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Nashville Med Spa, Elan Skin, is Ready to Prepare You for Your Wedding Day! (Tennessee)

We partnered up with Elan Skin for this post!

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Hey Tennessee Brides!

We've found something really special for you!

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Prepping for the Big Day

Wedding planning can be so overwhelming. There are so many questions to ask yourself. Who will do the flowers? Who will do the cake? Where will I find my dress? Which venue will host the day? Who will be my bridesmaids? The list literally goes on, and on.

One question that always pops in our minds that many brides don't really consider until the last minute, is "what are you doing to prepare yourself for the big day?" You know, what are your beauty goals? Every bride wants to be confident and feel gorgeous as she walks down the aisle, enters the reception and poses for photos all night long.

We think your beauty goals are just as important as everything else (you're the star of th show!) and should be worked in with the rest of your planning! So, when it comes to your wedding day... think about what would help you look and feel your best? Perhaps you've been wanting to finally banish acne you've dealt with for years. Or, maybe you want plumper lips or to smooth out pesky forehead wrinkles. Whether you want to slim down for the big day, brighten up your skin for a glowing look, or to focus on your lashes and brows... we found someone who can help.

Elan Skin in Nashville, Tennessee offers some exciting and amazing treatments. I am so confident you will love them! This med spa comes highly rated with impressive skills... their online reviews are glowing and their office is gorgeous!

If You're Looking for an Impressive Nashville, Tennessee Med Spa

We Found Them!

Introducing Elan Skin

Elan Skin opened its doors in 2004 as one of the first medical spas in Nashville. Our goal is to help you feel more confident about your skin and our expert service providers are well positioned to do this with over 150 years of combined experience. With a broad array of lasers and technologies, we can help you with the issues you want to address. Visit us and learn why we have been voted one of Nashville’s best skin centers by Nashville Scene time and time again.

What Services Do They Offer at Elan Skin?

This Nashville, TN Med Spa Offers:

  • Facials

  • Microneedling / Vivace (Thermal-Active Microneedling)

  • Dermaplaning

  • HydraFacial

  • DiamondGlow

  • Injectables (Botox/Filler/Aquagold/PRP)

  • Chemical Peels

  • Microdermabrasion

  • IPL / Laser

  • Brow + Lash Services

  • CoolSculpting

  • Zwave

  • Waxing

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • PRP Hair Restoration

  • and more!

Let's Check Out some Before & After Photos!

We Asked Elan Skin a Few Questions!

What can I expect at an appointment?

Our mission is to build long term relationships with our clients. This starts with a warm and personalized customer service experience, followed by an experienced aesthetic team using state of the art technology to help you leave with bright, glowing skin.

What are some services you offer that would be perfect for a bride preparing to look and feel her best?

There’s no such thing as a quick fix or overnight miracle treatment when it comes to your skin, which is why we propose brides give themselves plenty of time in advance to prioritize their bridal skincare regimen - because achieving healthy and glowing skin can take time!

Ideally, we recommend brides come in for a consultation about one year out, so that we can help to personalize a treatment plan specific to their desires. We realize this isn’t always doable, but giving yourself at least a few months in advance (as many months as you can) will give you the time you need to see better results!

  • For a generalized plan, we suggest starting with 3 – 4 Microneedling treatments, booked 4 – 6 weeks apart over the year. This will help achieve skin tightening, even skin tone and texture, reduced pore size, and diminished fine lines and wrinkles – giving your skin a brighter, smoother glow.

  • Start Botox at least 5 months before to get one full treatment, then your final Botox treatment 6 weeks prior to the wedding date.

  • Any filler wanted should be done at least 2 months prior.

  • If you have redness or hyperpigmentation, we recommend an IPL treatment no sooner than one month before.

Finally, as you arrive closer to the wedding day, about a week out is when brides should get any waxing, dermaplaning, or regular facials done.

One specific service we love offering brides a week before their wedding is Aquagold infused with Botox – this treatment is a micro-infusion of vitamins and hydration to give your skin a healthy glow, with the Botox helping to shrink pores ahead of a big event!

Ok Tennessee Brides, Let's Dive More into These Services!


Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment for improving texture, pore size, fine lines and firmness of the skin. The primary procedure involves the use of .5-2.5 mm needles that create micro-traumas to breach your outer-most layer of skin. As a result of these controlled pin-pricks, your body reacts by producing collagen, an important protein for your skin’s structure health. Microneedling treatments can help improve signs of aging, sun damage, scarring and other similar skin issues.

Botox & Fillers

Injectables for skin care are highly popular procedures to help relax facial muscles and reduce signs of aging, or alternatively, rejuvenate and enhance soft-tissue volume loss. Dermal fillers are a gel-like, naturally-occurring substance that is injected beneath the skin to increase volume, smooth the skin’s surface and enhance facial features. Fillers may be used to increase lip volume, enhance shallow contours, soften wrinkles and even improve the appearance of scarring.


HydraFacial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin utilizing super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Exfoliation through mechanical and light acids deeply cleanse, stimulate, and hydrate skin. Pores are minimized. Elan offers options to add boosters which address firming, clarifying, brightening, redness and other skin concerns. Eye and lip add-on are also available.


The Coolsculpting procedure eliminates stubborn fat safely and effectively, without surgery or downtime. This fat reduction treatment is the only FDA-cleared procedure to use controlled cooling to safely target and eliminate diet- and exercise-resistant fat. Coolsculpting results are proven, noticeable, and lasting, so you’ll look and feel great from every angle.


Your skin will sparkle! DiamondGlow is an innovative new facial treatment that exfoliates, extracts, and infuses your skin with nourishment-rich serums. This 3-in-1 process removes debris to renew your skin, deeply cleanses pores and enhances luminosity and clarity beyond anything you’ve experienced with a typical facial treatment. Serums used in the process can be customized to your specific goals and skincare concerns.

Get in Touch with Elan Skin to Ask Questions & Book a Consultation

It's so clear that Elan Skin works to make every client feel comfortable! With so many services available, you're sure to find a solution for what you're wanting. Get in touch today so you can book an appointment to ask questions. Be sure to ask them about an appropriate timeline recommendation that will help prepare for the big day based on your wedding date!

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Booking an Appointment

  • Give us a call or contact us on our website!

  • Follow us on Facebook for updates and photos!

  • Book an appointment online here.

Elan Skin


3750 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville TN 37215

This Med Spa is Perfect if You Live or Work Near

Green Hills/Forest Hills – 37215, 12 South/Wedgewood – 37204, The Gulch/Midtown – 37203, Belmont/Hillsboro Village – 37212, Belle Meade/West End – 37205, Brentwood, TN – 37027, Franklin, TN – 37069, 37067


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