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Wedding Cakes: 5 Impressive Cake Experts to Consider in Florida!

Sponsored: I am excited to be a partner with each of these amazing vendors for this post. Please note, details are subject to change. Always reach out to the business for the most up-to-date information.

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You're going to love this article if you're in Florida. We've gathered some seriously impressive and talented bakers to consider for your wedding day cake. Prepare to be amazed when you see their work... yes, it's seriously that gorgeous.

Getting married in Florida? The Cake is Kind of a Big Deal.

Check out these talented local Florida wedding cake artists. Scroll through photos, meet the talent and schedule a consultation! Get excited, it's time for wedding cake!

(listed in completely random order! - they were all SO fabulous to work with!)


1.) Relax & Eat Cake - Panama City, FL

We're Interviewing: Mallory, Owner

Baker Holding Cake
Amanda Jones Photography

About the Business!

I have always been creative in some way through out my life. Edible art came into the picture when I was planning my own wedding. I was browsing wedding cakes and decided to try my hand and making my own wedding cake. 12 years later, here I am, and the rest is history.

When I’m not in the kitchen I homeschool my 4 kiddos and live the typical “mom/wife life.” We raise chickens, enjoy the beach and outdoors and live a pretty simple but fun life!

What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors?

I love anything lemon or lime with cream cheese. Cake, pie, cookies, etc. Give me all the lemon and lime!

As far as from clients, hands down white cake with lemon curd and fresh strawberries with cream cheese buttercream filling.

I would say about 70-80% of clients will choose this as the flavor for at least one (if not all) of their tiers. I once had a string of 3 tastings in a row where every single couple chose this flavor combination for their entire cake. It’s just so light and fluffy and decadent with the complimenting sweet/tart flavors.

How big of cakes can you create?

Well, the smallest pan I have is a 4 inch pan which I use for cake smashes often. It’s the perfect size to let little ones get messy without wasting a bunch of perfectly good cake haha! I have made a few 5 tier cakes of various heights. I’m still waiting for that 6 tier order to come in 😊.

Do you deliver?

I do deliver! For wedding events delivery is required. There are just too many moving parts of transporting and setting up a wedding cake to allow pickup. We’re used to it now but delivering a wedding cake can be one of the highest stress, most anxiety filled things you could ever do! Most often there is floral décor to be added from the florist, or additional set up with the actual cake upon arrival so it’s just best to leave it up to your cake person to handle. I service anywhere within around a 2 hour radius from Panama City.

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

I offer any type of occasion cake, cupcakes, dessert bars and more. I have a full menu on my website as well as galleries of most of the cakes I have done. Weddings seem to fill my schedule most frequently but if a date is open, I am happy to create whatever it is that is desired!

What can you tell me about getting started?

Typically, the process will begin with an inquiry through my website, email or Facebook page. I’ll check availability for your date, ask for inspiration whether that be photos, Pinterest board, color swatches, etc. then we will discuss different design options, sizes and pricing based on that. If the client decides to reserve the date, I do a 50% retainer as well as have a contract to sign. I typically book out 6 months to a year in advance depending on the season. Special numerical dates always book quickly! Once the date is reserved, we can schedule the tasting. If the clients are local, we will have a sit-down consultation and decide flavors. If clients are destination and do not plan to come in town before the wedding, I am happy to mail some samples and have a phone or zoom meeting to chat about flavor and final cake details. I’ll ask for a selfie from you and your sweetie for my photo frame for social media or get a picture to crop in if we are doing a virtual tasting, from that point it’s usually smooth sailing! I will get all the coordinator/venue information at that point and keep contact with the appropriate wedding team members (or the client) to make the process as seamless as possible through delivery day!

Relax and Eat Cake Logo

Relax and Eat Cake

Panama City, FL

From Mallory:

Follow me on Facebook where you can keep up with my weekly cake shenanigans through stories and see the latest creations and couples on my feed! If you would like to browse reviews, I have those on Wedding Wire! Just search for Relax and Eat Cake and you’ll be able to see all the sweet things past couples have had to say. I am truly grateful for all the feedback, it keeps me motivated and excited for what’s ahead!


2.) Simple Treats of Florida - Wellington, FL

We're Interviewing: Shani, Owner/Cake Designer

Simple Treats of South Florida Logo

About the Business!

I am a self taught baker, turning my passion into an award winning shop. I specialize in wedding and special occasion cakes, and I am by appointment only.

What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors?

My most popular and loved flavors are pistachio cake with my vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream and almond with dulce de leche.

How big of cakes can you create?

My smallest cake is a 4 “ round cake and my biggest has been a 4 tier 200 servings.

Do you deliver?

Yes I deliver, and I service from Port Saint Lucie to Fort Lauderdale.

