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Can You Cure Cancer with Carrots? Does Diet Really Play a Role in Healing Cancer?

If you've read my other posts, you know that my mom was diagnosed with cancer. It was so shocking. The Doctors originally thought it was Ovarian cancer, but after many tests and a few torturous weeks of waiting, it turns out to be stomach (gastric) cancer.

It has began to spread to her pelvis, the lining of her stomach and colon. They believe it started in her intestines. They're saying it's a possibility it has also moved to the gynecological area but we won't know until the results of yet another test.

I'll tell you what.

We haven't had one Doctor be even remotely positive about her situation. She is absolutely petrified, and so was I. That is, until I started researching (you know me.)

You see, the Oncologist said this isn't genetic for my mom. She said that over 60% of cancer is just "random." This made me think, random? What could have REALLY caused this and can we reverse it? I know the power of food and I know what we put in our bodies matters. Trying to convince my family of this over the years has been quite difficult.

Anyway, after hours upon hours, I discovered and ordered 2 life changing books that have given me and my mom a new sense of hope that she CAN beat this. Chris Beat Cancer and Curing Cancer with Carrots. (See books below)

They made so much sense to me. SO. MUCH. SENSE.

I looked at my moms diet and lifestyle. She's had stomach issues, ulcers and inflammation for years that we didn't take seriously. She takes a lot of medications like Advil and Naproxen which we found is pretty bad for your stomach. She has never taken a probiotic to help with her stomach issues and just somewhat pushes any pain off as "getting older." She doesn't eat many fruits and vegetables. It's not that she doesn't like them, she just doesn't make them a priority in her diet. She eats a lot of dairy, red meat and sugar. She loves to cook and does a lot of southern cooking and baking.

After researching and reading these books, I've learned that dairy, red meat and sugar should be avoided. My mom eats a lot of processed foods and drinks sodas throughout the day. She basically eats or drinks whatever she wants, whenever she wants and has for over 50 years.

She isn't a smoker and doesn't drink alcohol. She doesn't exercise much and sits for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 20+ years at her desk job.

After I sat back and really analyzed her lifestyle, it all made sense to me. It was like a huge light bulb was going off in my head. What if we stopped all this and converted to a strict diet to see what happens? Could it hurt? Can our bodies really handle the dairy, meat, processed foods, sodas, fast food, etc...?

Reading both books was absolutely eye opening. I started to read the reviews online and on Amazon. Reading the reviews and testimonials of people out there doing this was beautifully tear-jerking incredible.

I had to tell my mom all of my thoughts, and she agreed and wanted to get started right away. She cut it all out! She began making kale smoothies, eating tons of veggies for meals, finding dairy substitutes and cutting out all sugar.

I immediately went out and bought my mom a juicer and we are having her drink 5 cups of fresh carrot juice every day. Will it work? I have no idea, but it's a start. I have put every bit of faith in God. I believe God had me come across these books for a reason. The reviews I've read give me hope that this will reverse her cancer. I believe it can be healed.

While there are people out there just doing natural remedies and making radical lifestyle and diet changes to heal their cancer, my mom has opted to also do chemo. This was the best decision for her, and I think everyone should weigh all options and make their own decision to what is best for their personal situation.

Basically, the only change she is making is with her diet and lifestyle. She is going to be exercising each day for at least 30 minutes, drinking a ton of water and following our diet plan. We are not doing a bunch of vitamins because I've been told vitamins can have an effect on chemo. From what I understand, the carrots help kill cancer cells, where vitamins can actually possibly make them stronger. I'm no expert, but just using my own common sense and judgement.

The juicing is easy. I purchase 1 five-pound bag of carrots for each day, and she juices it fresh each day. Carrots are cheap and are giving my mom energy and making her feel good! (full disclosure: she has began to poop orange!)

So, that's a lot of carrots! Carrots contain beta carotene, which is known to be a powerful cancer fighting antioxidant.

I paid around $69 for the juicer and it works pretty good but part of me feels like I should've gotten one that's a little more heavy duty since we are using it for carrots (hard vegetables) every single day for 5 pounds worth. (We were at the local super market and grabbed what they had available.) You know I love Amazon because I can read reviews from other customers. Here are a few highly rated juicers I found:

KOIOS JE-70 Juicer

This juicer has some great reviews!

Read over 300 Reviews on Amazon

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

This juicer has over 7,500 reviews on Amazon, making it one to definitely check out.

Read over 7,500 Reviews on Amazon

Now, Back to the Juicing:

I will report back as soon as I have updates, praying they will all be GOOD. I truly think they will be. Until then, if you have cancer and are looking for hope... start by reading the reviews of these 2 books. They're absolutely incredible. I believe there is hope and miracles do happen. I read about them every day and they make me so happy. Do some research and make your own decision that you feel is best for YOU and your situation. I am a strong believer so far that you can naturally heal and reverse cancer starting with what you eat, it all makes so much sense. I cannot wait to connect with more people who have had success with this and help share their stories with the world.

Chris Beat Cancer

A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally

by Chris Wark

Curing Cancer with Carrots

by Ann Cameron

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