Are All-Natural Beauty Products as Effective as Non-Natural Products?

I have always had a fascination with anything all natural, organic or holistic. If I've ever been able to solve a problem naturally, I'm all for it. Over the years, I've had some amazing success with using all natural remedies and I love discovering new remedies as much as I can. I found myself recently gaining an interest in all natural beauty products. Something about putting something on my skin that I know is natural, is exciting and comforting.

One of the big questions I get when I talk to other people about using all natural products is, "Do all natural beauty products work as good as non-natural products? Are they as effective?"

I must admit, this question did make me curious. For anyone who might be skeptical of the all natural products, I wanted to get the answer from an expert.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sylvia Cazenave-Lavie, the founder of C.LAVIE for research purposes, plus I wanted to learn more about this brand that I might be missing out on!

Her answer:

"Natural substances are more biomimetic than synthetic ones. This means that an ingredient from a natural origin will be better “recognized” by the human cells than a synthetic one, and thus better assimilated. For this reason, you will notice that today, the entire industry of cosmetics is using actives from natural origin, even is the rest of the formula is not natural.

The efficacy of a products resides in its concentration of active molecules. The vegetal extraction process is key to guarantee the highest concentration in active principle. This is the reason why we use eco-extraction for our actives.

This also means the most efficient product will have the highest percentage of active ingredients. From this prospective, a natural product mainly constituted with vegetal oil/distillate plus efficient actives, will be more efficient than a product mainly formulated with paraffin or water, even if the same actives are used in both formulas.

Well, there you have it! An ingredient from a natural origin will be "better recognized" by human cells over a synthetic one. This totally makes sense!

I wanted to learn more about C.LAVIE as I've never tried it, and the founder was so gracious to take time out of her busy schedule to provide me with more information and answer my questions. It's safe to say after this interview, I will be sure to try some of the recommendations and update you guys on my thoughts!

What can you tell us about C.LAVIE and your philosophy/mission?

C.LAVIE is my vision of cosmetics and a concrete proposal on how to enjoy clean, safe, efficient cosmetics for the humans and for the environment.

Cosmetics industry is very controversial and C.LAVIE wants to demonstrate that  a different offer can be proposed. We leverage new technologies to produce more efficient and always cleaner products, in full respect of our customers and planet.

The points listed below are very dear to my heart :

·  Our products are all hand made in small batches with the greatest care to ensure the integrity of our precious ingredients

·  All our actives are produced through eco-extraction, an eco-friendly mechanical process ensuring high concentration clinically tested

·  All products are ECOCERT certified

·  All products are tested for efficacy and tolerance

·  All products are suitable for sensitive skins and pregnant women

·  No essential oils are used

·  No GMO are used

·  No palm oil is used

·  No water or dilution agent are added to the formulas that are 100% active and highly concentrated

·  We own now our own crop in the South of France and will by using soon our plants in our formulas

·  All products are environmental friendly from the plant to the bottle

·  We are PETA members

Do you have a favorite product (or two) at the moment?  What is a product that we are missing out on and need to know about?  Perhaps a best seller?

At the moment, I am using the Elixir and the Huile Satinée (body oil) every day. They are both perfectly balanced in fatty acids to preserve smoothness and elasticity to the skin. The Elixir also deeply regenerate my skin with its unique combination of oils and its active from French Oak cork.

What would you recommend for someone who is starting to feel the effects of aging and wants to reverse those signs?  (Wrinkles, dry skin, they have lost the “glow” etc…)

We have created beauty routines. 1 routine is dedicated to 1st age signs. I think it is important to cleanse daily thoroughly the skin and apply a cream that will deeply hydrate and relipidate. Skincare shall also contain antioxidants to preserve the cells from oxidative stress and keep the skin healthy for longer time.

Is there anything about your company that  people may not know that you would like to share?

All formulas are developed in house and thus, we are proprietary of all formulas. We also grow our own plants in the French Mediterranean region where we live now. Stay tuned as they will show up soon in our collection!

Thanks so much Sylvia! I appreciate learning about your products and can't wait to try them.

Check out the recommended products by Sylvia herself:

More on C.LAVIE:

C. LAVIE directly sources ingredients from the producers. This allows a better control of the raw materials quality and guarantee sustainable commercial relationship. C.LAVIE does not use rare or protected species to promote diversity and thus protect species from overexploitation. Mother Nature is offering us such treasures, that there is always a vegetal material widely available to address our needs, sometimes very uncommon, but always very efficient.

All products contain a very high percentage of organic grown plants, well beyond the most famous standards requirements.

Disclaimer: This was not a paid interview or sponsored post.