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Sugar Coma Custom Treats - You Must Check Out This Omaha Bakery for Your Wedding Cake!

We are excited to partner with Sugar Coma Custom Treats for this post!


Introducing a Wedding Cake Expert in Nebraska:

Sugar Coma Custom Treats

Gold Sparkle Glitter Wedding Cake

Getting Married in Omaha?

If you're planning the wedding of your dreams in or near Omaha, you might be wondering who is create your wedding cake!

Of course you want something beautiful, but also delicious!

We found an amazing and beyond talented cake expert in Omaha, NE and we are in love with her work!

She creates absolutely gorgeous wedding cakes, and we think you're going to love her. She has excellent reviews, creates gorgeous custom cakes for weddings and has a true passion for her business. Just look at the sparkly gold wedding cake pictured, how amazing is that?! That is just the beginning of her cake resume!

In this post, we are interviewing Lori, the owner of Sugar Coma Custom Treats! (We absolutely LOVE the name!) If you're a bride getting married in Nebraska, we know you will find this feature to be helpful! Especially if you're near Omaha!

Sugar Coma Custom Treats, LLC Logo

Let the Interview Begin!

Meet Lori!

Lori, tell us about yourself!

I opened a small shop in 2018, and mostly make custom creations. When you walk in, it smells amazing and it is so cute...farmhouse meets shabby-chic! I have always loved to bake... cookies, brownies, Christmas yummies, but a few years back, I decided to make a cake for a friend's baby shower and posted it to social media. From there, more people started asking for cakes... family, more friends, friends of friends, friendly acquaintances, and now a growing list of great clients! I love what I do and I believe in taking a "Design" and making it my own. My passion is creating CUSTOM treats for my clients. I like being original!

What are your favorite cake and icing flavors? Is there a favorite among clients?

I absolutely love almond flavored anything, but my best seller is a lemon cake with strawberry cream filling.

How big (or small) of cakes can you create?

I make smash cake sizes (4") all the way to tiered wedding cakes

Do you deliver? If yes, what are your service areas?

I mostly deliver for weddings, but I serve the metro area around Omaha within 30 miles.

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

I also make decorated sugar cookies, brownies, dessert trays, cupcakes, regular cookies, cake pops, fudge

How did you get started? This business started as a hobby. I've always had the creative gene and loved doing "craft nights." It really took off when I started making cakes and treats for my kiddos, & one thing led to another. I am self-taught, but I'm always checking on tutorials, images, blogs, etc. to learn more. I took the plunge in 2018 to get a shop because the business was growing and it was a sign that it was time to move onto bigger things!

Can you show us some photos of past cakes?

Get In Touch and Start Talking Wedding Cake!

Sugar Coma Custom Treats LLC Logo

Sugar Coma Custom Treats, LLC


14236 U St, Omaha, NE



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