Do you offer anything else beside wedding cakes?

Yes, I offer special occasion cakes such as custom birthday , anniversary, bachelor/ bachelorette cakes etc.

Can you tell me about getting started?

To start, I always recommend my clients to set up a tasting session, and to bring in inspiration photos at their tasting appointment. Then we design their dream cake

Simple Treats of South Florida

11420 Fortune Circle, Unit I-26

Wellington, FL 33414




3.) SugarChef - Delray Beach, FL

We're Interviewing: Leah and Marie Roth, Pastry Chefs

Sugar Chef Custom Cake Boutique Logo

About the Business!

SugarChef is a custom cake bakery in located in the heart of South Florida. As French American artists, a mother and daughter team, we bake from the heart, bringing together the techniques and flavors of two renowned culinary traditions in order to create European-inspired gourmet cakes that are tailored to the individual styles and preferences of our customers. We bake from scratch, artisan cakes with high quality, local and seasonal ingredients. We have an eco-friendly approach. We create Edible Art with a French touch!

What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors?

Our favorites are the Lemon or Orange chiffon cake, almond and coconut cake. Whipped Lemon mascarpone Vanilla, champagne soak, Fresh Strawberries and French vanilla buttercream, version Classique Marble with Grand Marnier soak and Mocha Buttercream or a whipped chocolate ganache. How big of cakes can you create? We can do any size from small (anniversary tiers 5’) to several larger tiers. We also offer wedding favors, like cake pops, Sugar Cookies, French Macarons or cupcakes.

Do you deliver? We offer local delivery services within West Palm Beach and we also have help for deliveries for all over South Florida. (Miami, Jupiter, Wellington, Fort Lauderdale)

What can you tell me about getting started? We offer complimentary consultations virtual or in person. We also offer customized tasting with consultations, that can be booked online. We are always available for help for inspiration & new ideas, advise and designs. Photos, pictures etc.

SugarChef Aspen Towers

851 SE 6th. Avenue, Suite 110

Delray Beach, 33483 FL



4.) Absolutely Cake - Panama City, FL

We're Interviewing: Sebrina, Owner

Baker with Cakes

About the Business!

I am considered self-taught as I have had no formal training but I feel like I have learned something from everyone that I have met. The cake decorating world naturally appeals to my artistic side & with the help and support of my husband, Shawn, and our loving family, Absolutely Cake has given me the ability to join my love of feeding people with my need to create something beautiful. I started Absolutely Cake in 2011 as a custom cake and wedding cake bakery and a Florida cottage food operation and we have loved being a part of every celebration since.

Do you have any favorite flavors?

Our top seller is our Signature Cream cake which is a white cake made with heavy whipping cream so it has an almost creamy taste & texture. We actually offer a variety of flavor options ranging from decadent Italian Cream and bold Key Lime to classics like rich Red Velvet or a simply perfect Vanilla. My personal favorite is our Blackberry Cake with Lemon filling.

How big of cakes can you create?

I think our tallest was just over 4 foot tall. We have made a life sized acoustic guitar which was huge as well. Our smallest is a set of mini cakes we make where the smallest is about two inches across.

Do you deliver?

We do offer delivery in most of the Florida Panhandle and have even taken cakes as far as Dothan, AL.

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

We like to say we offer cakes for every occasion or no occasion! We would prefer to build a relationship with our clients so we can be a part of their wedding, baby shower, birthdays, graduation, anniversaries & everything in between. And, yes, we really go have people that order cakes just because they are craving it.

What can you tell me about getting started?

We are in Panama City but we are actually an online bakery so there is no storefront or physical address. We are by appointment only and we typically work up the design with you by either messages or by phone. They can contact us several ways. We typically ask that you have a general idea of things you like or don't like. Of course looking at pictures helps a lot with that. We have all of our pictures on Facebook & Instagram but I tell everyone that we are not limited by something we have already created. Once they have some general ideas we can help them create something special that is just for them. From there we can get a price quote together and if the budget is right then we move forward with tastings as such.

Absolutely Cake Logo

Absolutely Cake 850-271-5799 / 850-832-5717


5.) 2Morrow's Cakes - Plant City, FL

We're Interviewing: Wendy, Owner

2Morrows Cakes Logo

About the Business!

I have been making cakes since I was 15 in my mother's bakery. I come from a large family and am the baby, so I was the last one to learn how to make cakes. When my big sister's grew up and moved away, mom had no help, so I asked her to teach me the basics so I could help her.

Since that day, 33 years ago, I have taken the trade and ran with it. I became so passionate about it, and really just absolutely love making cakes. When my dad passed, my mom decided to close things down, and since my older sisters had already moved on I decided to go to work for a local bakery and made their cakes for about 11 years. I knew in my heart that I was meant to have my own business, the love I have for the cakes isn't just slapping icing on and putting flowers and writing happy birthday. There is so much more to it. Being involved in someone's wedding day, or a child's first birthday, or a gender reveal baby shower, just means so much to me.

