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This Vintage-Meets-Elegant Ellensburg Wedding Venue has Sunshine, Views & Romantic Storybook Vibes

We partnered up with Brightside Vintage Farm for this post!

Introducing Brightside Vintage Farm in Ellensburg, WA

A Truly Romantic, Vintage-Meets-Elegant Wedding Venue

Bre Rachelle Photography
We are so in love with this venue, and we think you will be too. If you're wondering why their name has the word "Brightside" in it... it is because the farm is located in Kittitas Valley, a valley known for abundant sunshine. Their location offers 70% fewer cloudy days than the Greater Seattle area... perfect for an outdoor wedding if you live in Washington!

We Like to Describe this Venue As:

Vintage, Elegant, Romantic, Dreamy, Lush, Sunny, Peaceful, Private

Type of Venue

Farm/Garden/Orchard - also known as an “Elegant Tented Venue”

Our Thoughts:

Are you looking for something "different?" If so, get ready to fall head over heels for this beautiful, one-of-a-kind venue. In our eyes, this is such a unique outdoor venue, we just can't get enough of them! Brightside Vintage Farm is located on the ‘Brightside of the Cascade Mountains’ just outside of Ellensburg WA, where there are 70% more sunny days than the ‘wet side.’

This Ellensburg venue houses a historic homestead in an outdoor garden and orchard setting, with a permanent tent as an elegant ‘Great Gatsby Style’ feature.

The vibe here is “Vintage meets Elegant” with a whimsical, romantic storybook feel. It's truly a special and extraordinary place.

As you know, here at Blissful Blue Jays we are always saying to make sure the staff you're going to be working with at the venue you choose are exceptional. Staff can make or break a venue. Well, we worked personally with the owner and GM for this article, and they are fantastic! Seriously, they have been some of the kindest people we've come across on our journey to finding the best venues in Washington. You can tell they really have a passion for the business, and deeply care! Don't just take our word for it though, check out all of their great reviews across the web!

In fact, Brightside Vintage Farm’s staff motto is to ‘go the extra mile’ in bringing quality and extreme value to Brides and Grooms who choose to get married on the lush grounds.

Let’s Get Started Exploring this Beautiful Venue in Ellensburg, Washington!


Romantic Storybook Vibes on Beautiful Grounds

We want to start off by showing you the beautiful property and immaculate grounds. With such gorgeous landscapes, you will have endless opportunities to capture amazing wedding photos no matter where you're standing! Surrounded by thousands of acres of pastoral land, your wedding will feel very private and peaceful in the countryside, which is an absolute luxury!

Charity Waddington Photography

Have you ever seen a more beautiful landscape? The beautiful views, lush greenery, string lighting... we truly feel it would be a dream come true to be married here!


An Elegant Permanent Tent with a "Great Gatsby" Style

We are so in love with the tent, it has so much vintage charm and is absolutely gorgeous! The owners of Brightside Vintage Farm know how to set up a dinner table if we've ever seen! Imagine your outdoor wedding reception under this tent after a beautiful ceremony in the orchard. It doesn't get any better (or romantic!). Just wait until you see all of their Pinterest-worthy décor options!

Marty Stingley Photography

Look at the views behind this beautiful table setup! My goodness!


Sprinkled with Vintage Décor & Furniture

Ok, we are seriously impressed with the amount of vintage décor and furniture this venue has to offer. It adds so much charm and character, and you just can't get these kinds of details anywhere. We think a wedding here will truly be the definition of a fairy-tale wedding! Even the apples in the trees add a special touch, don't you think?

Phil Klucking Photography

Can you imagine the photos you can capture at this venue to remember your big day?


A Beautiful Place to Get Ready

Look how charming this is, and the inside is just as beautiful with gorgeous design elements from the lighting to the walls!

BJ Photography
Bre Rachelle Photography

Check out more incredible photos here, seriously... they're breathtaking!

Brightside Vintage Farm Offers:

  • Outdoor Weddings

  • Onsite Receptions

  • Covered Reception Area (in permanent tent with high end stained cement flooring)

  • Day of Coordination

  • Staff Parking Attendants

  • Beautiful Wooden Farm Tables (22 Each) 9 Foot Farm Tables

  • Over 170 Vintage Wood Chairs & 150 White Wood with Padded Seats, Orchard Style Ceremony Chairs

  • Vintage Décor & Furniture Items (including vintage sofas, Louix XIV chairs & ottomans, enchanting garden benches, and much more! These items are provided at no extra cost.)

  • Restroom Trailer (heated and air conditioned with running water and flushing toilets to support large groups, extremely comfortable and tasteful.)

  • Deep Discounts for Non-Profit Organizations

The Perks

  • Extremely Quiet & Peaceful Location (set on an old dead-end road)

  • Incredible, Open View of Thousands of Acres of Hay Pastures & Mountains in the Distance

  • Staffing of All Events (up to 3 staff members at all times)

  • Incredible Photo Opportunities

  • Pinterest-Styled Backdrops & Vintage Vibes

  • Set Up of All Furniture for Ceremony & Reception

  • Bussing Tables & Clean Up

  • Historic 1896 Homestead

  • Lovely Seating Areas throughout Whole Farm

  • Farm-Stand Gift Store

  • Yard Games for Use (if wanted)

  • Preferred Vendor List (and other planning tools available like a cheat sheet to planning a wedding at Brightside!)

Joy Photography
Joy Photography

Minimum and maximum Capacity:

No minimum – 200 person capacity.

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers!

How does catering work?

We do not provide catering, we vendor out catering.

How do decorations work?

We are proud to offer our private collection of antique décor and decorations to help Brides and Grooms simplify the wedding prep process. We have a large collection for Brides and Grooms to choose and borrow for the day. We ask that all borrow items are returned after the celebration to a designated place in the reception tent. We set up furniture, we do not set up decorations but give our clients access to our inventory.

What is the rain plan?

With the very rare amount that it rains in our warm & sunny Central Washington location, we are prepared with our large & elegant party tent to support the entire ceremony and celebration inside, in case of rain. Guest comfort and providing an exceptional client experience is our priority.

Angie Heuring Photography
Always Emily Photography

Note from the Owner & General Manager

“As the owner and founder of Brightside Vintage Farm, I never actually envisioned embarking on this journey. After a few years of experiencing this land’s abundance of scenery — where green pastoral land stretches to meet the picturesque mountains — I realized that there is something very special here. There is a still, calm presence that speaks through the lush setting that is warm and bathed in sunshine. There is also a peace that touches the soul and tangibly dwells here. It wasn’t until years later that I was given a vision of how to offer my farm, to allow it to bless others. Thus, the journey truly began down this road ... a road I never imagined!” ~ Heidi Bright, Owner & Co-Founder of Brightside Vintage Farm

“Brightside Vintage Farm is more than a wedding venue. This place is where lives are positively impacted and community is created. When I was given the opportunity to be apart of launching this venue, I could not pass it up. Being able to help brides and grooms make their dreams come true here at the farm is more rewarding than I ever knew. I have come to realize that this is my current calling and everything about this business is my passion. It is my joy to share this incredible farm and venue with all that get to walk these grounds. What God has given to us, it is our joy to give to others.” - Joe Done: GM and Co-Founder at Brightside Vintage Farm


For more detailed information about what all they offer, get in touch!

Brightside Vintage Farm

511 Moreau Road | Ellensburg, WA 98926

Contact Info:

Joe Done: GM


Heidi Bright: Owner


Web/Social Media:



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