Is Our Success and Wealth Related to Our Energy? Is Money Really Just an "Energy Game?"

You guys, I am so excited about this post. I came across a book you're going to absolutely love and I even got to interview one of the authors.

This couldn't have come at a more perfect time, especially with COVID-19. So, is money really just an energy game? You know how much I love Feng Shui, and the author of this book, Margaret (Peg) Donahue, specializes in Feng Shui. She is the owner of Feng Shui Connections. I had the pleasure of interviewing her about the book, and she even shares some exciting insight with us about money and energy.

Are we blocking our own success and wealth without even knowing it? According to Margaret, you can create a blueprint to bring more prosperity into your life in easy and effective ways. How exciting is all of this? You guys are going to love this interview!

Margaret, what made you decide to write Money is an Energy Game?

Madeline Gerwick and I decided to write Money Is an Energy Game after co-teaching prosperity classes for many years. We incorporated much of what we learned through three of our programs (Eight Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous Business, The Art of Prosperous Language, and Take an Energy Inventory for Prosperity) to provide a means for people to recognize and more importantly, eliminate, patterns that push money away and to develop an effective blueprint for bringing more prosperity into their lives, in easy and effective ways.

What does money is an "energy game" mean?

Energy is at the core of all of life and we believe that a big part of our collective purpose as humans is to live joyful and joy-filled lives. Our game is a way to make the process of consciously cultivating prosperity come alive for every individual and to keep it light and fun.

What kind of results have you seen over the years when it comes to applying the techniques you talk about in your book?

Money Is an Energy Game is filled with examples of how Madeline and I practice the principles we describe in the book. On a personal level, by applying the concepts daily, I left a well-paying corporate job over twenty years ago and have lived a prosperous life without a six-figure income ever since. I’ve learned to work “easy” instead of “hard.” My daughter attended and graduated from a top college, my husband and I retired our mortgages twice, we’ve traveled nationally and internationally, and much more. I’ve learned that prosperity is much more than money. A mantra I adopted, to “work less while prospering more,” works quite well for me!

Can you give us a sneak peek, and tell us one of the methods in your book that you really love?

Certainly! We provide over 100 tools and techniques to choose from. A method I particularly love is to “Tell a New Story.” This is a method of paying attention to the stories that you tell yourself and others. Tune in and really listen to the words that you use. Notice if you are talking about what you really want or you’re expressing what you don’t want. Many people think they talk about what they want, when they are really describing what they don’t want. They’re opposite ends of the same stick. Your words have tremendous power. Whatever you talk about, you empower. So, it’s particularly important that you tell stories and situations in a way that strengthens what you really want to happen. When you find yourself talking about things you don’t want, consciously change your story, and notice what changes.

For example, many people are putting on weight during our extended homestays for Covid-19. If you identify with this, rather than give more power to the story about gaining weight, begin a new story about making excellent and healthy food choices going forward. If you make a choice that you don’t like, make a better one the next time. You can further develop your story by visualizing your body at its ideal weight and getting more movement and doing exercises that you like.

Several years ago a friend of mine mentioned that we have it all wrong about losing weight. When you lose something, you often want to find it again. This is not the case with weight. Rather than “losing weight” focus on how much you would prefer to weigh and releasing the excess weight. Release it for the long term without any expectation that it will return.

Notice the stories you’re telling yourself and others. Are your stories about what you want in your life or what you don’t want? You can change your story about what happens related to money. You can change your story about daily activities, such as traffic, people at home, at work, and much more. It’s your stories that keep the same patterns occurring over and over, even with other people. When you replace negative stories with positive ones, you begin to attract more positive experiences and more prosperity into your life. So, let go of your negative stories. Transform them into positive stories that you love!

Are there any colors that are good luck for attracting money and how can we apply those colors to our lives?

From a feng shui perspective, green, purple, red and gold are great colors for attracting money. Green is the color of dollar bills. It is also a color that represents growth and good health. Purple is a fabulous color for prosperity. It also represents royalty. Red is a power color. It is also highly activating. Gold is valuable, and it has always represented wealth and riches.

You can apply these colors in your environment via wall color, flowers and plants, art on your walls, picture frames lamp shades, sculptures, crystals, you name it … as well as the clothes you wear. A fresh green plant, purple flowers, a red and gold pillow, a purple shawl, a beautiful shade of any of these colors on one or more walls. You can be highly creative about bringing these colors in your life. Look for them in nature and then bring more nature into your life. Also, a little goes a long way. So, consciously bringing color in, with intention, will be stronger and more effective than overdoing it and surrounding yourself with too much of a good thing.

