Self Care: 24 Quick, Easy, Cheap (or Free) Ways to Practice Self Care so You Can Feel Amazing Daily

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Self care is something I used to never practice. I put everyone and everything before me. I was so busy taking care of my family, my business and everything else that happens in life that I never stopped to reflect on what I was doing to my body.

Most days felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. This was just my norm. However, this all came to a standstill when I came down with a serious illness. I was so deathly ill. I kept looking at the Doctor saying, "Ok, give me medicine so I can get back to normal, c'mon hurry, I have to get back to work!"

The Doctor looked at me with a sad face and said calmly "you have to rest, no more work."

I felt like I was pleading with her, "that's impossible! I have multiple IMPORTANT work meetings scheduled, family pictures this weekend, and Thanksgiving is next week!"

She did not feel sympathy for me. She instead gave me a stern look and said, "Your body is trying to tell you something, it's time to stop. You have to slow down... and stop... now."

The next 14 days were some of the hardest days of my life. I was literally bed ridden. I was so sick, I missed out on everything... even Thanksgiving! I never knew how to slow down, de-stress or take care of myself. My body was telling me it was time to stop. Since then, I started regularly practicing self care. I now know that if I don't take care of myself, I can't continue to take care of everyone else. I rarely ever get sick anymore, and I feel BETTER than I ever have because now I take care of myself, too. I have more energy and I'm more pleasant to be around. Since I take care of myself, I do everything around me better than I did before.

Remember, if you want to take care of everyone else, you have to take care of you first. I've put together a list of really simple things I do to practice self care that are quick, easy and either cheap (no big trips to the Bahamas in this post) or free.

My biggest tip here is: make the time. I used to think I didn't have "time" for self care, I promise you do. When I started practicing self care, I had to schedule it or I knew it wouldn't happen. Now, I am so accustomed to self care and how important it is, I don't have to schedule it.

#1 Meditate

Take 20 minutes (or even 5) to find a quiet space to meditate. There are many guided meditations on YouTube that are literally life changing and completely free. Schedule it, first thing in the morning or in the afternoon after lunch. Even 5 or 10 minutes can be so healing. Find a quiet place, apply headphones and enjoy.

#2 Exercise

I know this sounds cliche but exercise changed my life. Even if it's just 20 minutes a day, schedule it. I repeat, start scheduling your self care just like you would schedule anything else in your life. It's a priority, I promise! Get moving, go for a walk, a run or make a simple exercise routine. I created a routine when I first started that took less than 10 minutes. I did 30 sit ups, 30 jumping jacks, arm circles for 1 minute, 25 squats, a 1 minute plank and 10 burpees. It was an easy routine that went really quick. It gave me energy and made me feel good and accomplished. Over time, I started adding more to the routine and incorporated cool pieces of inexpensive equipment. There are also a TON of amazing YouTube videos of easy workouts you can follow.

Items You Might Find Helpful:

*Blissful Blue Jays contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product through my link, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Blissful Blue Jays is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

#3 Eat Right

Cutting out processed foods, sugar and junk food is the best thing you can do for yourself. I started making green smoothies. They're not only delicious but they provide amazing nutrients that make us feel great. My favorite smoothie is frozen strawberries or blueberries with a banana, kale and flax seed. Don't forget to add the water! Adding a smoothie to my day makes me feel great because I know I'm doing something good for myself. Self care starts with paying attention to what you put in your body.

#4 Take Care of Your Gut

I used to get yeast infections (literally the worst) and couldn't understand why. I started researching and realized that I was seriously missing out by not taking probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for you keep your gut healthy. Poor gut health can affect your entire body and lead to many different health issues. Many people don't even know that poor gut health could potentially be the culprit behind the health issue they're dealing with. I found that probiotics can help with digestive health, skin health, immune health and women's health. Hmmm... women's health? As in, vaginal health? I bought some and ever since, I haven't had any yeast infections. They're now a very important part of my routine. You can find probiotics in yogurt or buy them as a supplement. I think they're amazing because now I realize just how important gut health is. Check with your Doctor first before you ever take any supplement.

Here is one that I take, but there are so many more out there:

#5 Say No

Stop over extending yourself. I used to be afraid to tell people no or turn things down. You don't have to do everything. You are a human and you will burn out if you're not careful. Try to simplify your life every now and then and don't feel guilty about it. Only do things that you feel are important to you. You don't have to accept every invitation, job, etc. Start setting boundaries and saying no.

