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Scrumptious Wedding Food! 5 Pennsylvania Caterers to Consider for Your Wedding Day!

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You're going to love this article if you're in Pennsylvania. We've gathered some seriously incredible caterers to consider for your wedding day. Prepare for your mouth to water when you see their food... yes, it looks that good.

Featured Caterers

Long's Catering - Greensburg, PA

Lady Fingers - Pittsburgh, PA

Legends Catering - York, PA

Mountain Laurel - Harrisburg, PA

Capriotti's - McAdoo, PA

Getting married in Pennsylvania? The FOOD is Kind of a Big Deal.

Check out these delicious local caterers. Scroll through photos, meet the owners and schedule a consultation! Get excited, it's time for the wedding dinner!

(listed in completely random order! - they were all SO fabulous to work with!)


Capriotti's - McAdoo, PA

We're Interviewing: Tom, The Owner

About the Business!

We’re a family owned catering business with 25 years of experience. We specialize in Weddings, both onsite in our 375+ person venue and at off-site locations.

What Catering Services Do You Offer?

Plated dinners, Buffets, Homestyle, Rehearsal Dinners, Brunches, Bridal Showers

What Areas do You Cater to?

Within 60 miles of our Venue (McAdoo, PA)

What Types of Foods Do You Offer?

American cuisine

What are some Popular Wedding Catering Options you see with your Clients?

Our combo platter is the most popular choice with chicken francaise and filet mignon. Our "End of Reception" food is also a fan favorite. For our off-site wedding, many couples choose an onsite steak grilling.

How Many Guests Can You Cater? Is There a Minimum?

At our Venue, we can accommodate up to 375 guests with a dance floor. Off-site we have no minimum - the sky's the limit!

Where Do You Make the Food?

We make all the food in our kitchen at our main venue. However, we offer off-site grilling options and will grill at a customer's location

Can You Accept Any Special Requests?

Yes, we accommodate special food allergy requests and children's platters.

Tom, can you show us some photos?

Where Can I Check Out Sample Menus?

What makes you unique?

Our location offers both a stand alone building to host your Wedding Ceremony (or Cocktail Hour) and a separate Ballroom with outdoor patios on both sides. Capriotti's specializes in Weddings so our staff is trained to serve and clear discreetly so as to not interrupt the flow of the event. Our Wedding Coordinators are well organized which alleviates stress for our couples. Our menu features many family recipes that receive compliments for our guests.

What Can I Expect at a Consultation/Tasting?

During a consultation we get to know the needs and wants of our couples and to learn more about what their vision is. During a Tasting, we are able to offer samples of several menu choices and show how the food will be presented to their guests on their wedding day, allowing us ample time to make changes.

Capriotti's Catering

1 Banks Avenue, McAdoo PA 18237



Mountain Laurel - Harrisburg, PA

We're Interviewing: Sarah, Manager/Owner

Sarah & her husband, Executive Chef Patrick Combs, own Mountain Laurel together!

About the Business!

Mountain Laurel Catering is Husband & Wife owned, and specializes in real food and event production. The food we serve is grown and prepared by hand, and our events are organized and executed with professionalism. Mountain Laurel utilizes as many farms, markets, orchards as possible, as well as the changing seasons to craft each individual menu and align our client’s tastes with their occasion and personalities. We’re passionate about using responsible and sustainable products and practices, and are proudly a Green Restaurant Certified Caterer. Mountain Laurel Catering was welcomed into the Knots Hall of Fame in 2020, having won their Best of Weddings and Wedding Wire’s Couple’s Choice awards for the past 5 years in a row. We are also proud to have been Harrisburg Magazine’s Readers Choice Wedding & Events caterers 2018-2020!

Where do you prepare the food?

We cook on site utilizing our state of the art commercial kitchen trailers we’ve had custom built for us. This allows us to flow with timeline hiccups, and always have our food go from the heat to the table. With 30 years of combined talent, Mountain Laurel Catering & Events is ready to make your next event unforgettable! Our kitchen is located in Harrisburg, PA. We prep our menus in the kitchen, then transport & cook on site.

What kind of food do you offer?

