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Fresh From The Kitchen - This Highly Rated Phoenix Caterer Creates One-of-a-Kind Wedding Meals!

We are excited to partner with Fresh From The Kitchen for this post!


Introducing a Top Wedding Caterer in Arizona:

Fresh from the Kitchen

Are you tying the knot in Arizona? If you're in the planning stages of your wedding and need an amazing caterer who will blow you and your guests away, you must check out Fresh From The Kitchen! We are so excited to have discovered them and feature them on our blog.

When it comes to your wedding, you want a catering company that knows the business inside and out. Fresh from the Kitchen is all of that and more. They have outstanding reviews across the board, and the owner is amazing to work with! She runs a beyond impressive business and has been going strong since 2008! We will say, Fresh From The Kitchen is highly sought after, and works with over 20 preferred venues so they stay very busy. With that being said, you'll want to reach out to them as soon as possible to ensure you can book them for your wedding date.

In this post, we had the pleasure of interviewing Noelle Townsley, the owner. She showed us some photos of their food, and our mouths are literally watering. Seriously, check out their website and see the photos. See what we mean? Their food is TRULY some of the most gorgeously presented, delicious looking food we've ever seen! We know your guests will never forget this wedding meal!

Fresh from the Kitchen Logo

Let the Interview Begin!

Noelle, tell us about yourself and the business!

Absolutely! I am a culinary trained business owner of Fresh From The Kitchen. I studied locally at Phoenix College receiving a dual associates degree in food service administration and culinary studies. Having a passion for creating delicious food from a young age, I knew it was my destiny to be a business owner and delight the public’s palate. Although I did not start this company alone in 2008, I am continuing as sole owner and have plans to expand and continue to grow. I have a little boy that is my absolute pride and joy named Benjamin. One of my favorite foods is popcorn! I love to make great food, and style events. In my free time you can catch me binging Netflix, reading and traveling!

What catering services do you offer?

We offer plates, buffet, family style and even do stations too!

What areas do you service?

We can go as far north as Flagstaff, as far South as Tucson, and anywhere within a 2 hour radius of Phoenix.

What types of foods do you offer? What is your most popular dish?

We offer a little bit of everything as far as cuisines go, except Kosher as we don't have a Kosher kitchen. Some of our most popular appetizers are our caprese skewers with aged balsamic and our most popular buffet choice is the prime rib!

Can you show us some photos?

What is the first step to potentially working with your catering company?

The first step would be asking for a quote, then doing a tasting if desired, then booking! Go ahead and reach out to us and we'll go from there. We can't wait to hear from you!

Fresh From The Kitchen Logo

Fresh From The Kitchen

3316 North 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85012


Check out menus:


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