A Inspiring Feng Shui Interview with Ashley Peacock: It's Time to Live Your Best Life!

Hey guys! I'm so excited about this post. I mean, it might actually be one of my favorite interviews thus far. I'm really into Feng Shui, and my interest is growing rapidly because the results I am experiencing get better and better. Feng Shui brings so much joy to my life, and it will to you as well.

Now that I'm becoming more experienced with it, I think it's time to take the next step and work with a professional who can look at my specific situation if I want to get the most out of Feng Shui.

Anyway, I've already interviewed a few awesome ladies on the topic of Feng Shui, but there was still one more I wanted to hear from, Ashley Peacock. She is the owner of Peacock Feng Shui, and is a consultant and healthy home designer. She is highly rated on Thumbtack and has even been rated a Top Pro for 2018 and 2019.

I'm so glad she got back to me, because she completely rocked this interview and shared so much wisdom that will get you super excited to start getting more familiar with Feng Shui. It's really clear, she knows her stuff!

Without anymore waiting, let's hop into the interview! Enjoy!

For those who may be skeptical of Feng Shui, can you tell us what kinds of results you've seen for your clients over the years?

I have seen so many amazing results for clients over the years.

Here are some that come to mind:

Communication with a family member that was once strained gets cleared up, an unexpected check arrives in the mail, receiving a job offer, receiving a raise at work, receiving more affection from a partner, better mood, suddenly feeling motivated, having a sense of clarity and purpose, opportunities for travel, more business sales, attracting love, purchasing a dream home, and an overall sense of peace and ease.

Across the board, clients end up having more love for their home and their life in general. They feel less “stuck” and have more energy.

For those that are still feeling skeptical, I would like to mention that every now and then, I will use my own home and life as a “guinea pig” for Feng Shui experiments. When Lunar New Year came around this year, I intentionally did not make the recommended yearly Feng Shui adjustments to my home right away. When COVID-19 hit, my fiancé lost his employment and I decided that it was not the time to be messing around with experiments anymore.

I applied the yearly Feng Shui adjustments, and the very next day, my fiancé received an offer for an amazing full-time remote job with full benefits. He is currently rocking his new job and is loving it.

What are some examples of clutter and how do they affect my life?  What types of changes can happen in my life when I remove that clutter?

People often mistake Feng Shui for removing clutter and cleaning your house. It is not as simple as that, however, clutter removal is important if you want the best results from Feng Shui. Removing clutter has many benefits. One might feel as if a weight has come off of their shoulders, or a sense of freedom after letting go of things that they don’t need. It also improves your sex life :) When the energy can flow properly in a space it allows more room for positive opportunities to come into your life in general.

There are many different types of clutter. There is the obvious — just having too many physical things in your space — and there is also digital clutter and mental clutter. There is a negative psychological impact to having a space cluttered with too many things. It can cause overwhelm, sluggishness, and frustration. If one has clutter, it can block the energy from flowing freely and optimally throughout a space. Therefore, when doing a Feng Shui assessment, it is always suggested to clear the clutter.

Do you have a favorite Feng Shui trick?  I've often heard about putting lemons in a bowl or coins under a door mat, is there anything that comes to mind like this for you?

I do love having a bowl of lemons displayed on the kitchen counter, citrus is energizing and the bright color has a mood-boosting effect. My favorite Feng Shui “trick" is actually a Feng Shui cure called the “saltwater cure.” It is used to absorb and dissolve negative energy. The placement of the saltwater cure is important. It should be placed where the flying star 2 and 5 are present in the home or office for the year. These are both earth element stars. Since they are negative and need to be corrected, the element you would use to reduce earth is still water and metal. While you could use other objects that represent metal and water, the saltwater cure tends to be my favorite one to use for this purpose. This year (2020), the 2 is in the south and 5 is in the east.

How can hiring a Feng Shui expert help me?

Hiring a Feng Shui expert can help create a better flow of energy in your home, which will translate to a better flow in your life. We can also help you to achieve your goals and remove obstacles from your life by investigating the energetic qualities of your space and where the blockages lie. From there, we can determine what might be holding you back or preventing you from achieving what you want in your life.

If you hire a Feng Shui professional that also combines their work with BaZi (birth and destiny chart) it can help you understand yourself and your life path. You can use Feng Shui as a support system and protection for you and your loved ones based on the information gathered from your BaZi chart.

I’d like to add an important note to this question. I always recommend hiring a Feng Shui professional rather than trying to do it yourself. Feng Shui is not “one size fits all”, so while you can get helpful information from articles and books, ultimately, every property is unique and every person is unique which requires personalized consultations for the best results.

It takes many years of study and practice to apply Feng Shui correctly. The job of a Feng Shui expert is to analyze the energy flow of the environment and determine how it will impact the client based on their birth chart. Then, the information gathered is pieced together to formulate a diagnosis and prescribe adjustments and enhancements. I practice Classical Feng Shui and use a Luo Pan (Chinese magnetic compass) to determine the directions of a property.

A calculation is done based on these directions and the construction completion date of the property to determine the fixed flying star chart (distribution of energy throughout the house). The protocol for a Feng Shui professional is much like that of a doctor. We gather all of the information, assess, diagnose, and then come up with a treatment plan.

Is energy clearing a real thing?  Can I clear negative energy in my home with salt or sage?

Energy is always present no matter what, so it can’t be cleared completely, but what most people mean when they say “energy clearing,” is really “energy transformation” or “cleansing.” You can transform negative energy into positive energy or refresh a space by clearing out the old stagnant energy to welcome new fresh energy.

Salt is purifying and a great way to cleanse a space and dissolve negative energy. Sage smudging is an effective method as well, but you have to know what you are doing in order to properly execute the cleansing. This is why it is best to consult with a professional.

What are some "DOs & DONTs" when it comes to Feng Shui that come to mind?  


  • Place your major furniture pieces in the command position so that you have a view of an entryway, but you aren’t directly in line with it

  • Bring more nature into your home with plants

  • Energize your space with movement, for example: essential oil diffuser, air purifier, pets, water fountain (fountains require specific placement)

  • Keep your entryway clean and free of clutter

  • Let the light fully in during the day

  • Consider the balance of the elements in a space (water, earth, wood, metal, fire)

  • Keep white space between objects and under furniture pieces so that the energy can flow with ease


  • Don’t position yourself or major furniture pieces in front of a poison arrow (pointy/sharp corners or objects)

  • Don’t sleep under or in front of a window

  • Don’t sleep in a flying star 2 or 5 room

  • Don’t sleep with a mirror reflecting you

  • Don’t sleep under an overhead beam

  • Don’t put anything behind doorways that would prevent them from fully opening

  • Don’t keep dried flowers in the house

  • Don’t keep electronics in the bedroom

If I want to increase the money in my life or advance my career, do I need to look at my office at work or a space in my home when it comes to applying Feng Shui?

Absolutely. The place where you work directly impacts your money flow and it is best to face a positive flying star direction while working. The positive flying stars are in the west, northwest, and southeast for the year 2020. Avoid having your desk placed or facing the east and south for this year. It is best to be in the “command position” while working and to have a solid wall behind your back. The desk should not be floating in the middle of the room; the best position is for one side to be against the wall. You will want to take a look at the flying star chart for your house or office to make sure that your office space is located in a good flying star room. Avoid working in flying star 5 or 2 areas.

Ashley Peacock

Ashley is a Classical Feng Shui expert residing in NYC. She offers virtual and in-person

consultations for private residences, real estate, and businesses all over the world.

Peacock Feng Shui

Instagram: @ashleypeacock