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Impressive Massachusetts Med Spas to Help Prepare You for Your Big Day!

Disclaimer: Sponsored Post. I am excited to partner with each of these amazing med spas for this post. Photos and content are for educational and informational purposes only. Full disclaimer at bottom of post. Details are subject to change, always reach out to the med spa directly for the most up-to-date information.

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If you're getting married in Massachusetts and looking for an impressive, highly rated local Massachusetts med spa to help you get ready for your wedding day, you're going to find this article helpful! Maybe you want glowing skin on your big day, or perhaps you're ready for some lip injections or even a treatment like Kybella. Whatever your beauty goals are before the big day, these awesome Massachusetts med spas can help! And, they've provided some great before and after photos.

Getting married in Massachusetts? Start Preparing Now!

You should look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day! Boost your confidence and start preparing now with some exciting beauty treatments. We've found some incredible local med spas for you to check out and talk to about your skincare goals. We hope you will discover something new. Enjoy the article!

(listed in completely random order! - they were all SO fabulous to work with!)

*Please note, details in this post are subject to change. Always check directly with the spa for the most up to date details!


#1 KayLiany Aesthetics

Located in Boston, Massachusetts

Waiting Room

About this Boston, MA Med Spa!

KayLiany Aesthetics, powered by Vansanity, was launched in November of 2020 and is solely owned and operated by Kayla Liany Del Valle, NP. Kayla was born and raised in Boston, MA, and has always had a passion for the beauty industry inspired by the phenomenal women around her growing up. After her mother’s sudden & tragic death in 2019, she realized just how short life is and that she couldn’t wait any longer to pursue her dreams. From there, KayLiany Aesthetics was born. In addition to running her Med Spa business, she continues to practice in endocrinology at the Harvard-affiliated Brigham & Women’s Hospital where she has worked for nearly a decade. KayLiany Aesthetics is located in the heart of Boston’s Fenway area just steps from the historic Fenway Park. KayLiany Aesthetics believes in a conservative approach to enhancing your natural beauty and can’t wait to help you look and feel your very best on your big day!

Perfect for Brides Near Boston, Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, Randolph, Braintree, Dorchester, Hyde Park

What treatments and services do you offer for the face?

  • Neuromodulators (Botox)

  • Lip Fillers

  • Medical grade skincare

  • Medical grade hair care

  • Chemical peels /dermaplaning

  • Laser skin resurfacing

  • PhotoFacials

What treatments and services do you offer for the body?

  • Laser hair reduction

  • CoolSculpting

What can I expect at an appointment?

At KayLiany Aesthetics you will be treated by a board certified nurse practitioner in a state of the art facility. Our top of the line equipment allows us to offer the safest and most effective treatments. Our conservative approach focuses on your natural beauty and enhancing your own unique features. Furthermore, KayLiany Aesthetics is a minority owned and operated business that caters to a diverse client base and sees beauty in the many different skin types across distinct races and ethnicities. We can’t wait to help you feel as beautiful as you already are!!

Can we see some before and after photos?

What are some of the things you offer that would be perfect for a bride?

Nothing beats the tried and true botox when it comes to preparing for a big event. A botox treatment about 6 weeks before your big day is a perfect way to look more refreshed than ever! If you’re more concerned about your complexion, then perhaps a series of chemical peels or laser skin resurfacing treatments are what you are looking for. Either way, KayLiany Aesthetics has you covered!

KayLiany Aesthetics Logo

KayLiany Aesthetics

Phone: 617-971-8931

500 Commonwealth Ave

Boston, MA 02215 Suite # 526

Instagram: KayLianyAesthetics

Facebook: KayLianyAesthetics


#2 Seaport Medspa

Located in Boston, Massachusetts

About this Boston, MA Med Spa!

Seaport Medspa is a female founded medical spa lead by two board certified nurse practitioners. Marielle, NP and Elizabeth, NP have been trained in medical grade skincare and injectables from a Harvard trained plastic surgeon. Seaport Medspa is a premier medical spa offering the best Botox in Boston and various other signature treatments at our beautiful South Boston location. The goal at Seaport Medspa is to give you flawless, healthy, younger looking skin. While simultaneously creating a long-term, custom treatment plan that will slow the aging process and help create the best and most beautiful you.

Perfect for Brides Near

South Boston, Boston Seaport, Back Bay Boston, North End Boston, East Boston, Dorchester, Charlestown, Brookline, Newton

What treatments and services do you offer for the face?

