Is IPSY Glam Bag Plus Worth It? (May 2020 Review)

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I used to subscribe to Ipsy for a long time, when they had their small bag with 5 sample products. It was 10 bucks with free shipping and I loved it. However, after a while, the samples piled up and never really got used. I ended my subscription well over 2 years ago and forgot about it.

I recently ran out of mascara among some other cosmetic essentials. Good beauty products aren't always cheap, especially when you need more than just mascara. I thought, what types of products do I want anyway? I like to try new stuff, and companies are always coming out with the latest and greatest. Then, I remembered IPSY. Why not see what they're up to?

I logged into my old account and wow they've grown so much! It's so impressive. They now also offer a Glam Bag Plus for $25 and a Glam Bag Ultimate for $50. The Glam Bag Plus stood out to me because it includes 5 full size products. The shipping is free and you even get a cute bag. The Ultimate includes 12 full size products (oh wow, what a dream!) but I decided to just start out with the Glam Bag Plus for $25.

I subscribed and couldn't wait to get my first bag. Deep down, I was thinking there was no way it could be that good because I was only paying $25. (I was so, so wrong.)

It arrived!

Oh wow.

They really have come such a long way. You get up to date emails with updates, sneak peaks and can even choose 1 of your products. This has been the most impressive thing, and when it arrived... it was like Christmas morning I'm not even kidding!

My bag included:

1. Mudmasky - After Mask Vitamin Serum

This is an awesome serum infused with different vitamins and minerals.

MSRP $52.88

2. Beauty For Real - Hi Def Mascara I have to say, I really love this mascara. It really did give my lashes a lot of length and volume with even just one coat. I know has a special wand that is made to be able to apply to even the tiniest lashes, but I didn't like the wand. Maybe that's just my personal opinion. The mascara

MSRP $19

3. Tarte - tarteist™ Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Crop Top

This stuff is good, like really good. It literally dries within seconds and goes NO where all day. Only problem with that? I didn't love the color I got. It was a dark chocolate brown, which doesn't really go well with my look. No big deal because I can just change my profile settings on Ipsy's website under lip color preferences. My sister loved the color, so I gave it to her. The product itself, fabulous.

MSRP $20

4. NOMAD - NOMAD x Sydney Bathers Kiss Of Sun Palette

Oh wow, if I had a favorite product from this May 2020 bag, it would be this. (Oh wait, actually no because I can't decide on just one, that's too hard!) The quality of

this palette is unreal. It's very big, heavy and just beautiful. The packaging is superb and the product goes on beautifully. I truly loved the sun kissed glow this gave me and this is going to last me a while.

MSRP $27

5. COLOURED RAINE COSMETICS - Mimosa Moment Palette

Ok, remember when I said I had a favorite

product in this bag. This palette right here is why it makes it hard to choose just one product. This stuff is gorgeous, goes on beautifully and stays on. It's very pigmented and I love the colors. This is actually one of the products I got to choose for my bag. I'm hooked!

MSRP $22

What's the Value?

Ok, so adding up the MSRP of all these products, the value is $140.88... I spent $25!

Not to mention, they had a shipping cost, packaging cost (a beautiful box that is so exciting to see in your mailbox) and the super cute makeup bag.

How do they even make money?

Is it worth it?

YES, YES, YES...100%.

I look at this as a gift to myself each month. I do a lot, I care for a lot of

people. I deserve this! $25 isn't much these days, and it's so worth getting that big box of beautiful cosmetics! I cannot wait for my June 2020 bag!

Thank you IPSY for being so awesome!

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