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How to Grow Hair Longer, Thicker & Faster: Super Easy & Cheap! Works Fast to Grow Hair Naturally

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For the last 6 months, I get sad every time I look in the mirror or run my fingers through my hair. I used to have the longest, thickest most gorgeous hair. As I age, I notice it breaks constantly. I try to keep it trimmed to avoid split ends turning into more damage, but nothing seems to be helping.

I barely use heat on my hair, I've stopped bleaching it... how can I regrow my hair fast so it can be long, thick and gorgeous?

I decided to conduct a little experiment. On day 1, my hair was so thin, brittle and just plain yuck! I was feeling really depressed when I looked at the photo I took for this experiment. It looked awful from the back, and didn't look "even" in length whatsoever! What happened to my hair over the last year?

Here are the results after just 7 days. I will be posting again at 14 and 21.

It's crazy how much my hair has changed in just 7 DAYS! It's thicker, it's a little longer and feels amazing. I cannot wait to see how long and thick I can grow my hair with this super cheap hair growth hack!


Day 14 - My hair has never felt thicker and I know it's growing because I have a ton of baby hairs growing around my forehead and just above where the back of my neck is, that I didn't have before. I am now OBSESSED with this.

Hair length progess after Day 1, Day 7 and Day 14
Hair length at 21 days


Day 21 - Well, I'm hooked guys. My hair has gotten so long that my roots are coming in big time and it's doing so well that it's time for some fresh color and a trim. This will be the last photo I add. 21 days and my hair grew so much, cannot wait to see what several months of this will do. This is my absolute FAVORITE method for getting hair to grow longer, thicker and healthier, FAST! I can't even believe how fast it's working. I apply the mixture 1-2 times every 7 days. (Read below for instructions on what to do!)

So, now that you've seen my results, here is how you do it!

Step One

I took a bowl with about a teaspoon of castor oil, mixed with about 10-15 drops of rosemary oil.

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Step Two:

I parted my hair and placed several drops of this mixture all over my scalp. I rubbed it in with my fingers (it's super relaxing). You want to give yourself a head massage and make sure you're putting the oil mixture on your SCALP, not your hair. If you put it on your hair, it's going to be a mess. Do everything you can to put it directly on your scalp, that's why it helps to part your hair in sections. Part your hair, apply to where you can see your scalp, massage, part another area and repeat.

Step Three:

I flipped my head upside down and continued massaging the mixture into my scalp for about a minute. Then, I didn't wash my hair for two days. It will feel a bit oily, but it's not that bad I promise.

That's it! Yes, it was that easy! My results after just 7 days are really dramatic for me. I feel so much thickness in my hair that I didn't feel the last 6 months or so. I no longer feel depressed when I run my fingers through my hair, I feel excited. I can't wait to continue coming back with more updates. I am going to do this once every 7 days, snap a pick and upload to this post!

If you try this out, let me know how it works for you!

*Blissful Blue Jays is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

*This post is not meant to be or replace any type of professional or medical advice. You should always consult your Doctor before doing anything or making any types of decisions. I am not a professional or expert whatsoever, and this is just my personal story. Do anything at your own risk. By using this website, you agree to the disclaimer.