Improving Business, Sales, Health (and so much more) through Feng Shui: A Fascinating Interview

When I discovered Feng Shui and started applying it in my life, my world started changing and it was amazing. I wanted to share with you guys the benefits of Feng Shui and how you can start applying it in your life. I love to interview experts to get real information that is helpful. I had the pleasure of interviewing a Feng Shui Consultant (as well as business & life coach!) and she provided AMAZING answers.

Enjoy the interview!

For those who may be skeptical of Feng Shui, can you tell us what kinds of results you've seen for your clients over the years?

First I want to speak to one argument skeptics often have, “if I can’t see it, I don't believe it”, and as we know Feng Shui is all about energy.  Even though we can't see electricity, we know it’s there since lights turn on and appliances work.  We also know the moon affects the oceans tides... even though we cannot see it, we experience it.  We can think of Feng Shui similarly.  While we may see objects in our environment we may not “see" the influence they actually have on us or know exactly how.  The dimensions of time and space that we cannot see also affect us even though we cannot “see" them.  So, both the seen and unseen world of energy affect us in a rather unique way which the study of Feng Shui has brilliantly unveiled, actually helping us to “see".  

Feng Shui is both an art and a science.  Art because we can be interpretive and use our intuition to assess an object's influence on our lives.  Science because for thousands of years theories have been applied and tested resulting in measurable results.

As a practitioner of both homes and businesses, I have seen clients experience an array of results you might describe as ranging from spectacular to subtle as well as enhancing to protective.  Clients have had dramatic increases in business and profits.  One comes to mind where I'd suggested a lot of easy, yet significant changes to the layout of the office and within two days they were getting new clients after a long dry spell.  

Whole Foods Market was a client for many years.  For one of their stores, without knowing their history, I suggested a treatment to an area I could tell indicated they were losing money or going to.  They reported later they had been losing money (I didn’t know prior) and it stopped after the remedy was done.  A homeowner wanted to put a water feature in a certain location in the yard.  I advised against it and shared why it wasn’t a good idea.  I told them, “If you forget and put the fountain in anyway and you start having legal problems, turn the water off immediately.”  The next year, when I came back to do my Feng Shui Annual Updates, I noticed a water feature where I suggested they not have one.  It wasn’t running!  When I got inside I immediately asked what was going on.  They said, “Exactly as you told us.  We forgot you told us not to put the water fountain in and we did.  Within 3 weeks we had multiple tenants suing us.  We immediately remembered what you said and straight away turned the water off.  Within a month all the lawsuits were dropped.”  I was impressed!  So you see, Feng Shui isn’t always about getting the big deal, it can be about protecting us from something unfortunate happening.

I’ve also had clients' health improve.  One particular client was sleeping in a bedroom near a pool that was affecting her health but not her husband.  We did a couple treatments and she got better.  Another client attracted a new life partner and got married.  I’ve seen relationships strengthen and arguments subside.  I even help realtors and homeowners sell their homes. 

Many report simply “feeling” better.  Many have felt more comfortable in their home and guests even compliment them not even knowing they did Feng Shui.  I had one gay couple whom I’d asked if they were both passionate and fiery in their relationship.  I’d asked because of the paintings on the wall!  They couldn’t believe I would know this so quickly, and I just pointed to the two identical, huge paintings that screamed chaos, power and passion.  They laughed when they saw them through new eyes, that’s the artistic aspect of Feng Shui.  Another was a writer who said she could never sleep in her apartment and had already been living there 10 months.  After we did the Feng Shui and she made the changes, she reported back to me she was sleeping for the first time and was amazed and relieved.  

It’s only because Feng Shui has proven itself to me that I even offer it as a service.  It’s not to be misrepresented.  I, for example, can only do what the space can allow for.  In other words, some homes are more inclined toward health and human harmony, while others are more suited for great wealth.  Of course there are those that are excellent in all respects while few are challenging in several areas.  But the beauty is, regardless of this, Feng Shui can always make improvements, especially when clients are inspired for change.

