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Estrella Estate: A Gorgeous, Rustic, Farm-Inspired Wedding Venue in Miami, FL

We partnered up with Estrella Estate for this post!

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Introducing a Fairy-Tale Wedding Venue in Miami, FL

Estrella Estate

Outdoor Florida Wedding Patio and Dance Floor with String Lights
Aurora Photography

Are you getting married in Miami, Florida and want something different from a beach themed wedding? Want to get away from the busy Miami scene for your big day? Well, we have a treat for you in this blog post! We recently discovered Estrella Estate, a rustic wedding venue in Miami and we are in LOVE!

If you're getting married anywhere near Miami, you simply must check out Estrella Estate. They have so much to offer couples, check it out here. From a gorgeous rustic barn with polished concrete floors, beautiful wood beams and string lighting, to the gorgeous wrought iron gazebo to the farm that boasts 10 acres of lush green beauty. It's all so pretty!

The photo above is their outdoor pre-reception area that borders the barn. This area is beautiful and provides a great space to accommodate cocktail hour, a garden party or even an outdoor reception. This area is surrounded by stunning green landscapes of Carambola trees, monsteras and more!

Wedding Barn
Aurora Photography

About the Venue

The Farm has been family owned and operated for 50 years and spanning three generations. Estrella Estate was established to help preserve the disappearing rural culture of the Redlands, and as a getaway from the busy urban Miami scene. It is 10 acres of lush greenery located in the Redlands, Florida. It is an adaptable open floor plan venue with access to a large string-lit barn, open sky pre-reception area, and a romantic glade for all occasions.

Bride and Grooms in the Woods at Night
Alessandro Fanghella Photography

We are swooning for this captured moment! How mystical and romantic is this photo? Oh my goodness! With all of the beautiful landscaping at this venue, just imagine the gorgeous photos you will have to remember this special day forever!

The Reception

Wedding Reception Inside Barn
Aurora Photography

Rustic Barn

We love love love the rustic barn at Estrella Estate. It's beautiful and they really know how to set it up for a gorgeous reception dinner! Just take a look at the photos below. Everything comes together so wonderfully at this venue. The lighting, the tables, the chairs, the decorations... this place would provide a true fairy-tale rustic wedding!

The Location

Estrella Estate is located in Miami, Florida however the area is commonly called "the Redlands." It is located less than 10 minutes from the Turnpike.

Offers & Perks

  • Indoor Air-Conditioned Reception

  • Outdoor Bistro-Light Reception

  • Open-Air Outdoor Ceremony

  • Intimate Outdoor Tree-Canopy Ceremony

  • Ceremony Benches Included

  • Farm-Style Tables Included

  • Rustic Pallet Bars Included

  • Wooden Arch Included

  • Valet Included

Memorable Features

We think this entire venue is memorable, but we love just how unique it is for being a Miami venue. It really is a place of calm and tranquility, where you can escape all the hustle and bustle when marrying your best friend! The inside of the barn has such pretty lighting and we love the chandelier! This entire place comes together with all of it's amenities to create a picture-perfect rustic wedding day in Florida!

How Vendors Work

All vendors are welcome so the couple can customize the event to their choosing.

Next Steps

We recommend getting in touch with Estrella Estate and scheduling a tour. You can find a ton of great information on the wedding page of their website here.

The Hotel Concord Logo

Estrella Estate

14501 SW 232 St.

Miami, FL 33170



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