So, I took my mom's secret recipe for cakes, and started experimenting and came up with my own menu of so many assorted flavors. I remember back in the day when cakes were just chocolate and vanilla, and now there are more flavors and choices that I would have ever imagined all those years ago.

My daughter, Jessica, is my full-time assistant and she has just became an amazing cake artist. Sarah, my niece, is our second assistant, and she has become really amazing at making the miniature dessert items. We call her the “cake pop queen.” Anyway, it is the 3 of us that produce a massive amount of cakes and desserts weekly.

My husband, David, is our deliverer. He is a blessing to us and normally delivers most of our orders. We call it a labor of love. We try to keep our pricing minimal, to compare with the Publix stores, and not the upscale bakeries, even though the quality of our cakes is a whole other level. Being born in Florida, I have definitely been around the Pinellas and Hillsborough area, and visited most of the bakeries, and I can tell you that they just don't compare to our quality of cakes. From starting the baking process from scratch, to making our own icings, with the recipes no one else has. That’s what sets us apart, a secret recipe that we have carried for over 40 years.

We hand make every single miniature dessert along with every single decoration for every cake we make. We pride ourselves in making our own fondant and modeling chocolate, which are the decorations on most of our cakes. Since I was a little girl, I have been in a family bakery setting, and now that I am pushing 50, the cake business is still revolving around our family. If my dad were alive I know he would be so proud of us today.

Do you have any favorite flavors?

My favorite icing is the cream cheese hands down.. even though our buttercream has people jumping for joy, they always ask what is our special recipe that makes it so different from everyone else. That too, is a recipe my mom shared with my sisters and I years ago. Both the cake recipe and the icing recipe we have sworn to secrecy and have never shared with anyone. So it has stayed in our family over 50 years now. I'm at carrot cake lover so got to go with cream cheese.

How big of cakes can you create?

We offer just about any size cake one could imagine. We have even made little miniature wedding cakes that were only 2 in square and round, up to cakes that will feed 300 people. I believe the tallest cake I’ve ever done was seven tiers, standing about 5ft tall. There really is no limit to what we can do. We sculpt cakes into sea turtles, SpongeBob SquarePants, We’ve even done cakes that look exactly like a basket of barbecue chicken wings with dip in the middle, again each item made by hand even the bowl that the dip is in. Everything sweet. Oh, and we have been known to make different body parts Upon request.

Do you have a favorite flavor?

Our Absolute most number one top selling cake is amaretto raspberry swirl cake with raspberry filling or vanilla mousse. Other favorites are cinnamon roll cake with cream cheese filling, and duce delicious cake, with a caramel mousse.. I must say people are going crazy over our blueberry cobbler cake also. It seriously tastes just like a blueberry cobbler we eat around the holidays, only in cake form. It, too, pairs great with cream cheese or blueberry filling. But I must say our miniature dessert bar has become such a huge hit that we produce about 1200 pieces every week. That consists of miniature cupcakes, cheesecakes, cake pops, tartlets, buckeyes, and several more items.

Do you deliver?

We deliver throughout the Hillsborough County area, and even the Pinellas and Pasco counties. We moved to the Hillsborough County area from Pinellas County this past October, and we were expecting it to be a little slow since we were new to the area, but we're completely wrong and our business has tripled since the move. We deliver frequently to Plant City, Dade City, Lakeland, Dover, Brandon, mango, Zephyrhills, and other surrounding towns. We have also became preferred vendors of several local event venues, again we are very very blessed.

We definitely deliver, to the areas spoken above, we even have a customers that have been with us for so long that many weeks we deliver across the bridge which in other words is about an hour to an hour and a half drive, just to take a cake. But, when you have clients like we do, it is just so important to us to keep them coming back, no matter how far we go to deliver.

How big of cakes can you create?

We offer from Grand wedding cakes down to a tiny smash cake for a baby's first birthday photo shoot. Seriously, there are just no limits on what we can do. We have made things like PlayStations Xboxes, computers, barbecue grills, huge donuts, but all of these mind you in cake form. We are truly cake artists.

What can you tell me about getting started?

Since the covid crisis began, we have stopped doing in-house tastings at this time. We would rather keep our clients safe than to chance anyone being exposed to anything unsafe. However, we do offer tastings to go. It consists of five cake flavors of their choice along with five filling flavors of their choice. It is $20. We then set a date and time up for them to come and pick up, try in the comfort of their own home with their honey, everything else we handle via telephone and texting, email, etc.

2Morrow's Cakes

Plant City, FL



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