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How this Inexpensive Shower Head Filter Changed my Water, Hair, Skin, and Time! (REVIEW)

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I love finding products that will help you improve your life and THIS.IS.ONE.OF.THEM.

I live out in the country where I get to be completely submerged in mother nature at all times, I love it. I also have well water, which I don't love as much. It's rusty.

Before moving to the country, I lived on city water which was hard water.

My stylist told me that both well water and hard water can be bad for your hair, causing color to fade and will damage the texture. It can lead to dryness and frizz and even cause excessive buildup in the hair.

Well, after just a little over a year of living with well water, I knew exactly what she was saying.

My hair had developed a but of a "rusty orange" tint to it, was extremely dry and honestly just felt weak and brittle. It was even worse than when I had hard water. The texture depressed me. It wasn't soft. My color looked very faded and I hate faded color. It hadn't only become weak, it felt as though it stopped growing entirely. I wondered if it was part of aging, but now looking back... I think the water definitely had something to do with it.

Anyway, I tried dozens of fancy expensive shampoos and hair masks, and even started using a special blend of oils to see if I could get my hair to grow again. While my hair started to grow with the oils, it still felt brittle, weak and like it had a bunch of build up in it.

When I went to the salon fed up, my stylist recommended I look on Amazon for a shower head filter.

What? They make those? Low and behold, they do and it's literally been the cheapest fix to my hair problem (and many others!) that I wish I would've known about much sooner. I recommended this product to all of my family and friends even if they didn't have hard water or well water because... well shouldn't we be showering in CLEAN water? The vitamin c addition is super cool, too!

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C

Ok, so it's super easy to install. It comes with everything you could possibly need, and even an extra cartridge. Each cartridge should last 6 months.


The water goes through 15 stages!

Packaging Box for Water Filter with Illustration of How it Works

This really intrigued me!

Stage 1 - Ultrafine stainless steel mesh

Stage 2 - PP cotton

Stage 3 - High density stainless steel mesh

Stage 4 - Alkaline ceramic balls

Stage 5 - Maifan Stone

Stage 6 - KDF 55

Stage 7 - Microporous ceramic balls

Stage 8 - Vitamin C

Stage 9 - Coconut activated carbon

Stage 10 - Germanium balls

Stage 11 - Dechlorination ball Calcium Sulfate

Stage 12 - Magnetic energy ceramic balls

Stage 13 - Ultra-Fine stainless steel mesh

Stage 15 - High density stainless steel mesh

Packaging Box for Water Filter

It removes Chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and inhibits the growth of scale, algae, fungi and mold. It works with all shower types and comes with everything you need to easily install in literally minutes.

My husband commented on how simple it was to put on the shower head.


This has absolutely changed my life. Who knows what was in my water that I was showering with before installing this.

I guess I never really thought about the effect my water was having on me. I always looked for products that could help me with my skin and hair, without even thinking to look at the water I was showering in daily!

It's inexpensive, easy to install and comes with a replacement cartridge. It was the most simple solution to my water problem and here's what it improved:

1. My Hair - after just the FIRST wash, my hair was soft. I asked everyone in my family to feel my hair and they all agreed how soft it not only felt, but LOOKED. It was fluffy and light and I felt so happy because the change was really noticeable. After several showers, I could tell this was doing absolute wonders for my hair. Why did I never look to my water in the past?? My stylist commented that it "looks and feels healthier," and coming from her that means something. She gave me my fresh color and it has yet to fade as fast as it was before.

2.. My skin - my skin very quickly felt softer and stopped itching. For a while, I was dealing with very dry and flaky skin (oh my gosh and dry scalp!) and I don't deal with that anymore!

3. The listing on Amazon shows it also makes nails stronger, but honestly I have such strong nails anyway that I didn't notice a difference on this one.

Close up of Water Filter installed on Shower Head

4. MY SHOWER IS STAYING CLEAN. Before I got the filter, I was so fed up with cleaning my shower. If I didn't use an awful CLR product, (extremely stinky and toxic cleaner that removes lime, rust and calcium) every 3-4 days... the shower walls and floors would be turning orange quickly and looking absolutely disgusting.

Guess what? None of that now, no build up, no's been 2 weeks... it's amazing! I know I'm still going to have to clean the shower, but maybe now it can be less often.

There are many different brands on Amazon, this is the first one I tried and I love it.

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