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Savour Baking - This Missoula, Montana Based Cake Expert Has Amazing Talent for Wedding Cakes!

We are excited to partner with Savour Baking for this post!

Introducing an Incredible Wedding Cake Expert in Montana Savour Baking
Simple 3 Tiered Modern Wedding Cake
It's just so... PERFECT!

Getting Hitched in Montana?

Who will do the wedding cake?

The wedding cake is a big part of your reception. My mom said when guests were entering the ballroom of my reception, they walked past the cake saying "ooh and ahh." She over heard many people say "Did you see that cake?!"

Oh how I just love the wedding cake! I remember wanting to have a cake that would impress and be something to remember! My baker didn't disappoint. Now, I'm on the hunt for amazing wedding cake experts in all of the areas so brides can discover some great talent!

In this post, we are featuring Savour Baking, based in Missoula, MT. We had the pleasure of interviewing the owner, Brandiana, and we are excited to share more with you about her cake business!

Let the Interview Begin!

Brandiana, tell us about yourself!

I have a background in fine art, and have worked as a baker/chef/pastry chef for many years. I finally decided to branch out on my own and combine the two, and that’s how Savour was born! I focus on combining traditional flavors with a few uncommon twists, as well as custom creating artistic and eye catching designs. Currently, I am just a one-person show, but will be opening up a brick and-mortar soon.

What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors? Is there a favorite or “most popular” among clients?

My personal favorite flavor combination is vanilla bean cake, with basil mousse, strawberry compote and white chocolate ganache. I’d say the most popular amongst clients has been almond cake, lemon curd, huckleberry filling, and Italian meringue buttercream.

Rustic Wedding Cake on Tree Cookie
Photo by Tec Petaja

How big (or small) of cakes can you create?

I usually create wedding cakes that are two or more tiers, whether that’s all cake, or faux tiers to add height and drama! In Montana, elopements are pretty common so I also offer small tiered elopement cakes that can be between 2-6 servings.

Do you deliver?

If yes, what are your service areas?

I do deliver! Usually within Montana, but farther places can often be accommodated if the couple is booking in far enough advance. All delivery comes at an extra fee.

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

Yes! I offer dessert tables as well, which can include cupcakes, mini desserts like petit fours, chocolate strawberries, tiny pastries, and other goodies that go with the couple’s theme.

What can you tell me about getting started?

Due to COVID-19, I am offering personalized custom tasting boxes for couples to enjoy in the comfort of their homes. They can email me, and I’d send a detailed questionnaire about their big day, preferences, inspirational photos, etc., and curate a custom seasonal box based off of their answers. After the tasting, we have a zoom meeting or phone call and start going over the custom design!

Brandiana, can you show us some photos of your gorgeous work?

We are seriously in LOVE with Brandiana's work and would recommend her highly to brides in Montana looking to have an amazing wedding cake. Get in touch with her soon because we are sure she probably fills her schedule fast!

How to Contact Savour Baking

Savour Logo

Savour Baking

Missoula, Montana

Phone number: (503).536.3842


IG: @Savour.Bakery


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