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Ohio Wedding Cakes - 7 Local Wedding Cake Geniuses to Consider for a Gorgeous Wedding Cake!

Sponsored: I am excited to be a partner with each of these amazing vendors for this post. Please note, details subject to change. Always reach out directly to the business for the most up-to-date information.

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You're going to love this article if you're in Ohio. We've gathered some seriously talented bakers to consider for your wedding cake. Prepare to be dazzled when you see their work... yes, it's seriously that good.

Featured Bakers

Alice's Piece of Cake - Powell, OH

Simply Decadent - Bellbrook, OH

The Confectionary - Lancaster, OH

The Cakery - Dayton, OH

Short North Piece of Cake - Columbus, OH

J's Sweet Treats - Columbus, OH

Kennedy's Kakes - Columbus, OH

Getting married in Ohio? The cake is kind of a big deal.

Check out these talented local cake experts. Scroll through photos, meet the bakers and schedule a consultation! Get excited, it's time for cake!

(listed in completely random order! - they were all SO fabulous to work with!)


#1 Kennedy's Kakes - Columbus, OH

We're Interviewing: Adrian, The Owner

Headshot of the Owner

What areas do you serve?

I serve Columbus, Ohio (Franklin and Fairfield counties).

What is your favorite flavor? My favorite flavor is really hard, but I'm going to say my Vanilla Vanilla and Carrot Cake!

What is the most popular flavor among clients? The most popular flavor is the Vanilla Vanilla and the Triple Chocolate.

Do you deliver? We do deliver, you may call for details.

Adrian, can you show us some photos?

Photo Credits: YNot Images, The Jessica Miller Photography and Jehan Inc Photography

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

We offer items for a sweets table like truffles, macarons, and cupcakes.

What's Next?

Currently due to Covid restrictions we offer tasting boxes instead of in person consultations, but we offer a zoom consultation after you have picked up your box. Please give us a call and we can schedule your tasting box and zoom call.

Get In Touch with Kennedy's Kakes!

Kennedy's Kakes Logo

Kennedy's Kakes

Address: 65 South 4th St. Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: (614) 600-2253



#2 J's Sweet Treats - Columbus, OH

We're Interviewing: Juana, The Owner

Owner Headshot

What areas do you service?

Central Ohio - Shipping Available, will travel.

What is your favorite cake and icing flavor?

My favorite is Strawberry with Strawberry Buttercream. We are definitely known for our amazingly mesmerizing Buttercream. Strawberry is also a customer favorite...between that and Red Velvet they can't get enough.

What is the most popular flavor among clients?

Strawberry Crunch.

Do you deliver?

We do deliver within Central Ohio, however there is a fee associated.

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

We offer much more than just cakes! We have a full service brick and mortar boutique bakery. Feel free to drop in, utilize curbside or even Door Dash.

Juana, can you show us some photos?

Get in Touch with J's Sweet Treats!

J's Sweet Treats Logo

J's Sweet Treats

Address: 1540 Parsons Ave Columbus, OH 43207

Phone: 614-906-8888 Website


#3 Short North Piece of Cake - Columbus, OH

We're Interviewing: Kendall, Wedding Cake Specialist and Designer

Wedding Cake Decorated

What Areas Do You Service?

Within a 1-hour radius of Columbus Ohio

What Are Your Most Favorite Cake & Icing Flavors?

My personal favorite is our chocolate cake, ganache and almond cream fillings, and our amazing cream cheese frosting.

What is the Most Popular Flavor?

Our most popular is our gourmet vanilla bean cake and our signature European style meringue buttercream. It is very light, buttery, and not too sweet. The most popular fillings are raspberry preserves or our rich chocolate ganache.

Do You Have a Favorite Cake You’ve Done in the Past?

Probably our incredible lifelike dragon draped across a 3-tier wedding cake.

Do you Deliver?

We do deliver up to 1 hour outside of Columbus for weddings.

