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A Truly Incredible Lewistown, Montana Bakery for a Gorgeous (& Tasty!) Wedding Cake!

We are excited to partner with Parr Creek Custom Cakes for this post!


Hey Montana Brides!

We would like to introduce to you

a Beyond Impressive Cake Expert in Lewistown, MT

Parr Creek Custom Cakes & Bakery!

Getting Married? The Cake is a Big Deal!

Luckily, we found an amazing cake artist that is also a big deal!

Meet Dorothy!

Cake Decorator & Owner of Parr Creek Custom Cakes in Lewistown, MT

Dorothy is a retired E.M.T of 16 years and has been married for 39 years to Leroy. Together they share three outstanding children. Dan, Mandy, and Bryan. Dorothy also has a son, Kurtis. Dorothy and her husband have 13 grandchildren!

Dorothy has always loved to bake. Her sister Jo-Ann encouraged her to excel in her baking and continue her education in the culinary arts. She took her sister's encouragement and took some Wilton courses. Once she did that, she was completely hooked! She soon began on-line classes and started selling some of her own cakes. Her journey began 12 years ago in the making... and it's going as strong as ever now!


An Interview with Dorothy

We had the pleasure of interviewing Dorothy and she is so excited to share more with you about her bakery. We just love how her bakery got started and we are blown away by her talent!

Do you have a favorite cake flavor? Is there a favorite among clients?

My favorite cake has to be pink lemonade with lemon cream cheese frosting. The most popular so far with my clients is a tossup. It is white almond wedding with raspberry filling, Orange buttermilk with cream cheese frosting, lastly is my famous German Chocolate cake.

How small of cakes can you make? The smallest cake pan I have is a four-inch cake. These I use for smash cakes for baby’s first Birthday, and the biggest I have is a 16-inch round cake pan. I have used this one for weddings.

Do you deliver?

We deliver inside city limits for free. We do offer deliver for a mileage fee. I have delivered a four-tiered cake almost to the Canadian border. It was an incredibly beautiful cake. I will deliver just about anywhere within reason.

How can I get started?

I make custom cakes! Anywhere from birthdays to showers, anniversary cakes or any special occasion. To get started, bring me a picture and I will create your dream cake! I offer cake tasting for brides and grooms.

What inspired you to create your business? You seem like an true family business!

Kids baking
My granddaughters are also in on the fun!

My sister Jo, she was my inspiration for starting. She was dying of cancer and she loved my carmel rolls and my cakes. She encouraged me to pursue my interest for my love of baking and decorating. So, my husband and biggest supporter (and business partner!) started building my commercial kitchen in our home out in the country on Parr Creek Lane.

My son Bryan was soon involved in the building of my kitchen. A website was designed and put up on Facebook and Parr Creek was born. I started out selling my mom’s Carmel rolls (best kept secret recipe) which has been handed down many generations. We also do homemade breads, cakes, cookies and pies.

Tell us, what makes you unique?

Everything on my cakes is editable. I make everything from scratch. Including my fondant. It is made from heavy cream and not marshmallow. My buttercream is made from a non-dairy creamer. My recipes are quite different and very tasty!

Ready for your dream wedding cake?

Get in touch with Parr Creek Custom Cakes today!

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Parr Creek Custom Cakes & Bakery

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Lewistown, Montana. 59457

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