We offer it all! Coursed, Plated, Stationed, Cocktail, Buffet, & Family style for Weddings, Corporate & Non-profit celebrations! We’ve done a 6 course meal in the middle of a field, a dinner for 2 in an abandoned bank, and a winter celebration for 600 in a warehouse. The more obscure the, the more our creative juices flow!

What areas do you service?

We primarily cater the Central Pennsylvania area, though are willing to travel.

We are a From-Scratch Craft Caterer. All of our menus are custom created based on each couples’ uniqueness – where they grew up & traveled, where their first date was and subsequently where they got engaged; what their favorite foods are, the style they’re creating over all etc., we are not limited to any specific cuisine genre.

Sarah, can you show us some photos?

We really love to get creative & adventurous with menus! We want your menu to stand out from all other events your guests have attended. We add Amuses, or Intermezzo’s, we bake our own breads & whip flavored butters. We’re known for quality, and certainly make that our specialty.

How many guests can you serve?

We do not have minimums. We’ve done 10 courses for 20 guests, buffets for 250, and stations for 600!

Can you accommodate any special requests?

Absolutely! Our middle son is allergic to EVERYTHING – from gluten, dairy, eggs, to almond, coconut, avocados, goat & sheeps milk – all of the go-to alternatives; cooking for dietary restrictions & food allergies is a reality we live every day and can certainly accommodate in our menus. We also love to get Ethnic! If you’ve traveled to or are Indian, we can accommodate. Marrying someone Nigerian – we have the perfect menu! Love the cost of Portugal & Spain, we love Tapas!

Where can I see sample menus?

What makes you unique?

Couples ultimately choose us over our competition often times for our focus on quality, sustainability & locality of our ingredients. We also have a few community programs in place – we hire Adults with Different abilities, as well donate our excess food to our area shelters. We are very aware of our surroundings, and try and make the most positive impact on our industry & community as we are able. I believe this holds weight with our couples.

What can I expect at a consultation?

For consults, we have a series of questions that allows us to learn all we can about our couples/clients, and then customize our proposal. We welcome edits and revise the menu until it perfectly reflects our couples, then invite them to our kitchen to taste it! Tastings are complementary if you confirm with us, and complete with choice of wine!

Mountain Laurel Catering & Events

3424 N 6th St

Harrisburg, PA 17110



Legends Catering - York, PA

We're Interviewing: Jesse, Owner & Operator

About the Business!

We are a family owned business that was created to be able to work from home as much as possible in order to raise our family and spend time with them. Thirteen years later our oldest children are now a part of the Legends team. We are full-service wedding caterers. We travel to the client’s location & provide everything needed for a reception dinner. We have full kitchen trailers that allow us to cook everything onsite to ensure the freshest meal. Our menus are based on things your whole family will eat but we will go the extra mile to make your menu special from using your family recipes, custom creations using foods provided by the client, we have done lamb, buffalo, and others. Once we asked a chef of a local restaurant if we may use their recipe for a client’s wedding because the dish was their favorite and he kindly agreed.

What wedding services can you offer?

The services we offer are any style meal service; plated, buffet stations, served buffets, family style, cocktail style, etc. Full service staff of bartenders, servers, and chefs arrive a few hours before the ceremony to set up and start cooking and we stay until the very end. We also provide all the rentals of linens, china, glassware, & silverware, along with other rentals if needed.

Are there any popular options you see among clients?

A lot of our clients like stations, whether it is just for a cocktail hour or for the main meal. The stations we do are: pasta station (chef made while you wait), chocolate fountain, slider station, seafood station, ice cream station, carver station, dessert station, mashed potato station and many many more.

What areas do you service?

We are fully mobile so we are happy to go where our clients need us. We are located in York so we typically are within an hour drive to most locations.

Jesse, can you show us some photos?

How many guests can you serve?

We can cater large wedding groups of 250-350 guest. We have served plated meals of 275 guest within 20 minutes several times. We have also catered large non-wedding groups of over 1500 guest at a one time.

Where do you prepare the food?

We have a full kitchen trailer that we work out of and cook everything onsite for the weddings.