Kendall, can you show us some photos?

Collage of Wedding Cakes

Do You Offer Anything Besides Wedding Cakes?

We are a full-service bakery with a brick and mortar location. You can drop in for a snack. We also do custom special occasion cakes. For weddings, we also offer dessert bars, groom’s cakes and cupcakes!

What’s Next?

Fill out our wedding inquiry form here. We will get back to you asap with tons of good information. From there, we will schedule you a tasting and speak with you further!

Get In Touch with Short North Piece of Cake!

Short North Piece of Cake Logo

Short North Piece of Cake

Phone: 614-421-0399

Address: 772 N. High St. Suite 103 Columbus, OH, 43215




#4 The Cakery - Dayton, OH

We're Interviewing: Ginger, Owner

Bakery Display of Treats

What areas do you service?

We are in Dayton, Ohio. But we often travel long distances to deliver a cake. From Columbus, Hocking Hills, Oxford, Sidney and as far south as Northern Kentucky, we do our best to accommodate if we can! What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors?

Our white cake, with a touch of almond, filled with our dark chocolate truffle filling and buttercream icing. It's just the perfect balance and combination. Another favorite is our light lemon cake filled with the tangy key lime filling! It's so refreshing! Personally, I love out orange cake with our chocolate mousse filling! But I'm a sucker for chocolate and orange together. What is the most popular flavor among clients?

The competition for our most popular cake flavor usually gets won by our Scrumptious Strawberry Swirl cake. It is our white cake, and then we swirl strawberry preserves through the batter before it's baked. It's extra heavenly when paired with our rich cream cheese icing! We are definitely known for it. Our light white cake with a touch of almond flavor is right at its heels running a close second. Do you have a favorite cake you've done in the past?

There are definitely a few! The first two are for a photo shoot that we provided cakes for at a local venue. It's nice sometimes to be able to come up with your own design and have free rein to do whatever we want. The other one we did recently that we really liked was a hexagon shaped naked cake decorated with all gum paste flowers. We hand painted all of the flowers and made the amaranth to match the bride's bouquet. A third one that I just wanted to describe. The bride was in a wheelchair and they had the cutest personalized toppers made for the cake. We also loved the hand done icing detail on the cake.

Do you deliver?

As stated above, we do deliver wedding cakes to a wide area. We also deliver other cakes and desserts in the greater Dayton area.

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

Absolutely! We have a fun variety of other desserts we offer. There's the delicious items that we sell every day in our cases, like brownies, cake bombs, buckeyes, iced butter cookies, rainbow cakes and lemon cheesecake bars. We also have a menu of special order items, such as chocolate dipped strawberries, mini mousse cups, mini cream horns, chocolate dipped toffee pretzels and mini cookies.

Ginger, can you show us some more photos?

What's Next?

Any couple can give us a call to set up a tasting. You'll get to sit down with a decorator, plan out your dream wedding dessert, taste cake and get an official price quote.

Get In Touch with The Cakery!

The Cakery Logo

The Cakery

Address: 140 Woodman Dr. Dayton, OH 45431

Phone: 937-258-2320




#5 The Confectionary - Lancaster, OH

We're Interviewing: Madison, Sole Proprietor

Holding Black Wedding Cake Decorated

What Areas Do You Service? The Confectionary serves all of central Ohio.

What Are Your Most Favorite Cake & Icing Flavors?

I absolutely adore our lemon blueberry flavour! Dressed with our delicious buttercream and fresh blueberries. But honestly, who am I kidding? I LOVE any and all cake!

What is the Most Popular Flavor?

Our signature flavour is Lemon Blueberry, dressed with our creamy buttercream.

Do You Have a Favorite Cake You’ve Done in the Past?

Honestly- my favorite cake is always the last one that I’ve created. I take immense joy in the process of baking. It’s such a personal act, sharing something scratch made. Baking allows me to be part of a special event in my clients’ lives. Best ever!

