite. It's so cheap! My only advice, make sure you read the directions carefully before just jumping into it. It is 100% worth the time to plan ahead and know what you're doing.

There are a ton of great reviews on Amazon, check them out.

5.) Add Decorative Ceiling Tile to a Room

To me, this really adds character to your home and looks amazing. There are so many styles and colors, and it's a really simple way to make your room stand out and look expensive!

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6.) Add Wallpaper to an Accent Wall

I did this brick wallpaper on one wall in my office that I love. There are so many different types of wallpaper that look like the real thing. Another favorite of mine is shiplap wallpaper. You can be creative and add wallpaper on accent walls in different rooms.

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7.) Update Lighting Fixtures

Here is another way I've made the inside of my house look so much better, and I did it on a budget. I have gotten gorgeous light fixtures for $20-$30 on Amazon. Depending on what you're looking for, they can be really affordable. This one in the photo is what I recently purchased for my office and hallway, and I love it. Just updating some of the lighting throughout your house can do so much to make it look more expensive! Look on Amazon for Lighting

8.) Apply Fresh Paint

This one is kind of a given, but just painting the walls, ceiling, trim and doors with a fresh coat of paint can do so much for your home. I actually painted the trim in my kitchen black along with the back door and WOW, it really pops now! I've had so many compliments on it. Be creative, switch things up!

9.) Update Plumbing Fixtures

Something as simple as updating the faucets in your home adds the look of upgraded and expensive. Here is an affordable kitchen faucet on Amazon, and there are many more to choose from.

Don't forget the bathrooms. If you can update the kitchen sink, that's also another great thing to do!

10.) Clean the Carpets

If you can't afford new carpet, clean them! I have a carpet cleaner and I love it! I honestly don't know what I would do without it, and I can clean my carpet whenever I like. It always makes the carpet look fresh and beautiful.

This is the one I have, check out over 2,800 reviews on Amazon

11.) Add Mirrors

Add mirrors to give the illusion that a room is bigger. I did this in my living room, I added two large mirrors on one wall and it really opens the room up and gives the illusion that it's bigger than it is.

12.) Get Pretty Curtains and Rods

Getting beautiful drapes and nice rods can add so much to a room. If you hang the curtain rod at least 8-12 inches or more above the top of the window, it gives the illusion that your ceilings are higher! I don't like to put my curtain rods all the way up to the ceiling, but that's just my personal taste. Some people like to do that and it looks great!

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13.) Install New Light Switch Covers

This one is super simple and cheap, but literally can do wonders for your house without even realizing it. I actually put these textured ones (in the picture) in my kitchen and it really made a difference!

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14.) Add a Pretty Rug

Adding a nice rug to a room, and having it properly placed with furniture adds beauty and comfort to the room! I personally feel like adding a rug to the room gives it that final touch it's missing.

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15.) Add Throw Pillows

Throw pillows make a nice decorative addition to the room and in my opinion, just give it that nice expensive interior designer feel.

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16.) Add Bookshelves

This is a trick I love to do. I get some really inexpensive bookshelves and then decorate them up with cute decor pieces. Just the addition of one to a room seems to add that impressive factor when you walk in!

This one is super affordable and pretty on Amazon

17.) Decorate with Green Plants

I love putting these little green plants throughout the house. Don't overdo it or it will be too much. Just adding one in a room really gives it that pop of color. If you prefer real plants that you can keep alive, by all means, get those!

See more indoor artificial plants

18.) Add Some Gold Accents

I love adding touches of gold throughout certain rooms. Whether it's a table centerpiece, a wall sign, a candle holder, etc. It just adds that feeling of luxury.

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There are so many more things you can do, but hopefully these tips gave you some ideas.

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