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The Fancy Cake Box- You're Going to Love This Lake Placid, New York Baker & Her Gorgeous Cakes

We are excited to partner with The Fancy Cake Box for this post!


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Meet Mary Ann!

If you're planning the wedding of your dreams in New York, you might be wondering who is going to do your cake. If you want a cake that is absolutely stunning (and delicious) then you are going to love this article. We found an amazing and beyond talented cake expert who designs gorgeous, upscale wedding cakes. Her work has truly blown us away.

Seriously, we swooned for over an hour admiring her photo gallery.

In this post, we are interviewing Mary Ann Whisher, Cake Artist and Proprietor of The Fancy Cake Box! Located in the heart of the Adirondack Park, The Fancy Cake Box is a fully insured, Department of Health certified, home-based cake studio. Mary Ann proudly serves Lake Placid, Saint Huberts, Keene Valley, Saranac Lake, Au Sable Forks, Plattsburgh, and the surrounding areas.

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Let the Interview Begin!

Mary Ann, Tell Us About Yourself & The Fancy Cake Box!

The Fancy Cake Box was created by combining my love of baking and a passion for art. Like many, my fascination with both began at a very young age. If I wasn’t in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother, creating a sweet treat or holiday dessert, I’d be off in my own world with a pencil, paints and sketchbook in hand. Today, you can find me in my studio perfecting recipes, creating edible flowers and decorations, learning a new technique, or sketching/painting designs for my clients.

My cake studio is a sanctuary to all things cake. I specialize in creating unique and personalized cakes that will be the centerpiece of your wedding reception or event. In addition to providing every client with personal and professional service, my priority is to deliver a delicious cake your guests will rave about for years. Therefore, all of my cakes, butter creams, ganache, compotes and fondant are made from scratch, using only the finest ingredients.

Having a vision of creating my own cake studio, my style, only came to fruition after our children were grown. I am not an everyday bakery, choosing only to create larger event cakes. My cake studio is located in our home; Department of Health Certified and insured. I love inviting folks into our home for their private consultation and tasting, chatting about their cake ideas and seeing all their inspiration photos. If this is not convenient for them, I am happy to mail a tasting platter.

I am so blessed, as I absolutely love what I do. Meeting and creating with such wonderful couples, priceless! My motto has always been “Making Cake Dreams Come True”. So far, I think I’ve nailed it, at least that’s what folks have shared with me!

What are your favorite cake and icing flavors? Is there a favorite among clients?

This is a difficult question for me as I love all my cake, buttercream and filling flavors. I just don’t have a favorite, maybe I’m more seasonal. Spring for me is vanilla cake with lemon curd on two tiers and vanilla buttercream with blueberry compote in the middle tier. Summer time, I want a pink lemonade cake layered with wedding bouquet buttercream (a hint of almond) and raspberry compote; so refreshing. Fall is definitely a spicy carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream or a vanilla cake with maple buttercream (made with Vermont maple syrup).

Winter there is nothing like a decadent chocolate cake with German chocolate filling or vanilla buttercream with cherry compote. So many flavors, so little time!

My clients seem to love the idea of having each tier be different flavors for their guests to choose from. An example: a four (4) tiered cake could be three (3) or four (4) flavors. So many bakeries allow only two (2) flavors of cake and filling for a multitiered cake.

I will share with you, when my husband and I attend a wedding reception, I want to see the wedding cake first. When the cake is served, my husband will take the first bite. If he smiles, I will eat my cake, if not, I will push the cake away. I guess I’m a cake snob, I just love good tasting cakes made with quality ingredients and from scratch. To me, wedding and event cakes are like people, true beauty always starts within and works its way out!

How big (or small) of cakes can you create?

My minimum price for a cake is $500. A small cake can be very time consuming depending upon the intricacy of design. In this case you are paying more for time than the amount of cake. I do not have set pricing as all of my cakes are bespoke. Also, I do not copy any other cake designer’s cake design as I pride myself on originality and being ethical. The largest cake I have created so far has been for 205 servings. This is not to say I wouldn’t go larger, I just haven’t had the opportunity yet!!

Do you deliver? If yes, what are your service areas?

Yes, I deliver and set up cakes to all areas local and to great distances for a fee.. Delivery and set up fee is negotiable for greater distances. I would not suggest anyone pick up a cake that is three (3) tiers or more.

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

I create only wedding and event cakes with a minimum order of $500.

Can you show us some photos of past cakes?

You can see more photos by visiting The Fancy Cakebox's Wedding Gallery here.

What can you tell us about getting started?

It is best to have your inspirational sources in place prior to meeting with me. When designing your wedding or event cake, I take into consideration all your ideas such as gown lace samples, invitations, color palette, floral design, venue and how you want to personalize your cake. Once we are clear on all the details, a contract will be created and signed.

Get In Touch and Start Talking Wedding Cake!

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The Fancy Cake Box LLC

Phone: 518.396.6360

Mailing Address: PO Box 569, Au Sable Forks, NY 12912


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