What are some examples of clutter and how do they affect my life?  What types of changes can happen in my life when I remove that clutter?

Clutter is an interesting subject.  It is never mentioned in classical Feng Shui because it typically looks at a bigger picture.  Feng Shui focuses on how you use your space, how you orient yourself in that space and then how you decorate the space.  It also looks at a macro-view and can take into consideration the entire plot of land and the landscape and see how that influences the home and dwellers.  When it comes to personal tidiness, we are looking at a micro-view and as we all know, the tiniest pebble in a shoe can be debilitating.  So, taking care of the small stuff is important.  But this is something we all know and one of the amazing aspects of Feng Shui is it brings to light what you don’t know, don’t think about or wouldn’t know on your own.  

You know to put the laundry away, throw out the trash and file that pile of papers.  In short, clearing the clutter can clear your head, make it easier to think and create.  We know it reduces stress and anxiety.  When we are organized, we function more optimally and we have more energy to do the things we want.  When the “pathways” throughout your homes are blocked, cluttered and undefined, so can your “pathway” in life be unclear.  There are so many ways your homes reflect and symbolize your actual life experiences. Do you have a favorite Feng Shui trick?  I've often heard about putting lemons in a bowl, is there anything that comes to mind like this for you?

My answer may be a bit more advanced than anticipated.  At the level I see Feng Shui, I often get very excited when I can do what I call “threading the needle”.  What this means to me is that I can recommend just one thing that threads multiple purposes together.  It could be as simple as placing a lamp in a certain area and by doing so it’s benefiting scholastic endeavors as well as enhancing prosperity while beautifying a space.  If I simplify, I’d say one thing most people are fascinated with is to hear the the direction water features flow determines the direction your money flows.  So if you want money to stay, make sure water fountains flow towards the “inside" of your space, otherwise your money could be flowing to your neighbors, out of your hands.

Is energy clearing a real thing?  Can I clear negative energy in my home with salt or sage?

Energy clearing is most definitely a real thing.  Absolutely salt and sage can clear negative energy, or what I prefer to call it is unloving energy.  Both remedies are ancient in tradition and potent in application.  Imagine being dirty and you need to take a shower to get clean.  Ok, makes sense.  Now imagine your space is dirty, you might pull out a vacuum or scrub brush to clean it.  Ok, that works.  Now imagine there was an argument in the home/office or something unloving took place there, how do you clean that?  You’re not going to Febreeze it!  (smile)  You need something designed to clean this unseen energy.  But please recognize and acknowledge just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean you don’t feel it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there!  So it is this unloving energy that salt and sage can clear out of your space.   I personally use both and often recommend to clients.

What are some DO's & DONT's when it comes to Feng Shui that come to mind?  

Great question!  There are so many possible answers, I’ll share a few good ones.


- Do live with what you love - it’s your  home.

- Do have a headboard for your bed - it brings support.

- Do have a plant in the opposite corner of an entryway - helps chi not stagnate in that corner and boosts prosperity

- Do have a meandering, unobstructed pathway to your front door - it will gently draw energy to the mouth of chi (your front door) 


- Don’t have your front door and back door aligned - money will come in and go right out.

- Don’t have your staircase aligned with the front door - same as above.

- Don’t sit with your back to a door - signifies a loss of power.

- Don’t have a stove opposite a sink - can cause arguments. If I want to increase the money in my life or advance my career, do I need to look at my office at work or a space in my home when it comes to applying Feng Shui?

I often hear this from clients and this is what I recommend.  We can focus on the business, office or personal work space to enhance the energy footprint there to support your finances and career advancement.  This is targeting the space that directly impacts that aspect of your life.  If you are the business owner, I often suggest we look at your home as well since this is where your energy is nurtured.  If the Feng Shui of the home is weak, we want to strengthen it as this will improve your efforts and results at the office.  Of course, focusing just on money doesn’t create a balanced life and it is actually a healthy balance that creates health in wealth, relationships and health.  So if you can, do the Feng Shui of both because both environments do affect you, your career and your prosperity.  

