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For a Meal Your Wedding Guests Won't Forget: Baxter's Gourmet Catering in Cumberland, Maryland

We are excited to partner with Baxter's Gourmet Catering for this post!


Introducing an Amazingly Delicious Caterer in Cumberland, MS - Baxter's Gourmet Catering

Prepare for your mouth to water when you see this food! If you're looking for a caterer for your Western Maryland wedding, you are going to want to check this one out. Baxter's Gourmet Catering makes all of their own marinades and sauces for the meats. It's very clear that they pay attention to every detail!

Getting Married? The Food is a Big Deal!

Luckily, we Found a Maryland Caterer that is a BIG DEAL!

Today we're talking about an awesome wedding caterer we discovered in Cumberland, MD and we think you will love them. They serve Allegany County, Maryland and surrounding areas. We had the pleasure of interviewing the owner, Susan, to find out more about their catering company and how they can help you with your wedding!

Let the Interview Begin!

Susan, can you tell us a little bit about Baxter's Gourmet Catering? We are a mom and pop run catering company having been in business for 28 years, since May 1993. We are licensed and insured and have catered numerous weddings, parties, picnics, office and corporate events. We are small, my husband is the chef and I am the baker. We are the only people who prepare the food so we have strict quality control and attention to detail. There is no one specialty as there are so many favorites, but our customers are all crazy about our blackened chicken. We have a very long list of loyal repeat customers.

What catering services do you offer?

We are off premise caterers. We offer a multitude of services. We tailor each event to the venue, menu and guest count. We cater lunches, brunches, dinners, parties, cocktail receptions, buffets, plated meals and picnics for both home and office. We cater engagement parties, bridal luncheons, rehearsal dinners, and weddings along with offering custom made wedding cakes and homemade gourmet gifts, and desserts. We cater corporate luncheons, dinners, and picnics, as well as in home intimate gatherings. The food is prepared to order made with the best and freshest ingredients and locally sourced if possible. The meats are all marinated and roasted and served with freshly prepared sauces. We are often told that our food is almost too pretty to eat!

What areas do you cater to?

We offer off-premise catering to Allegany County and surrounding areas, including Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

What types of food do you offer?

We offer all types of food, we concentrate on upscale gourmet food in all areas. If it must be labeled, our menu is mostly American fine dining.

What are some popular catering options among your clients?

Among our most popular wedding catering options would be any of our customizable packages which include hors d’oeuvres selections, 2 entrees, 2 sides, fresh salad, local bakery roll & whipped butter. Some of the most popular entrees include our Chicken Baxter which is fresh breast pounded and pressed with spices and chopped pistachios, spread with homemade pesto, rolled and baked served with a roasted red pepper cream sauce. Pecan Chicken served with maple mustard cream sauce. Our Ginger Garlic Flank Steak, Soy Ginger Salmon or Salmon en Papillote ( fresh salmon, julienne of fresh veggies and white wine wrapped in parchment and baked), Pork Champignon and Filet Chaucer to name just a few!

How many guests can you cater?

The number of guests we can handle depends on the service requested and location of the event. We have catered corporate luncheons for 325 and church dinners for 400. We have a minimum of 10 for office lunches and 50 for wedding packages.

Where do you make the food?

The food is prepared in our fully licensed commercial kitchen (Allegany Health Department License #275)

Can you accommodate any special requests?

Yes, we can accommodate most special requests. The one exception I can think of would be gluten free wedding cake. I have never made a gluten free wedding cake as that is not an area that I am comfortable with and I would want the cake to be the best tasting possible so I would suggest the bride hire someone known for gluten free cakes. We want everything to taste the best it possibly can and are not afraid to refer to other professionals when necessary.

Where can I check out sample menus?

We provide a free color brochure complete with pricing. Weddings can be purchased ala carte or as a package. Our website has pictures of all of our food offerings so that the couple can get an idea of what the food they are ordering looks like.

What makes you unique?

What makes us special and unique is our hands on preparation and attention to detail. We have been doing this for over 28 years and we prepare for each event as if it were ours personally. We give the same amount of care to the sides as we do the entrees. The hors d’oeuvres will be made fresh to order not pre-purchased and reheated. The vegetables will be fresh not canned, the salad will be made with fresh red leaf or Romaine lettuce. The desserts will be made with real butter, heavy cream, imported chocolate, etc. The meats will be handpicked, marinated in our homemade marinades, roasted or baked and served with amazing sauces freshly prepared, no pre-packaged gravies. We truly care about the taste and presentation of the foods we serve and often when we cater an event the guests come to us to thank us for the amazing food!

What can I expect at a consultation?

Because we are a catering kitchen and not a restaurant we do not offer tastings. Our food is prepared to order and we do not have any just lying around or frozen. It is costly and time consuming to try and prepare a variety of foods for tastings which usually need to be scheduled on weekends when we are the busiest. In addition to the cost and time needed to prepare tastings, they rarely provide a true picture as it is easier to prepare a small taste then a complete meal for say 100- 150. We are happy to provide emails of past customers who will testify to our abilities. Our consultations are to find out your ideas and visions and make them come to life. Weddings are a crazy time in the couple’s life and we try to help remove the stress. If you don’t know what you want, we are happy to help make suggestions for menus. You can come to us with a book full of ideas or a blank slate and we will create a menu to suit your needs.

How to Contact Baxter's Gourmet Catering:

Baxter's Gourmet Catering

329 Skyview Drive Cumberland, MD 21502

Phone 301-724-5414


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