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I Discovered the Secret to Making Your Butt Look Really Good in Jeans

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How to Make Your Butt Look Really Good in Jeans!  Be Comfy All Day

I love the look of jeans, but I've got a few personal problems with them.

1. They're not always comfortable

2. They don't always fit just right

3. They make my butt look flatter than it is

I probably sound silly saying that last one, but jeans don't flatter my behind. I've often wondered if there is some kind of secret to making your butt look better in jeans.

Today, I discovered that secret.

Push-up jeans, and they're not expensive!

In fact, they're so comfortable I feel like I'm wearing pajamas. They fit just right and look amazing.

What are Push-Up Jeans?

I wish I discovered them sooner. They are made by Calzedonia and they are push-up soft touch jeans with functional back pockets and rounded yoke at the back to give a push-up effect.

I can't tell you how many products I test on a daily basis. I get so much joy out of discovering things that will improve my life. If I'm being honest? 9 out of 10 products fall short. There are many things I will be so excited to get because of the promising ads, only to be disappointed when they arrive and I try them out. When I come across something that REALLY impresses me, I am thrilled to write about it, support it and share with others.

With that being said, Calzedonia sent me a free pair of these jeans to test for my audience. They arrived right before I went on an anniversary trip with my husband and I saved the "test" for the trip!

We were in the hotel and getting ready for dinner. I had a new a sparkly blouse and the Calzedonia jeans ready. Based on past experiences, I wasn't expecting a huge difference in the way they made me look or feel. After all, when I looked at the jeans...there was no type of padding in there? They were EXTREMELY soft...I just didn't see how these would do much shaping or lifting.

Well, I was really wrong. These jeans were sensational!

My jaw dropped when I put them on and looked in the mirror. They actually lifted my butt and gave it a more rounded and higher look. They fit so good, I mean so good. I can't remember the last time I had a pair of jeans fit so well. They were snug to my body, but somehow comfy and breathable. They were the most comfortable jeans I had ever owned.

They gave me so much confidence and I felt great going out that night. It's crazy how clothes can make us feel amazing or drab, and have a huge affect on our mood.

I love how I can use them to create any style for any outfit I want to put together.

PTO Meeting, Check.

Work, Check.

Girls Lunch, Check.

Posing in Different Outfits with Jeans On

Since getting these, I've paired them with many different tops to come up with a look for absolutely any event!

Standing Inside Fancy Hotel

Here is a picture of my first night wearing them on our trip. Can you see my big confident smile in this photo?

It was totally the jeans.

I've washed them a few times already and they wash up FANTASTIC. No problems with fading or stretching out. I'm so impressed with the high quality, the softness, the lift... I love it all and again... will never buy jeans anywhere else.

In fact, I really want to buy a pair in every color!

Here's a Closer Look at the Behind

Up Close of Back of Jeans

A Few Colors to Choose from:

Light Blue, Light Green and Orange Color Options of Jeans
Backside View of Light Blue, Light Green and Orange Jeans

These are just 3 of the color options, they have light denim blue, blue denim, dark denim blue, beige, black, red, white and more.

I am very impressed with this company and these push up jeans. Like I said, not sure I can ever buy from another brand again! I feel really confident in these and they add that extra "oomph" to my overall look and mood. Plus, I get through the day being super comfortable!

These aren't the only item that Calzedonia offers. They also have other types of awesome socks, jeans and leggings, gorgeous swimsuits, and absolutely beautiful and unique hosiery.

Check them out here. If I'm writing about them, you know I highly recommend them.

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This post is for educational purposes only. Calzedonia sent me a pair of their push up jeans at no cost to test and review for my audience. Because I love Calzedonia so much, I joined their affiliate program meaning posts on this website may contain affiliate links. Affiliate programs provide a way for me to earn income, but all opinions are my own and I pride myself on only working with companies I truly love and support. This is not a paid posting.

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