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Impressive Cake Experts in Virginia to Consider for a Beautiful (& Tasty) Wedding Cake!

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You're going to love this post if you are getting married in Virginia and looking for a beautiful wedding cake for your wedding day. We've gathered some beyond impressive and talented bakers to consider for your wedding day cake. Prepare to be amazed when you see their work... yes, it's seriously that beautiful.

Getting married in Virginia? The Cake is Kind of a Big Deal!

Check out these beyond talented local Virginia cake artists. Scroll through photos, meet the talent and schedule a consultation! Get excited, it's time for cake!

(listed in completely random order! - they were all SO fabulous to work with!)


#1 Cakes to Remember - Gloucester, VA

We're Interviewing: Tracey, The Owner

Tracey with a Cake

About the Business!

Cakes to Remember opened in 2012. It is a custom order only bakery, creating all of our cakes, fillings, and icings fresh for each individual order.

We specialize in wedding cakes, as well as many special events cakes, such as showers, birthdays, and anniversaries.

What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors?

We offer over 30 different cake flavor and filling combinations. An all-time client favorite has been almond with raspberry fillings. Some fun flavors are Cinnabon with cream cheese, chocolate chip cookie dough with cookie dough filling, white chocolate with raspberry swirl and chocolate truffle, mocha with espresso swirl and Bailey's Creme filling, among many others.

How big of cakes can you create?

The majority of our weddings tend to be 3-5 tier cakes, although we have created many 1-2 tier cutting cakes, as well as 6-7 tier cakes. The largest cake we have created was an 11 tier Lambeth designed cake.

Do you deliver?

We do deliver and set up. The majority of our weddings tend to be on the Middle Peninsula, Upper Peninsula, and Main Peninsula areas, although we have delivered as far north as Fredericksburg, as far west as Charlottesville, and as far south as North Carolina.

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

We also create other specialty cakes for birthday, showers, anniversaries, corporate events, and many other occasions.

What can you tell me about getting started?

I am very much a planner and organizer. Cakes were never planned! I wanted to create special memories for my children on their birthdays, so started playing with cakes that matched their birthday party themes (unicorn, karate, etc). People started asking me to make their cakes for them, I got asked to make my first wedding cake, and within a year I found myself surrounded by cake!

Cakes to Remember Logo

Cakes to Remember, LLC

4288 Cato Drive

Gloucester, VA 23061



#2 The Cake House - Smithfield, VA

We're Interviewing: Karen, The Owner

Interview Coming Soon!

The Cake House Logo

The Cake House

Smithfield, VA

(757) 542-4700


#3 Barrister's Bakery - Roanoke, VA

We're Interviewing: Emily, The Owner

Emily Holding Coffee Cup
Kerry Daly Photography.

About the Business!

I am a mother of three kiddos and a lawyer by trade. I am an attorney at the Legal Aid Society of Roanoke Valley by day and bake delicious wedding cakes by night. I started making all types of celebration cakes, but after my third baby was born I had to make changes to cut down on the number of cakes I made each month. It was natural to move to wedding cakes because they require much more planning and that works well with my schedule.

My bakery is named "Barrister's Bakery" because attorneys are called either "barrister" or "solicitor" in England, so it made a nice alliteration and reference to my other passion to go with Barrister's Bakery.

What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors?

I have always been a chocolate girl, but I have to say that lemon cake with raspberry filling has slowly been eclipsing that. I feel so conflicted about this I'm suddenly adulting even more now that I chose the fruit flavored cake. Haha! Lemon with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream has a slight advantage over red velvet with cookies & cream buttercream as the favorite for my lovely couples.

How big of cakes can you create?

My average wedding cake size is three tiers, but I've made up to five. I am certainly willing to work with each couple to come up with a cake, no matter how big, to make their dream day perfect. I do have a three tier minimum, so every wedding cake I make is at least three tiers.

Do you deliver?

If yes, what are your service areas? I require delivery for all of my cakes. Stacking a cake and delivering a stacked cake is a special skill, and not something to be trusted to someone who doesn't know how to do it. The last thing a couple wants on their wedding day is a disaster from a family friend delivering their cake, so I always deliver to make sure the chance of anything going wrong is minimized as much as possible. I generally serve the Roanoke Valley, but I've gone up to Lexington several times, and would be willing to travel within Southwest Virginia and over to the New River Valley.

What makes you unique?

I strive to be a one-stop-shop for couples to take care of every cake need they might have. I have a laser cutter so I can make personalized wood and acrylic cake toppers and I include a personalized cake knife set. I make an anniversary tier for the couple that I make, prep, and freeze at the same time I make their wedding cake so it is easy for them to take it home and just pop into the freezer. I know that couples have a million things to keep track of when planning their wedding, and I just want their cake to the be the easiest and least stressful part to plan.

Barrister's Bakery Logo

Barrister's Bakery

(540) 521-1827


#4 Kadi Bakes - Williamsburg, VA

We're Interviewing: Kadi, The Owner

Interview Coming Soon!

Kadi Bakes Logo

Kadi Bakes

(509) 270-8898


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