#6 Take a Trip

I know I said I wasn't talking about Bahama trips. For this trip, take a day with girlfriends or even alone. Whether it be to the spa or to the mall for some retail therapy. My favorite is to go to the state park for a bike ride. I take in the fresh air and just reflect on how good life is. The point is, enjoy some type of getaway, schedule it... even if it's just a half day.

#7 Make Bath Time Special

This is so easy. Bath time is my time. Dim the lights, light the candles, get some essential oils, Himalayan salt crystals... the list goes on. Bath time shouldn't just be soaking in a hot bath (which is great in itself) ... crank it up!

Items to Help:

#8 Try Yoga

If you can't join a yoga studio, visit YouTube for tons of free Yoga videos. Even just 10-20 minutes a day doing Yoga can do so much for you. I didn't realize the benefits of Yoga until I tried it myself. It's truly amazing!

#9 Gratitude Routine

The book that got me on board with understanding the power of gratitude and how it could do amazing things for my life, was The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne. If you haven't read it, I promise you will love it and it will bring huge positive changes to your life. I have a gratitude routine I do every day, and it's just part of my self care practices. What we are grateful for grows, so be grateful for all the good in your life.

#10 Unplug

I realize this might be hard. I'm not saying you have to unplug from social media or your phone all day long. However, schedule time where you put the phone and electronics away. No social media, texting, internet, emails, etc. Even if it's just an hour, it gives your brain a break and you can refresh. I have to unplug for a few hours each day. I don't look at my phone when I first wake up and have my coffee. After work, I unplug when I'm making dinner, during dinner and while unwinding after dinner. It makes me feel so much better. Try it, I promise it's totally necessary.

#11 Do a Face Mask

I like to enjoy a face mask at least once a week, it can be great to enjoy while in the bath. It's not only ridiculously relaxing, but you can find great ones that do wonders for your skin!

I like to buy several at a time so they're always on hand.

Some of my favorites:

#12 Journal

Journaling is an incredible way to relieve stress. Once a week, I like to sit down after the kids go to bed in my comfy pajamas and have a glass of wine. I pick out a good essential oil and I just write. I just let the words flow. Whatever is on my mind, whatever I need to get off my chest gets written on paper. It's so relaxing and allows me to not keep things bottled up. Journaling has saved my sanity for decades. Yes, this simple task is great self care. If you hate to write by hand, grab your laptop and type it out.

#13 Take a Nap

This might be impossible for some of you with kids (I get it), but if I ever have the chance... I take the nap. It's crazy how just a 20-30 minute nap refreshes me to a whole new level. When my husband wants to take the kids to hit golf balls, I don't feel guilty with giving myself a little bit of extra rest. Plus, he can have some quality time with the kids by himself.

#14 Have Reading Time

This is similar to the journaling. Set up a cozy space and read a good book. Even just 20 minutes of escaping to another world through reading can do so much. Light a candle, grab some oils, and just read.

#15 Moisturize

This is the mother of all self care tips. Buy a great moisturizer and moisturize your face every night before bed after you clean it! I didn't moisturize my face for years (huge mistake) so when I discovered the power of it, wow! I cannot go without now. It literally wouldn't feel right.

Here are some of my favorites:

#16 Get New Makeup

Even if you just get one new piece of makeup, it's exciting and feels good. We constantly make sure we have groceries, cleaning products, and household essentials. We make sure the bills are paid, the kids have clothes, and the dogs have food and treats. I used to never buy anything for myself, I would feel so guilty if I did because I felt like I should be spending that money on something for my family. Now, I do. I know if everyone else is going to need this mama to take care of them, I got to take care of mama. I don't go crazy and buy everything in sight, sometimes just 1 item makes me feel so happy because it's something new I can add to my beauty routine that makes me feel gorgeous!

Some of MY favorite items are:

#17 Get a Silk Pillow Case

I had no idea that I was doing so much damage to my hair and skin with my regular pillow case. I invested in a silk pillow case and I'm not only more comfortable when I sleep, I'm protecting my hair and skin!

This is my favorite because it was fairly inexpensive and works great, there are MANY more options online!