  • Botox/Dysport

  • Dermal Fillers – Juvéderm/Restylane

  • Medical Grade Chemical Peels

  • Dermaplaning

  • Diamond Glow Facial

  • Microneedling w/ PRP and Hyaluronic Acid

  • PRP Injections (for under eye circles and acne scarring)

  • PRP (for hair restoration)

  • B12 Vitamin Injections

  • Medical Grade Skincare Products and Skincare Consults

What treatments and services do you offer for the body?

  • We do not currently offer body services

What can I expect at an appointment?

When you walk in the door at Seaport Medspa you are welcomed not only as a patient, but as a friend. As medical providers with nursing backgrounds we strive to provide the most ethical and safe care to everyone we encounter. While using a holistic approach we believe every patient is different and love creating a customized treatment plan that take our clients anatomy, goals, and budget into account.

Can we see some before and after photos?

What are some of the things you offer that would be perfect for a bride?

Being a bride is such a special time in one’s life and everyone wants to look and feel their best. As a bride, if you are looking for flawless hydrated skin on your big day, look no further then Seaport Medspa’s customized bridal and event packages. We love our brides to come in around 4-6 months before their big event to discuss treatment options and get on a customized regimen with enough time to see lasting results. Of course, coming in more than 6 months before is encouraged, and for last minute brides we can always squeeze in a pre-wedding day glow-up.

Seaport Med Spa Logo

Seaport Medspa

536 E Broadway Suite C

Boston, MA 02127

IG: @Seaportmedspa


Phone: 617-681-8244


#3 Peak Image Spa

Located in Quincy, Massachusetts

Waiting Area

About this Quincy, MA Med Spa!

Peak Image Med Spa was founded with the mission of providing the highest quality aesthetic procedures in Massachusetts’ South Shore. The non and minimally invasive procedures as well as the spa services are what our specialists do all day, every day.

Perfect for Brides Near

Quincy, Milton, Braintree, Dorchester, Boston, Hingham, South Shore

What treatments and services do you offer for the face?

  • Botox/Dysport

  • Dermal Filler (Liquid rhinoplasty, lip filler, cheek filler, etc.)

  • Chemical Peel

  • Laser (Photofacial, fractional, laser hair removal, skin tightening)

  • HydraFacial

  • Spa Facial

  • Lash Lift/ Tint

  • Kybella

  • Dermaplaning

What treatments and services do you offer for the body?

  • CoolSculpting Elite for body contouring

  • Back HydraFacial

  • Back Facial

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • Laser for Sunspots or Hyperpigmentation on Arms, Legs, Décolletage

  • Spider Vein Treatments

What can I expect at an appointment?

We leave no stone unturned and spare no expense when it comes to client experience. Every client is greeted with an offer of water served in a Yeti container, hot coffee or one of our on-tap options of cold brew coffee or kombucha from our built-in coffee bar. After a thorough conversation during the consultation we offer a wide range of options for cosmetic enhancements. We have invested over $400,000 in the gold standard of devices in our industry and other tools that are as safe, effective and comfortable as possible.

Can we see some before and after photos?

What are some of the things you offer that would be perfect for a bride?

Brides want to feel and look their best on their wedding day. We offer a variety of options to treat brides head to toe. Every bride will require their own individual treatment plan to achieve their goals. CoolSculpting is a popular procedure we see brides coming in for because they want to either get rid of their double chin or fit better in their wedding dress. Even if they are at an ideal weight, sometimes getting rid of bulges in certain areas can help the dress fit better. Some brides want a total makeover and may do several areas of CoolSculpting. HydraFacial is one of our most popular treatments for brides.

HydraFacial is an awesome treatment that will exfoliate, extract congestion and black heads and infuse the skin with hydrating serums. Most brides start coming in for HydraFacials 6 months to a year before their wedding but we also suggest getting a HydraFacial the week of the wedding so the bride is glowing and her makeup looks flawless. If a bride has problematic skin we may do a series of chemical peels or laser treatments starting 6 months to a year before the wedding.

We always suggest coming in as soon as you are engaged to develop a treatment plan. That said, we offer brides some last minute beauty treatments too. Dermaplaning, lash lifts and tints, and eyebrow services such as tinting, shaping, and lamination will make a last minute difference. All of these treatments can be done the week of the big day.

Peak Image Med Spa Logo

Peak Image Med Spa Spa

225 W Squantum Ste 300 Quincy, MA 02171

(781) 261-6122


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