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From Scratch - The MI Caterer That Does it All! Delicious Dinner + Patisserie & Ice Cream!

We are excited to partner with From Scratch Catering & Event Planning for this post!


Introducing a Top Wedding Caterer in Michigan:

From Scratch Catering & Event Planning

Getting Married in Michigan? If you're in the planning stages of your wedding and need an amazing caterer who will blow you and your guests away, you must check out From Scratch Catering & Event Planning.

We were so excited to feature them on the blog for all Michigan brides to discover! They have so much to offer!

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We were so impressed by their incredible reviews from past clients, and they cater to the entire state of Michigan! Yay!

In this post, we had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda, she is the business manager for The Treasury, From Scratch Catering, and Batch 154 at Lafayette Market. This is their family business; and her husband Jeff Jacobs is the owner!

You may be wondering, what are the 3 different businesses we just mentioned? Well, their business has 3 concepts and Amanda will explain them all in the interview below!

If you're a Michigan couple looking for the perfect caterer, we know you're going to find this article helpful! This might just be one more thing checked off of your wedding to-do list!

Let the Interview Begin!

Amanda, tell us about your business!

Our business consists of 3 concepts: From Scratch Catering and Event Planning (based

in Saginaw, MI,) The Treasury Ballroom, and Batch 154 located in the Lafayette Market.

Both the Treasury Ballroom and Lafayette Market are located in historic Downtown

Pontiac. Batch 154 is our newest addition, featuring hand made ice cream and

delectable desserts. We have completely remodeled the Lafayette Market and are now

booking events in this beautiful, unique space. From Scratch catering is able to provide a

very wide range of services including off-site catering to all parts of the state, whether

our clients want full china and linens or more of a casual catering experience.

We pride ourselves on the quality of food we provide; everything is actually made “from scratch” and locally sourced when possible.

What areas do you cater to?

We provide catering services throughout the entire state of Michigan. We have several

venues that we frequently provide catering and bar services for From Gaylord down to

the Detroit area. We also create unforgettable events for clients that want to host a

reception at their own private residence. We have a fleet of trucks, vans and trailers with all of the equipment to provide the highest quality catering experience. We have the ability to do several weddings on any given weekend.

What catering services do you offer?

The catering experience that we provide is completely customizable, whether our client

wants a plated dinner on fine china, family style, or buffet. We also provide bar services

and have mobile bars that can be provided for your event. We are fully licensed and

insured. Our newest addition is ice cream and patisserie catering. We have a state of

the art mobile ice cream cabinet for hand dipped ice cream and toppings galore to take

your event to the next level.

Can you tell us about your menus?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the type of menu we can provide. Whether you want a fine dining experience with blackened Mahi Mahi and sautéed gulf

shrimp, or something more casual and classic, like the smoked pulled pork sliders and 5

cheese Penne Bake, the quality of food is always top-notch.

We provide a fully customizable experience!

One of our most popular dishes continues to be our Grilled Beef Tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes and locally grown grilled asparagus finished with our herbed compound butter. We also offer a wide variety of elegant appetizers to compliment your cocktail hour. We have even partnered with a sushi chef to provide delicious, fresh sushi upon request. To top it off, we are now offering patisserie and ice cream catering to really complete your catering experience.

Show us some photos!

Where can we check out sample menus?

Our websites provide all of our menus and pricing along with a contact and inquiry page.

Our business phone numbers are also on the website if clients prefer to call directly. We

respond to all inquiries in a timely manner.

From Scratch Catering & Event Planning Logo

From Scratch Catering and Event Planning

6099 Gratiot Rd. Suite #2

Saginaw, MI 48638


The Treasury Ballroom

30 N Saginaw St.

Pontiac, MI 48342


Batch 154 at Lafayette Market

154 N Saginaw St.

Pontiac, MI 48342


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