Can You "Peel" Years Off Your Face in 5 Seconds? The Most Exciting Anti-Aging Product! (VIDEO)

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Can You Peel Away the Aging on Your Face?

I've discovered a real gem of a beauty product and I'm so excited to share it with you in this blog post.

If you're like me and looking for something that will actually deliver results you can see, you're going to love this post.

I have found an absolutely incredible skincare brand that is changing my life. I am so excited to share them with you because I have been getting REAL results with their products. As you know, I test out lots of products every week. I have to be really impressed to post about it on Blissful Blue Jays.


When I first discovered V10 PLUS USA, I was excited because they offered really unique products for skincare. Plus, they use all natural ingredients and are cruelty free.

The story of how these products and company came about is incredible and worth the read. I love women-driven businesses, and V10 PLUS USA is just that.

Unique Products

So, remember how I said they have really unique products? Well, they have a "series" of serums for whatever skin issue you might be dealing with.

For example:

- Anti-aging series

- Hydrating series

- Whitening series

- Sensitive skin series

- Acne series

So, I reached out to them intrigued by these products. Since I've hit my 30's, I see my skin aging faster and faster. I no longer have that youthful, plump look I once had. I'm starting to take anti-aging much more seriously than I did in the past. First off, they were amazing when I reached out, which tells me something. They sent me some of their anti-aging products to test out and put to the test for my audience.

Peel Away Your Aging!

I want to start out with 1 very cool and very satisfying product that literally felt like it peeled years off my face in about 5 seconds. Their water based peel.

In fact, one of the reviews on their website is a woman describing this exact feeling!

I couldn't wait to try it for myself.

I recorded a quick video so you can SEE what this product does. This gentle peel contains Rice Bran Extract rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and slow down the process of aging. Seaweed Extract, another active ingredient, has natural healing and moisturizing properties.  No harsh ingredients, I'm on board!

So, here's what I noticed after doing this:

  1. Lots of dead skin cells were visibly removed - it was like an entire layer of dead skin came off painlessly and effortlessly. I've tried other peels in the past that were extremely irritating and did not give this kind of satisfaction.

  2. Did I mention it was very satisfying?

  3. My skin felt extremely clean and soft immediately after.

  4. I felt like my beauty products and serums were now going deeper into my skin with that surface layer of skin peeled away.

  5. Before the peel, I had blackheads that were so deep in my skin I was having trouble extracting them, after doing this peel they popped right out easily!

  6. I truly felt like I had just peeled away the "aging" on my face.

  7. There was no pain, no irritation and it worked within 5 seconds.

  8. No harsh ingredients... how awesome!

It says this can be used 1-3 times per week. Not going to lie, it's addicting and I want to do it everyday! Haha! Anyway, I felt like that was an amazing first step. Next, it was time for me to try out their actual series of anti-aging serums they've put together.

Their Anti-Aging Series of Serums

Their anti-aging series includes their Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, & Biocell serums. You can buy them individually or buy them all together to create the anti-aging series. Offered in 10ML and 30ML sizes.

Here's what each serum is for:

COLLAGEN SERUM A small molecule serum giving it more penetrating power to assist with wrinkles and elasticity.

HYALURONIC ACID SERUM A serum that speeds up the skins’ absorption of water. Combat dryness from the inside out.

BIOCELL SERUM A powerhouse serum using 4 active ingredients from nature to moisturize and hydrate.

How cool are these?

I pump a 1/2 pump of each of the 3 serums into my palm and then massage into my face.

It feels incredible on my face. For the first time in a while, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin. I've ordered all kinds of serums over the years that didn't deliver results like this. You can feel the serums going to work right away.

Finally! Something that is helping me fight the signs of aging!

Additionally, all V10Plus USA Serums are:

+ Water based

+ Customized for all skin issues

+ Dermatologist-tested

+ Visibly effective in the first 10 days

+ Made in Japan

V10 Plus USA impressed me. Big time. I am so excited about this product. I've noticed a real change in my skin that other products didn't give me. Wrinkles are fading, I feel like I'm glowing more and my skin has a more youthful look to it. It's taken away that "drab" look I was getting! I always had that "tired" look. So much in fact that my grandmother tells me I look tired every time she sees me. :)

The peel is incredible, the serums are icing on the cake. I am in love and feel like I've finally found a great product to really help me stop or at least slow down aging. With the great results I've had with this series, I would think their other solutions are just as awesome.

They have a skincare quiz on their website that will help you decide which of their products can help you the most whether you want to tackle aging, acne, or another issue.

Thank you so much V10 Plus USA, I'm so happy I found you!


This post is for educational purposes only and is not meant to be professional or medical advice of any kind. You should always consult your Doctor before doing anything. Because I love V10 Plus USA so much, I joined their affiliate program meaning posts on this website contain affiliate links. Affiliate programs provide a way for me to earn income, but all opinions are my own and I pride myself on only working with companies I truly love and support. This is not a paid posting. I was gifted products from V10 Plus USA to review after I reached out to them.

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