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This Elegant, Industrial Wedding Venue in Edmond, OK is The Unique Venue You've Been Looking For!

We partnered up with Venue 102 for this post!

Introducing a Fairy-Tale Wedding Venue

Venue 102 in Edmond, Oklahoma

Wedding Ceremony
Sami Strong

This photo just screams UNIQUE! If barns and ranches aren't your thing, you will love the industrial style of this breathtaking Edmond, OK wedding venue. This warehouse venue is not only stunning, it's a breath of fresh air to see something so different from the rest... and that's one of the reasons we love it so much!

Type of Venue

Warehouse/Industrial Style


Edmond, OK

We Like to Describe this Venue As

Elegant, Industrial, Rustic, Chic, Urban

Our Thoughts

One thing that stood out to us about Venue 102 is how they're determined to break the same old wedding mold. We would say they're doing just that! If you're looking to plan an extraordinary wedding, we really think you will love this venue!

Venue 102 is a family owned and operated event venue located in the heart of Downtown Edmond hosting weddings, rehearsal dinners and more! The warehouse was originally constructed in the 1950s for the Farmers Grain, a staple within the city that sourced flour, wheat, coal and so much more for local farmers and families alike for over 100 years!

Renovations to the 5,000 sq. ft. building provided an industrial elegant setting while also preserving some of the city’s history. Together the exposed brick, wood ceiling, distressed beams and chandeliers offer a unique combination for the perfect urban rustic atmosphere.

Venue 102 offers guests various viewpoints inside and outside. A spacious loft provides a different perspective which overlooks the excitement below. Out front the open deck area, which is lit up by the amber glow of Edison bulbs, allows guests more space to enjoy, while also admiring the old Farmers Grain rustic silos.

From larger events to smaller gathering, Venue 102 provides something for everyone!

Venue 102 Offers & Perks

  • Flexible Rental Time Options (to accommodate the varying needs of each couple)

  • Indoor Weddings

  • Indoor Receptions

  • Ceremony to Reception Room Transition

  • Event Coordinating

  • Onsite Event Manager

  • Furniture and Décor Rentals

  • Prep-Kitchen

  • Perfect for the DIY Couple

  • The Neutral Ivory, Gray & Wood Tones are Perfect for Simple Decor through Elaborate Designs!

  • Bride & Groom Suites

  • Tables & Chairs

  • Spacious Outdoor Deck Area

  • Mobile Bar

  • Bluetooth Sound System with Cordless Microphone

  • Two 65” Television Displays

  • Additional 1 hour Rehearsal Time

  • Open Vendor Policy

  • Various Photo Opportunities

  • Heat/AC

Minimum & Maximum Capacity For a table and chair seat, our sweet spot number is currently 150-180. This leaves enough space for a dance floor, catering and bar service, and all of those extra tables for the gifts, guest book and cake! We can accommodate up to 250 with a cocktail style layout and limited seating.

View Venue 102 Photo Gallery Here.

Questions & Answers

How does catering work?

It is the client responsibility to coordinate their own food accommodations. We have an open vendor policy, so each couple is able to use any catering company of their choice, or they are also welcomed to provide their own food. We are also food truck friendly and have the ability to host multiple trucks just steps away from the main entrance!

How do decorations work?

Couples are responsible for bringing in their own décor they would like to use and setting it up accordingly. If any clients use our in-house coordinating service we’ll handle it all! We also have various items that couples are always welcome to borrow!

What is the rain plan?

Since we are an inside venue the only time we would need to worry about rain is if a couple is having a room transition from the ceremony to the reception. During that time is when our outside deck area plays a big role! Should it be raining or have the chance for rain we always offer a plan B for the ceremony/reception layout options. If the couple chooses to keep the same layout, it just takes us a little longer to switch over the room! Sometimes couples will put specific things outside on the deck such as our mobile bar or their gift/guest book tables. We always discuss alternative placements for those specific items when we have our planning meetings!


How to Contact Venue 102:

Venue 102 Logo

Venue 102

94 W. 1st Street

Edmond, OK 73003



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