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A Beyond Talented Kansas Baker for a Gorgeous (& Tasty!) Wedding Cake! Sugar Beats Cake Shop

We are excited to partner with Sugar Beats Bake Shop for this post!


Hey Kansas Brides!

If you want an amazing wedding cake, we found someone who will BLOW YOU AWAY with their talent.


Getting Married in Kansas or nearby? The Cake is a BIG Deal!

Luckily, we found an amazing Kansas cake artist that is also a big deal!

We are honestly swooning over her talent, we can't get over some of these INCREDIBLE cakes she has created. If you want a gorgeous cake, you must give her a call!

Meet the Owner, Ashley!

Time for An Awesome Story of Her Cake Business Journey

Ashley Westhoff is the the owner of Sugar Beats Bake Shop, LLC. She bakes, decorates and delivers every cake herself! She's a busy woman, answering all emails, inquiries and phone messages. She does the bookkeeping, scheduling, supply ordering and invoicing by herself- as well as celebrating the lives and activities of her 2 small children and very supportive husband!

Ashley is a graphic designer by trade. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Kansas, and for 15 years (right out of college) designed greeting cards for Hallmark. In 2003, Ashley and her best friend decided that they needed a new hobby, so they signed up for a cake decorating class. The design aspect of cake decorating immediately appealed to Ashley. During the day, she designed cards with software and technology. At night, she sculpted dragons and birds out of fondant and experimented with new recipes!

In 2010, another friend opened a shop where she hosted themed birthday parties for kids and she asked if Ashley would be the exclusive baker. By then, Ashley and her husband had adopted their first child and were regularly attending birthday parties where the frosting gave them a toothache and the food coloring stained their teeth. Ashley decided this would be an excellent opportunity to work on her recipes and get regular decorating practice! (After all, kids are very honest with their feedback!)

Ashley officially launched Sugar Beats Bake Shop in 2010 after she fielded her 10th cake request from a total stranger. She decided she needed a real company name and a logo. Ashley decided to call it Sugar Beats Bake Shop because she listened to music when she baked. In fact, you can always find her singing and dancing around in her kitchen when decorating!

She's Award Winning!

Ashley left Hallmark in 2015 and immediately launched a website: and became an LLC. She put her entire marketing budget into monthly placement on and after only 1 year, was awarded the Best of Weddings - which she has now won every year for the last 5 years in a row, thanks to amazing clients!

"I just love hearing from brides that their wedding cake was everything they dreamed it would be and their guests were raving all night about how delicious their cake was! I consider it an honor to be ranked among the top bakers in Kansas City!" - Ashley

Do you see the DETAIL in these cakes? We are honestly obsessed!

View TONS of her cake photos on Facebook!


An Interview with Ashley

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ashley and we are so excited to be recommending this cake artist for a gorgeous (and delicious) wedding cake! We are truly blown away by her work. We are confident you are going to love this beyond talented woman! Here are your questions, answered!!

Do you have a favorite cake flavor? Is there a favorite among clients?

My favorite cake flavor is pistachio layered with my almond buttercream frosting. It is the perfect combination of sweet and salty and it reminds me of the first bride who ever hired me to make her wedding cake. She simply asked "do you have a pistachio cake recipe?" and I decided that I should! My most popular cake flavor is my white almond wedding cake. It is light and fluffy and it includes a splash of almond extract in every batch. It is that classic piece of white wedding cake that everyone wants after dinner.

View TONS of her cake photos on Facebook!


What size of cakes can you make? How big, how small?

I do not have a minimum order for cakes because I believe every celebration is special - not just the events that cost the most. I've created everything from tiny 4" round smash cakes for 1st birthdays to towering 6-tier wedding cakes that weigh over 100lbs. I love sculpting with fondant and I love simple buttercream frosting. Since I'm completely self-taught, there isn't anything I won't try to learn in order to fill a client's request. (except mirror glaze...I won't do mirror glaze anymore. It just tastes terrible and I have never been happy with the result!)

Do you deliver cakes? If so, where to?

I deliver anywhere in the KC Metro area and (basically) anywhere within a 35 mile radius of my home. Fortunately, I live in a pretty central location in South Overland Park - right by 69 highway, which quickly connects me to I-35 and 435. If a wedding venue is outside of that radius, I charge an extra $1 per mile if I can still make it work in my delivery schedule. Since I'm the only person delivering and setting up the wedding cakes, I need to be able to get to the location and back within an hour (round trip) so I can make my other deliveries for that day. During peak wedding season, I do hire my sister to deliver wedding cakes with me. She is excellent company on long car rides (because we had plenty of practice as kids) and we make a great team!

Cactus Cupcakes

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

Besides wedding cakes, I bake a lot of birthday cakes, cupcakes and mini desserts - such as parfaits, shooters, baked apple roses, and cookie dough bites. I do not offer cookies, and I no longer offer cake pops (except on very rare occasions). My newest offering started at Christmas last year, when I was asked to donate a dessert for all 79 teachers at my kids' Elementary School. I quickly brainstormed a seasonal box of 4 themed cupcakes that were all different flavors (knowing that variety would be appreciated among the teachers who would likely be sharing them with spouses and children at home). I baked and decorated 79 peppermint mocha cupcakes + 79 red velvet cupcakes + 79 pink champagne cupcakes + 79 white almond cupcakes and I boxed them all up with sweet little tags and string. After I delivered them to the school and saw how happy they made everyone, I realized that other people might enjoy these special little cupcake boxes as well! I started offering cupcake boxes with delivery to loved ones and teachers to other Metro schools. Coming out of the pandemic, it was obvious that people wanted to feel connected again. It was the most joy I'd felt in almost a year - delivering cupcakes to total strangers. I continued offering the themed cupcake boxes for Valentine's Day, the Super Bowl, Easter, Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Father's Day. And when wedding season slows down in the winter, I plan to offer the Christmas cupcake boxes again!

How can I get started with you?

I am proud to say that I am very transparent about my pricing. As a graphic designer, I found that it saved me and my clients a lot of time if I organized my pricing information in a way that was helpful and clear. (I was a bride once too and I remember thinking what a waste of time it was to keep all of the pricing such a secret. Making an appointment to tour a venue or try some cake, only to find out that it was completely out of our price range - I prefer to just put it all out there.) When I receive an inquiry, the first thing I do is send out my pricing sheet with all of my flavor options and ask if they would like to set up a cake tasting. A cake tasting is $30 and it includes 4 mini cakes of your choice to pick up at a scheduled time from my front porch. I also include links to my website (which also includes a downloadable pdf of my pricing sheet) as well as a link to my Instagram page, where I regularly post photos of my latest work.

Ready for your dream wedding cake? Get in touch with Sugar Beats Bake Shop today!
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