#18 Massage Your Scalp

So, this is something I've become obsessed with! Every night I can't wait to grab my head massager and get to work on my scalp. It feels SO good. It's like all of the pressure in my head from the day just melts away. Not only that, but since I've been doing it I swear my hair has gotten thicker. Maybe not, but it definitely feels that way! A scalp massager is cheap, and it doesn't get any better. The only problem I have is my husband always trying to steal it from me!

They also make them for when you wash your hair. After all, you know what they say: if you want good hair you have to take care of your scalp first. I definitely love both, they have put the icing on the cake for me when it comes to self care, and I spent less than $20 to have both!

#19 Have a Bedtime Routine

Having a simple bedtime routine can do so much for self care. I love to put lotion all over my body, it feels so good when I sleep. I use essential oils, moisturize my face... say my gratitudes. It's very calming and a great way to end the day before bed so I can have a good sleep. I put the phone away and just relax. You can be creative in making your own routine, but I promise it will bring so much peace to your day.

#20 Unfollow Social Media Accounts

This was a big one for me. I didn't realize how much seeing certain people on my feeds throughout the day affected me. I started unfollowing any social media account that didn't make me feel good when I came across something they posted. I still do this. If they're not posting stuff that makes me feel good or positive, I unfollow. They could just be posting a photo of their new car, but if for some reason it still bugs me, I take note of that feeling and unfollow. Take care of your mind by controlling what you allow into it.

#21 Put Scents You Love All Around You

For some reason, having things that smell good all around me makes me feel good. I always have tarts or candles burning because I love how strong they are. I love picking out new scents. Essential oils are another great one. When things smell good, you feel good!

#22 Work In Your Yard

If you don't have a yard, get some pots and plant some flowers for your porch. I'm serious, there is something about beautifying your outdoor environment that is so soothing and satisfying. Our outdoor environments are just as important as our indoor ones. I love planting flowers, weeding the flower beds and just being at one with mother nature. It's so relaxing and when you walk outside to see how beautiful you've made your outdoor area... you will feel so good each time you do.

#23 De-clutter a Room

De-cluttering might feel like work, but every time I do it, it feels like I just let go of a bunch of weight on my shoulders. Getting rid of a bunch of stuff you don't need, and coming into a room that feels less crammed... feels euphoric. Actually, I can't even describe the feeling with words. Try it, start with your closet. I promise it will be motivation to continue. Getting really organized and only holding onto stuff you absolutely adore and have a use for... is a big part of self care because it does wonders for your mind. When our homes are cluttered, our brains are cluttered. It can give us anxiety and stress us out even more. Now, I am constantly de-cluttering every chance I get, and it's made my life so much better.

#24 - Don't Forget Your Appointments

Now that we've gotten through the fun stuff, I want to dip into something deeper. Please pay attention.

Keep up with your appointments. We make sure our kids go to the Doctor and the Dentist. We set up appointments for our husbands, animals, parents, and relatives. When do we make sure WE are going to the Doctor?

My mom is the type of person always taking care of everyone else, feeling guilty if she ever pays attention to her self. Why? Why does she do that? After a few years of ignoring some symptoms she had and chalking it up to "getting older," she has been diagnosed with cancer. Something she never thought possible for her.

If she would've went to the Doctor sooner, she could've caught it much sooner. We are all here for her during this time and WILL get her though. I believe she will be even stronger after all of this. It looks like she caught it just in time. It's going to be a rough journey but she will get through. It's been a wake up call to take care of yourself and not be scared of going to the Doctor.

Pay attention to your body, go for your regular check ups and gynecology checks, even if you don't want to. I know I hated going to the Doctor because I always wanted to believe I was fine. My mom is the same way. She has always taken care of everyone else, she is a truly amazing person. She is the best most giving and loving person in my life. I wish she would've taken herself to the Doctor for regular checks. I wish I would've pushed her more to go to the Doctor. She ignored her symptoms and didn't want to have to deal with health issues. She hadn't done a gynecology check in over 20 years because she hated the pap smear!

Make your appointments, when you're scheduling the kids and your husband... be sure to also schedule for you. Even if you feel fine, many times there are things (like cancer) that don't show symptoms until the later stages. Especially if you have any health concerns that run in your family. Doctors do blood work and can know what to look for.

Remember, take care of yourself so you can continue doing everything you do best.


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