Do you Deliver?

We sure do! Contact us for details and pricing 740.503.2799

Do You Offer Anything Besides Wedding Cakes?

Cupcakes, mini desserts, dessert bar, cookies, faux cakes

Madison, can you show us some photos?

PHOTO CREDITS: Gabriella Sutherland Photography, Sunshine and Seeley LLC, Through the Looking Glass Photography, Stephanie West Photography

What's Next?

Contact us today to schedule a tasting and to receive a quote!

Get In Touch with The Confectionary!

The Confectionary Logo

The Confectionary

Address: 115 S. Columbus St Lancaster, OH 43130

Phone: 740.503.2799




#6 Simply Decadent - Bellbrook, OH

We're Interviewing: Adonica, Chief Wedding Consultant

Three Owners Posing with Small Cake

Adonica is also a co-owner, she owns the bakery along with her daughter and her daughter's mother-in-law!

What Areas Do You Service?

We are located outside of Dayton, in Bellbrook, Ohio.

We have served weddings across the state and are willing to travel to deliver custom desserts to our client’s celebrations.

What Are Your Most Favorite Cake & Icing Flavors?

Right now, I would have to say that pumpkin spice with vanilla buttercream is really good. I also have always liked the combination of our dark chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream icing.

What is the Most Popular Flavor?

We create all of our flavors from scratch. It certainly changes season to season and we like experimenting and developing new flavors all the time. Pumpkin spice is certainly popular right now, as you might expect. That said, two timeless favorites that seem to always be in demand are our triple berry and our dark chocolate cakes.

Do you Deliver?

Yes, we offer delivery and setup services for all of our wedding clients. Rates vary based on the venue location.

Do You Offer Anything Besides Wedding Cakes?

Absolutely! We have had the honor of baking a large variety of desserts for wedding clients. These include a host of hand decorated cookies, cake pops, brownies, custom cheesecakes, cupcakes, and dessert bars, for example. In some cases, these desserts are in addition to a traditional, tiered cake while other times these are arranged to create a beautiful and mouth-watering presentation. We also welcome custom dessert requests.

Beyond weddings, we also bake for all other special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, baby and wedding showers, graduations, or just because.

Adonica, can you show us some more photos?

What's Next?

We work with our perspective clients to understand their needs and desires. This often includes scheduling in-person tastings and consultations with one of our wedding designers. During this consultation, we have the pleasure of learning more about the couple’s vision for their wedding desserts, and they get to meet us and sample some of our baked goods. Often, we are able to provide quotes at the end of this consultation and/or reserve the wedding date.

Consultations can be scheduled by calling 937-310-1305 or by visiting

Get In Touch with Simply Decadent!

Simply Decadent Logo

Simply Decadent LLC

Address: 108 W. Franklin Street Bellbrook, OH 45305

Phone: 937.310.1305





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#7 Alice's Piece of Cake - Powell, OH

We're Interviewing: Alice, Owner & Cake Artist

White, Gold and Pink Wedding Cake

What Areas Do You Service?

Columbus and Surrounding areas.

What Are Your Most Favorite Cake & Icing Flavors?

Wedding White, White Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Cake Flavors (Menu on website), Buttercream or Almond Buttercream.

What is the Most Popular Flavor?

White Raspberry with Raspberry Whip Filling!

Do you Deliver?

Yes, if you are working with a preferred vendor it can be complimentary. Restrictions apply.

Do You Offer Anything Besides Wedding Cakes?

Cupcakes, Groom's Cake, Special occasion cakes, desserts for a wedding dessert bar.

Alice, can you show us some photos?

What’s Next?

Call to check availability and schedule a cake tasting. Where we will meet either in person or by zoom for a consultation to design the wedding cake of your dreams

Get In Touch with Alice's Piece of Cake!

Alice's Piece of Cake

Address: 2433 Home Road, Powell, OH 43065

Phone: (740) 917-9031



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