I recently purchased a gold frog with a red coin in his mouth for my home.  Where is the best place to put him?

Congratulations!  The spirit of the gold frog with coins is powerful, especially when they are recognized and respected for what they represent.  Because they symbolize the ushering in of prosperity and supporting that endeavor, place near the main entrance of the home or office, which is the “mouth of chi”, to invite money in.  Be sure to orient the frog so it is “spitting” the coins into the home, therefore face the frog looking inward, otherwise you will be sending money out.

How Can Hiring a Feng Shui Expert Help Me?

Hiring a professional Feng Shui consultant can benefit on many levels.  If we simply approach the basics, we create more balance, harmony and tranquility. This may sound basic and maybe simplistic, but as a consultant of over 20 years, I’d say this is more critical and valuable than the idea of hitting the jackpot.  When we can experience more peace and reduce stress, that’s something worth looking into.  To acknowledge our space impacts and influences us daily with a highly influential mixture of energies and vibrations would not be over-exaggerating.  Homes have what I call an emotional-temperate just like we do.  They have personalities, likes and dislikes.  You already know this when you consider putting an addition onto a home for example.  You know where it can go and where it can’t go.  There’s a feeling about it.  It either feels right or it doesn’t.  Feng Shui can both identify and fine tune the subtle energy flows to get these things just right.  

Feng Shui can also help improve health, current relationships or the desire to attract a new partner.  It can help with careers, education and what we call current money or future money, such as investments.  Feng Shui can also help sell a home or business and give guidelines as to what space to purchase.  It can help if things simply feel “off” and you can’t quite put your finger on it.  Most people arrange spaces and use colors based on “liking” it and don’t take into consideration the energetic patterns of the space and how these choices will interact with the space. These decisions will affect you, the environment and the relationship between you both.  So it’s important to realize that when you tune into the wants and needs of the space and work “with” it, it will work “with” you.

For businesses Feng Shui can help spark creativity, camaraderie, better customer relations.  It will enhance sales and profits, it can reduce or even eliminate legal problems.  Pretty much any human experience, Feng Shui has the potential to influence.  Why?  Because every experience has one thing in common, it’s always taking place in an internal or external environment.  

Clients call me throughout the year if things seem to be going sideways.  We can fine-tune and tweak different elements in space to help support their desires at any point in time.  It’s a very helpful and powerful.

Anything else you want to add?

Clients often want to know what type of recommendations I suggest and if they’ll be able to achieve them.  During my consult I’m always asking 4 Questions:  1.) Can you?  2.)  Can’t you?  3.)  Will you?  4.)  Won’t you?  These guide my recommendations and align with my client’s wants, needs and budget.  Sometimes what I call an A+ Recommendation is just not even feasible, like moving a pool, so we come up with the next best solution.  Sometimes the client doesn’t like an idea, so we explore another option.  This is very important to realize, there’s always a way and I always work with my clients to identify doable and likable solutions.

Not everyone realizes a Feng Shui Consultation can take place long-distance.  I have clients around the globe and we work very well together on platforms such as FaceTime, Zoom, What’s App and Skype.  My client takes me on a virtual tour of their space and because I’m highly sensitive and attuned spatially, I often surprise them by being able to perceive their space sometimes better than they can!  I work with accurate floor plans as well and create a map which we both use to guide us through the process.  So, don’t be afraid to consider a long-distance consultation.  I can still feel the energy patterns in your space and can visually discern what is needed to help create balanced, healthy, happy and harmonious living and working environments.

The best time to employ a Feng Shui Consultant is right where you are - whether you’re selecting a plot of land to build upon, designing a floor plan, doing interior design, remodeling or you’ve been in a location for 10 or more years.  It really doesn’t matter.  Feng Shui can be applied any step along the way.  I will say though, the sooner you bring Feng Shui guidance in for your decision making process the better - as it it much easier and cost effective to make changes at this point.

Thank You Kelly!

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