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Impressive Cake Experts in Nevada to Consider for a Beautiful (& Delcious) Wedding Cake!

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You're going to love this article if you are getting married in Nevada and looking for a gorgeous wedding cake for your big day. We've gathered some super impressive and talented bakers to consider for your wedding day cake. Prepare to be inspired when you see their work... yes, it's seriously that beautiful.

Getting married in Nevada? The Cake is Kind of a Big Deal!

Check out these beyond talented local Nevada cake artists. Scroll through photos, meet the talent and schedule a consultation! Get excited, it's time for cake!

(listed in completely random order! - they were all SO fabulous to work with!)


#1 Santana Bakes - Las Vegas, NV

We're Interviewing: Jessica, Owner and Cake Designer

Jessica Baking a Cake
Meet Jessica!

About the Business!

My name is Jessica Santana and I am a fully licensed home-baker located in North Las Vegas, NV. I specialize in fondant wedding and themed cakes. I fell in love with baking at a young age and stumbled upon fondant cakes during high school.

I found myself obsessing with cakes the more I learned and before I knew it my passion had turned into my career so I licensed Santana Bakes officially and never looked back.

What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors?

Ooh, that’s a hard one! One of my personal favorites is the white chocolate raspberry selection off of my flavor menu. It is a decadent white chocolate cake with a thin layer of vanilla buttercream and a light spread of raspberry jam. It is a similar variation to the fan favorite, which is a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries.

How big of cakes can you create?

As big or small as your event requires! The smallest cake pans I have are 4”, which serve between 2-4 portions and the biggest are 14” for a whopping 80 servings in one cake. All the different pan sizes in between can be stacked together to create a beautifully tall cake, an arrangement of different sized tiered cake displays, or a tall starting point for a sculpted cake; you name the design!

Do you deliver?

Yes! Delivery is available residentially throughout the Vegas Valley as well as to hotels and locations on The Strip. I don’t currently offer delivery outside of Las Vegas city limits but I have traveled out of state on several occasions to create wedding cakes for loved ones. Pickup is also available though due to the size of wedding cakes or structure of specialty cakes delivery is the best option in most cases.

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

Many things! Although weddings are my favorite style of cake to design I also dabble in all sorts of themed celebration cakes such as birthdays, christenings, quinceneras, and 3d sculpted specialty cakes. Any celebration needing a cake has my attention! I also offer cupcakes, cakepops, and cookies to create a whole array of sweets for dessert tables.

What can you tell me about getting started?

To book you simply head on over to my website and fill out an inquiry form. That inquiry will provide me with how many servings you need, your cake flavor and filling choice, your event date, and the designs you have in mind. With all of that information I will be able to provide you with a quote as well as offer different servings and design options. Once you’re ready to finalize your order a Terms and Conditions contract with your entire order details will be sent over along with an invoice. Full payment locks in your order and you’re ready for some scrumptious cake on your special day!

Santana Bakes Logo

Santana Bakes




#2 SweetSisters Treats - Fallon, NV

We're Interviewing: Octavia - Owner, Creator and Artist

Meet Ovtavia!

About the Business!

I am a mother, military wife, a national and state record holding powerlifter. I am a teacher of Pre-k and enjoy my job. My bakery started in 2013 when we moved back to the US after living in England for 3 years. I create custom sweets for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, "just because" and more.

I am a one-woman-show and enjoy creating treats for customers and helping their imaginations and creativity come to life through cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candy apples, macarons, pies, chocolates and more!

What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors?

My favorite cake and icing flavors are Vanilla and Key lime. My customer favorite would have to be red velvet cake. I have this flavored ordered the most.

How big of cakes can you create?

I have no limit as to the size of the cakes I can create. The bigger your creativity is, the bigger we can go with cake!

Do you deliver?

I do deliver wedding cakes as I like to set them up at the venue to ensure your cakes make it for your special day. I service Fallon, Reno and surrounding areas. (I do have a delivery charge.)

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

I offer cupcakes, macarons, candy apples, hot cocoa bombs, caramel apples, pies, custom and regular cookies.

Sweet Sisters Treats

Sweet Sisters Treats

141 N. Broadway St

Fallon, NV 89406


#3 oCAKEsions - Las Vegas, NV

We're Interviewing: Jerica, Owner

Meet Jerica!

About the Business!

It is incredible how far this passion of mine has taken me. When I was younger, I used food/desserts as a way to meet people and make friends. It was always so easy for me to talk about food and find similarities with others through food. I went to culinary school at 17 to start on this awesome journey. When I started brainstorming the idea of my future bakery, I always wanted to make sure that ultimately-- it is our flavors that brings people in.

Flavor can bring back memories, an energy, a vibe. I worked on recipes for years before opening shop in 2019-- using hand-picked ingredients at their peak. Although our designs bring customers in -- because let's be honest, our eyes eat first-- it is our flavors that bring people back over and over again and recommend to their friends and then to their friends' friends.

We currently make custom cakes and desserts for all oCAKEsions and require at least 2 weeks to prepare and make them.

What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors?

This is an excellent question! The first cake I worked on and am constantly stealing a piece of is the Chocolate Lover's Dream cake. I am the ultimate choco-holic. And if you're like me, you will also enjoy this. It is a decadent devil's food cake filled with smooth dark chocolate Bavarian cream, covered in dark chocolate buttercream. I especially like it when we throw in some chocolate crunchy pearls inside. This combination is not too sweet and will definitely hit that chocolate craving. I get a good variety of clients who go for different flavors and really depends on the season as well. For the spring and summer months, our classic Strawberries and Cream cake as well as the Mango Lover's Cake are very highly sought after. For Fall and Winter months, we get a lot of requests for our Hawaiian Chantilly and Hawaiian Guava cakes.

How big of cakes can you create?

For decorated cakes, our smallest is a 4" cake-- which is perfect for just the wedding couple to enjoy. The biggest cakes we have done so far is 5 tiers. This can serve up to 120 guests.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! For any cakes 2 tiers or larger, it is required. We deliver in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

Yes we do! We offer different options to fill your dessert table-- from our most popular cream puffs and fruit tarts to the traditional cupcakes and cookies. Lets not forget the cheesecakes, cakepops, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. We also offer discount packages when you combine desserts and cake.

Photographers credit: Katelyn Faye and Amber Garrett

What can you tell me about getting started?

Start early! I always start with a cake tasting. Lets figure out what flavor(s) YOU would like to have for YOUR wedding. We then can figure out the number of servings, the style you would like and design. We then move on to delivery and set up options. BUT-- you must start early first. When we have ample time, we can make mostly anything happen.

Ocakesions Logo


We are located centrally in Las Vegas.

We are by appointment only, so please email or call ahead of time.


Phone: 725-400-1143


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