This Blogger Has Already Made Just Over $115,000 Blogging! (A Very Inspirational Interview!)

Doesn't it seem like bloggers are seriously living the dream? They can make serious money, write about what they love, make their own schedules and help a lot of people! Blogging is hard work, but if you know what you're doing (or learn from someone who does) you can live that dream too.

Maria, the owner of definitely inspires me. In fact, she was one of the big reasons I chose to take the leap and start Blissful Blue Jays.

She's very transparent and shares her a amazing story of how she got to where she is today. It's incredible how she went from being a chemistry grad and looking for jobs in finance, to a blogger earning a full-time income in less than 2 years. Now, she's not just blogging... she's running a business and building her own empire.

I reached out to her to ask a few questions about my own blogging journey. She was so supportive and eager to help.

Because I was so intrigued by her story, (which I highly recommend you read!) I asked if I could interview her for my blog. Of COURSE she was up for the task. I think you guys will find this to be super interesting and helpful, I know I did!

Maria, you are a successful blogger who started earning a full-time income from your blog in just 2 years!  How did your mindset play a role in getting where you are today from where you first started?

I’ve always been a fairly optimistic person and I’ve believed in the sayings “Everything is possible, if you work hard” and “Everything is figureoutable”.

With that said, in the beginning of my blogging career when I wasn’t making that much money, I definitely had my doubts about my abilities and I questioned if I was able to make blogging a full-time career. Luckily for me, I’ve been surrounded by entrepreneurial friends and my lovely boyfriend, who’ve always believed in me and encouraged me to dream bigger, which has helped me to overcome some of the negative self talk that goes on in my head.

I also listen to a lot of business podcasts and YouTube videos, as well as coaching podcasts (that focus specifically on mindset). I find other people’s success stories very inspiring and motivational.

You went through some road blocks before you really figured it out, how did you keep yourself going when things got tough instead of giving up? 

My biggest break in blogging actually came right as I was running out of my savings. At that time, I would’ve had to get a “real job” to support myself if the money ran out, and I absolutely didn’t want that.

It was at that point that I had to go all in if I wanted to continue my lifestyle. Going to work for someone else just wasn’t an option for me in my head, so I did everything that I could to make blogging work.

For someone just starting out, what is a good way to start making money?  Affiliates?  Sponsored Posts?  

Affiliates and sponsored posts are both a great way to start making money with your blog. I would start building up a solid affiliate marketing strategy while at the same time doing sponsorships here and there.

I prefer affiliate marketing over sponsored posts, because your affiliate income builds over time - you’ll have to do some hard work initially, but after a while, most of your affiliate income will become automated.

I recommend getting started with Amazon affiliates. Personally, I started earning consistent money with my blog when I started implementing Amazon affiliates on my blog.

I was able to go from making $0 on Amazon to $770 /mo in a matter of 4 months and since then, I’ve always made between $1,000-$2,600 /mo with Amazon affiliates.

If you want to know more about my Amazon affiliates strategy, I’ve shared all my secrets here.

If you were starting all over from Day 1 again creating a blog, but know everything you know NOW... what would you do differently?

I would stop posting on Instagram and focus solely on my blog. Instagram is such a waste of time, unless you’re one of the lucky ones that get picked up by the algorithm.

In terms of growing my blog traffic and income, I would double down on Pinterest traffic early on and start building an email list from day one. I went without an email list for 2 years and when I finally implemented it, I noticed a significant increase in not only my income, but also positive comments from my readers.

After I started my email list, I felt like I had a community of people who really appreciated my advice and got a lot of helpful tips. It’s one of the best feelings ever to receive emails from readers who’s life you’ve been able to impact in a positive way!

When you first started, how many hours did you work every week compared to now?  Can you walk us through the work ethic it took to become the successful woman you are today?

To be honest, I still work about the same number of hours as I did before, which is probably somewhere around 40 hours / week. I work as much as I do because 1) I love working 2) I feel like I can push myself to the next income bracket, and I want to see how far I’m able to go. (Also, all my friends and my boyfriend have long work days, so I’m not sure what I would do if I wasn’t working!)

With that said, I believe it’s more important to work “smart” than it is to work “hard”. A lot of my income is automated, which means that even if I stopped working, I would receive pretty much the same amount of income as I do now. (This is comforting to know when you decide to take a holiday for example!)

It’s also important to focus on getting the most important tasks done first. These tasks are the ones that give the best return on investment (ROI). The goal is not to be busy, it’s to get the big things done first!

When it comes to work ethic, I’ve noticed that a lot of business owners don’t really struggle with a lack of work ethic, and I think it simply boils down to the fact that they love what they do. The same goes for me.

What kind of "freedoms" has blogging given you?

Blogging has given me a ton of freedom with my time. I’m able to wake up at whatever time I want to, and I can go on holiday whenever I want to.

What are the best products you offer (free or for cost) that can help bloggers be successful? 

I have two free email courses for bloggers that want to grow their traffic with Pinterest (Explosive Traffic With Pinterest Course) and their income with affiliate marketing (Make Money Blogging Course).

These courses are great to understand the fundamentals of Pinterest and affiliate marketing and they are perfect for beginner bloggers to get started with.

I also offer an eBook with more advanced Pinterest growth strategies called Explosive Traffic With Tribes, where I give my exact strategy to how I was able to “crack the code” of Pinterest growth and get 90,000 pageviews /mo in a few months using Tailwind Tribes (now, my pageviews are 200,000+ /mo!).

For those interested in learning advanced strategies about affiliate marketing, I share my secrets to making up to $2,600 /mo with Amazon affiliates in How To Make A Living With Amazon Affiliates. This book dives deep into how to write lucrative blog posts that convert, how to do keyword research the right way, how to make Google SEO work for you, and so much more.

For inspiration (you don't have to answer this or give an exact amount) can you give us an idea of how much you've made so far blogging?

So far, I’ve made just over $115,000 blogging all together. My income has increased significantly over the last 6 months and this year in 2020, every month I’ve made over $10,000 with my blog.

If my income continues on this trajectory, I should make $130,000 this year alone, which is super exciting! :) Let’s just hope that we make it out of the current pandemic!

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Maria is the owner of The Chic Pursuit. Maria teaches fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers to build a profitable blogging business. She went from Chemistry Grad looking for jobs in finance, to a successful blogger earning an impressive full-time income in less than 2 years! She is on her way to earning 6-digits in one year!

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