Can you accommodate any special requests?

Guests with dietary restrictions are part of every wedding. We do individual meals for any guest with dietary restrictions that match the theme of the main meal.

Where can I see sample menus?

Our menus are online at our website

What makes you unique?

Our main reason for always doing this is our family. So when two people come to us and are about to join together and start their own family - that is important to us. They are the perfect client for me, being in the hospitality industry for over 35 years. Two people getting married with all of their friends and family for one of the happiest days of their lives, I want to be there for them from that first day until to the day of their wedding. I’m there helping in anyway I can. It’s their special day and I’m doing everything I can to make sure everything is how they want it to be.

What can I expect at a consultation?

I invite clients to my home and want them to bring along any family or friends they want that can help them with the planning process. They are like family, and I want them to be comfortable and relaxed so they can walk me through their vision of that special day, asking me as many questions as they have so they don’t have to worry about anything. I know they will have enough other things to worry about during this process. Hopefully I can eliminate most of them.

Legends Catering

65 Campbell Rd. York PA 17402


LadyFingers - Pittsburgh, PA

We're Interviewing: Diane, Chef & Owner

About the Business!

We are a boutique catering business providing couples with a uniquely customized experience. We can guarantee that each wedding experience will be like none other!

What services do you offer?

Before the big day, we offer showers (brunches, luncheons, tea parties) and rehearsal dinners. On wedding day, we offer cocktail receptions including hors d’oeuvres, appetizers and food stations. For small, intimate groups, we offer multi-course sit-down dinners. And for those who want something for special guests between the ceremony and reception, we offer amazing European-Style Intermezzos.

What areas do you service?

We are centered in Pittsburgh and serve most of Western Pennsylvania, including Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland Counties. We will also make special trips to the Laurel Highlands!

What types of food do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of cuisines! We can serve you Beef Bourguignon or Thai Green Curry at a dinner party. We can serve you hand-made scones or a Gourmet Salad Bar at a brunch. We can serve Boursin Stuffed Shrimp or Buffalo Wing Quesadillas at a cocktail reception. You dream it, we make it!

What are some of the most popular options among clients?

Our most sought-after hors d’oeuvres include our Mini Beef Wellingtons, Tuna Tartare and Avocado Spoons, BLT Mini Biscuits, Strawberry Balsamic Soup Shots, Korean BBQ Steak Ribbons, Wild Mushroom Palmiers, and Cranberry and Pistachio Goat Cheese Balls. Our most requested Food Stations are our Hot Dip Station, our Skewer Station, our Macaroni and Cheese Station, our Vol-Au-Vent Station and our Meatball Bar.

How many guests can you serve?

Our guest count policy is flexible, but since Covid, we are focusing on smaller groups, ranging from two (for a private dinner party) to 75 (for a cocktail reception).

Diane, can you show us some photos?

Where is the food prepared?

We begin all preparation in the Ladyfingers kitchen, and then finish prep on-site on event day. This allows us to offer the most fresh, high-quality food to customers and guests.

Can you accomodate special requests?

We do many special requests! We have become well-known in the vegan community, and are happy to work with most dietary life-styles and/or restrictions.

Where can I see sample menus?

For sample menus designed for your specific needs, just contact us and we will create customized sample menus with pricing, usually within 48 hours. If you want to peak at what we’ve done for previous customers, go to our website and click on the Portfolio tab. For other ideas, click on the Menus tab!

What makes you unique?

One very special thing about LadyFingers is the LadyFingers Garden. In season, we grow all of our own vegetables including tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini and more. And we grow every fresh herb you can imagine! Many of the items you will be served have been picked from the LadyFingers garden that day!

What can I expect at a consultation?

LadyFingers will consult with you via phone, email, or in person. We schedule private food tastings on Mondays, and will work with you to let you taste everything you might want to offer to guests. There is a per-person fee for your tasting unless you pay your deposit at the end of the tasting, in which case, your tasting is complimentary.

LadyFingers Catering Phone: 412-614-0285

Website: LadyFingers Catering


Long's Catering - Greensburg, PA

Interview Coming Soon!

Until then, check out their website here.


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