I Tried Farmbox Direct and Got Produce Delivered to My Doorstep (REVIEW)

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

(This article contains affiliate links) Please read full disclaimer at the bottom of this post. I was gifted free product to conduct this review.

Hey everyone!

I have an exciting review coming your way today. I found a new company that I love, and I think you will find them to be awesome as well.

You know how I'm obsessed with making healthy smoothies and fitting as many fruits and vegetables into my families diet as possible. When you make as many smoothies as I do, it can become quite troublesome to constantly go back to the grocery store for produce. I am not sure if I'm the only one who experiences this, but if I buy too much at one time it seems to go bad before we can consume it all.

We don't always have a local farmer's market to go to either, so sometimes the big grocery store is my only option.

Besides the multiple trips to the store, there are a few other things that cross my mind. Who all has been touching the produce when I pick it out? I mean, I know I'm going to wash it, but still. I also notice the produce in the big grocery stores don't always have the best most freshest taste. Nothing close to what a tomato tastes like out of grandma's garden.

Anyway, I found Farmbox Direct, a produce delivery service. I wanted to learn more about them and discovered how they got started. Ashley, the founder and CEO of Farmbox Direct grew up in a family of farmers and lived on a farm. When she grew up and had her daughter, she realized how important it was to pay attention to not only what she was eating, but what she was feeding her child. (All of us parents can relate to that one.)

When she didn't always have time to make it to the local farmers market so she could get fresh and organic produce, she realized there was a need for this type of service! She hand picks every vendor and farmer they work with, and makes sure that only the freshest produce is picked for Farmbox Direct customers.

After learning more about the service, I joined their affiliate program and reached out to see if they would send me a box to put to the ultimate test and review for my audience. They sent me their medium sized organic box mixed with fruits and vegetables.

Wow, I was so impressed! This really is a great company with great customer service and a solid foundation for caring about their customers and delivering a great product.

  • The produce looked great

  • It arrived when it said it would

  • It was packaged perfectly so the produce wouldn't get damaged

  • It included Nordic non-toxic reusable ice bags to keep everything cool

  • It tasted FABULOUS.

I made guacamole that evening because I was having a craving. When I took a bite, you could literally taste the freshness of the avocado. My daughter even commented, "this tastes better than normal mom, what did you do?" We grilled the squash the next day with lunch and made a salad, amazing. It all tasted fresh and really, really good.

The Box Included:

3 Squash

1 Bunch of Rainbow Carrots

2 Cucumbers

1 Brussel Sprout

1 Romaine Lettuce

4 Tomatoes

2 Avocados

4 Kiwi

4 Pears

2 Mangos

3 Oranges

3 Yukon Gold Potatoes

4 Apples

This box really motivates you to be healthy and include more fruits and vegetables in your meals! This was such a nice box that lasted us for the entire week, and we are a family of 4. When it came to my healthy smoothies, this wasn't quite enough to make all of my daily smoothies. With that being said I would most likely look into a bigger box for next time, or even one of their juicing boxes.

I think what I appreciated about this besides the quality, was just that it was so convenient. It's easy to be healthy when you have the good stuff being delivered to you and have easy access to it.

You can schedule a delivery every week or every other week.

They have different boxes available on their website, and you can see the menu of each.

You can get:

Organic Box - Small, Medium or Large

Natural Box - Small Medium or Large

You can get all vegetables, all fruit or a mixture of both. Their menu changes weekly according to what's fresh, local, and in-season. You can have some control over what goes into your box and make up to 5 substitutions in every delivery!  They also have juicing boxes!

There's no commitment, and you can customize your schedule months ahead of time.

My Final Thoughts

  • The produce quality was superb

  • It tasted great

  • You get a lot of great produce for the price

  • You're supporting local farmers and businesses

  • It's convenient and no need to drive all over town getting produce

  • It makes eating healthy more convenient

  • They have a bonus program where you can earn free produce

I think it's important to be cautious of the food you're putting into your body, and this is a great step in the right direction by using Farmbox Direct. My end thoughts? I love Farmbox Direct! Thank you for having such an awesome service!

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