Can you use Feng Shui in your business?

Absolutely! Chapter 7 of our book, “Optimize Your Office for Success and Prosperity,” is about applying feng shui principles to your office or workspace to help you to create prosperity and abundance. You’ll learn about the most effective desk placements, the feng shui map of life issues (particularly the wealth corner), the importance of making sure that your plumbing and electric is in top order, and much more.

I've heard if you want to clear negative energy out of your home, you can sprinkle salt and then vacuum it up later.  Is this true?  

Yes, this is true. The process is most effective if you do this with intention. I recommend that people learn about the reasoning behind space clearing methods and then apply them to your own space. The result will be much more powerful. I use salt in every space clearing, even when I clear spaces remotely. Salt is a highly effective tool for absorbing negative energy. An excellent method is to open a new container of sea salt and place a bowl or plate of it in each corner of your basement overnight. Then gather it up and discard it the next day. When using salt for space clearing, always make sure you begin with a new, unopened container for best results.

What is the number 1 mistake you see people make when it comes to money and feng shui/energy?

I think that most people don’t realize that they are the creator of their lives … that each of us influences what happens in our lives through our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions. When you realize this, you become much more aware of what you say and do. You clarify what you really want and empower it, while pulling back from or omitting what you don’t want. For instance, I consciously steer clear of negative people. Years ago, I stopped spending extended time with family or friends who gossip about others or always complain about what’s wrong.

Money Is an Energy Game is packed with a lot of information and examples about ways to recognize your own patterns and more importantly, easy ways to release your blockages so that you can move forward and live a happy and prosperous life.

Anything else you want to add?  

Madeline Gerwick and I wrote Money is an Energy Game over seven years. It is more timely than ever. The book is currently available as an e-book on A print version will be available in June on Introductory pricing is in effect through May 9. Readers will save 20% on print copies and 30% on electronic copies by purchasing through May 9.

The book also pays for itself! It includes a link to a free Emotional Freedom and Healing tapping session to release blockages to success. This session is worth $25.00 if you were to purchase it separately.

More about Margaret (Peg) Donahue

Margaret M (Peg) Donahue is a highly skilled, business and personal consultant, teacher and coach, specializing in feng shui, clearing energies and blockages, and refocusing clients to live an authentic, prosperous life using easy and practical tools. Through many types of training, and her numerous years in business leadership, she mastered the art of energy and its impact on personal and business success.

Peg holds an MBA from Boston University and a BA from Georgetown University. She is also a graduate of three professional feng shui programs, the International Institute of Bau-biology and Ecology, Space and Personal Clearing trainings, plus several coaching and intuitive development programs. She also taught and certified feng shui practitioners for seven years at her own school, The New England Center for Feng Shui and Intuitive Arts, in addition to an eight year collaboration with Karen Kallie, of Living Energy Works, on stress reduction programs.

Throughout her life and career Peg has demonstrated a unique ability to help individuals and teams achieve success. This includes a highly successful 21-year career (including seven years as a Vice President and General Manager) with one of the leading database marketing firms in the country. Working with large nonprofit organizations and Fortune 500 clients across a variety of industries, Peg was often tasked with turning the most challenging teams and circumstances around. She used the same tools then as she does today.

No stranger to personal transformation, Peg has been following her passion and teaching others to do the same. After leaving her corporate career in 2000, she immersed herself in metaphysical studies and founded Feng Shui Connections in 2001.

Peg teamed with Madeline Gerwick in 2002 to teach prosperity training to individuals and business professionals. Their 8 Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous Business trains people to understand how energy impacts outcomes. In 2005, Peg co-authored Dorm Room Feng Shui and in 2016 was a contributing author to the bestseller, Success Manifesto, along with Madeline Gerwick, Brian Tracy and others.

In addition, Peg was an Organizational Leadership/Human Relations Adjunct Instructor for Southern NH University (SNHU) for four years. Using the same techniques to teach and motivate her students, in May 2015 Peg received SNHU’s Excellence in Teaching Award as an Outstanding Online Adjunct Faculty Member.

Weaving the worlds of business and energy, has driven Peg’s success for nearly forty years. She enjoys helping people and businesses master the art of thriving in any circumstance.

You can connect with Peg at:

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