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Vitality Aesthetics is a Beyond Impressive Med Spa that Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!

We partnered up with Vitality Aesthetics for this post!

Want the best skin of your life? Ready to banish cellulite? Slim down the double chin? Maybe you're finally ready to call in the experts but not sure where to start. We've got you!

It's no secret that we love discovering amazing companies that can change your life, and we are bringing another incredible recommendation your way in this post.

If You're Looking for an Impressive Sykesville, Maryland Med Spa

We Found Them!

Introducing Vitality Aesthetics

What are your areas of concern when it comes to your beauty game? Want fuller lips? Want to get rid of your wrinkles? Maybe you’ve lost a lot of volume in your face and fullness in your lips?

Whether you want to get rid of stubborn acne so you can finally have a clear beautiful complexion, or you want thicker hair... we found amazing experts in Sykesville that we think you're going to love. They offer so many services and use some seriously impressive technology. We are confident no matter what concern you have, they'll be able to help!

In this post, we're talking about Vitality Aesthetics. This Sykesville, MD med spa comes highly rated and highly qualified! Dr. Ravi Dahiya is the Medical Director, who is a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon, internationally renowned, and a Harvard graduate. The amazing team of nurses, estheticians, and Holly who is the owner will make you feel completely at ease. To top that, we were blown away by their credentials, skills and glowing online reviews. They're just the type of company we love to share with our audience.

Say Hello to Vitality Aesthetics!

Vitality Aesthetics is a discrete, boutique medispa offering the most innovative, FDA-approved services to treat both men and women of all ages, ethnicities, and skin types. The owner, Holly A. Edwards, is committed to making certain each patient receives their undivided attention and makes herself available 24-7 to accommodate patients’ needs and to ensure individuals have the information they need to make the best decision for them.

“We start every appointment with a consultation and invest time in our patients so that we understand their goals in the near and long-term. We never want our patients to feel overdone – we take an incremental approach so that patients feel assured and reiterate that they can always come back if they would like more. There is never any pressure placed on anyone. We have prepared countless brides, grooms, their parents, and wedding parties so that everyone looks and feels their best for their respective roles in the momentous occasion.” -Holly, Owner

What Do They Do at Vitality Aesthetics?

Some of the Facial Services Offered

Just click on a service for more information!

Some of the Body Services Offered

For a full list of services, visit their website.

For a full list of areas of concern, click here.


Exciting News for Cellulite Sufferers!

Vitality Aesthetics has been selected as one of only ten providers in the state for the only FDA approved injectable for cellulite!

QWO Cellulite Treatment

Regardless of your weight, over 90% of women experience cellulite on the buttocks, thighs, and other areas of the body such as the arms and hips. You must check out this exciting new treatment that Vitality Aesthetics offers.


For Brides Looking to Prepare for the Big Day!

You will be seeing Vitality Aesthetics in our Maryland wedding series because they are perfect if you're a bride preparing for the wedding day! Depending on the goals of the bride, Vitality has different options available! We asked them about any recommendations and here is what they had to say!

"Everyone is different however we do suggest contacting us early, well in advance of the wedding event. We will take the time to outline and document a treatment plan that fits each person’s goals, lifestyle, commitments, schedule, and budget. We encourage frequent follow-up appointments and always take before and after photos so that brides can see how they will look in photos from every angle. As providers, we see things at angles that not everyone sees so we try to give insight into how they will look in wedding photos."

Check out Vitality's current specials!

Visit their online store for tons of amazing products!

Drumroll Please...

Ready for Some Amazing Before & After Photos?

What to Expect at an Appointment

Patients are greeted with warmth and joy because we feel like it is a privilege to serve them. Patients receive our undivided attention, and every appointment is started with a consultation. We take whatever time is needed to understand our patients concerns, goals, and lifestyle and answer any questions they make have. We do not take a one size fits all approach – every treatment is individualized and customized for each person. After the appointment, Holly checks on patients to make certain that they understand post-treatment care and to support them through the post-treatment process. Consultations are also complimentary in the event individuals are not ready to proceed. We want people to make the best decision for them and we view ourselves as an information source.

Vitality Aesthetics is conveniently located in the Therapeutic Kneads Wellness Center.

Booking an Appointment

  • There is plenty of free parking!

  • Extended hours to accommodate wide-ranging schedules of patients!

  • Call, text, email, or go online to book an appointment!

Vitality Aesthetics

5963 Exchange Drive, Suite 110

Sykesville, Maryland 21784

Phone: 443.538.3953


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