Wedding Cakes: 7 Impressive Cake Experts to Consider in Georgia!

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You're going to love this article if you're in Georgia. We've gathered some seriously impressive and talented bakers to consider for your wedding day cake. Prepare to be amazed when you see their work... yes, it's seriously that beautiful.

Getting married in Georgia? The Cake is Kind of a Big Deal.

Check out these talented local Georgia cake artists. Scroll through photos, meet the talent and schedule a consultation! Get excited, it's time for cake!

(listed in completely random order! - they were all SO fabulous to work with!)

#1 BellaCake Co. - Valdosta, GA

We're Interviewing: Stacy, The Owner of BellaCake Co.

Headshot of Stacy

About Stacy & The Business!

I’m a self-taught cake artist. I actually consider myself a baker more than I do a decorator as I put all of my heart into the flavor of my cakes. I went to university and earned 2 business degrees, but discovered I love baking much more. I started baking professionally ten years ago and have never looked back. BellaCake Company is the culmination of hundreds of hours of perfecting my recipes and decorating cakes.

What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors? Is there a favorite or “most popular” among clients?

My favorite cake is Dominican cake, but I would say my most requested cake flavor is The One. It’s a rich yellow cake with raspberry filling and an almond buttercream. I have been told by many couples that it is hands-down the best cake ever. Whenever it’s presented at a tasting the couple always says “this is the one.” That’s actually how it got its name.

Do you deliver?

I deliver to Valdosta, Ga and all the surrounding counties. I actually strongly recommend that all wedding cakes be delivered.

Stacy, can you show us some photos?

How big (or small) can you create cakes?

I have created cakes with as many as six tiers and as few a one tier. Since Covid I have noticed that weddings have tend to be smaller and more intimate.

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

I offer cakes for all occasions, cupcakes, and cakepops.

What can you tell me about getting started?

Pre-Covid I offered tastings on Sunday and had just started offering open cake tastings at the start of Covid, but have discontinued as a precaution. I now offer face-time and phone consults to couples.

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BellaCake Co.

Address: Valdosta, GA 678.806.8002

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#2 Zub Cakes - Buford, GA

We're Interviewing: Jen, The Owner of ZubCakes and Bespoke Cake Artist

Jen Posing with Cake

About Jen & The Business!

I am a licensed and insured home baker located just northeast of Atlanta. I started baking back in 2011 as an attempt to make up for missing my daughter's first birthday due to a hospitalization. That was a horrible first attempt too! I can sit back now and look at that cake and just laugh at how absurd it looked. I did learn something about myself though, I had a raw talent that needed to be finessed and and in 2017, my daughter asked me if I could open a bakery up and name it after her. Hence, ZubCakes was born. Named after my child's nickname, the passion created by my love for her, my cakes driven by my desire to truly make events magical, I can truly declare that I love what I do! I find that my truest passion is carved cakes, but I am also equally skilled in both buttercream and fondant designs. All my cakes are made from scratch recipes, using only real ingredients. I take a lot of pride in the product I put out. It isn't just cake, it is my heart.

What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors? Is there a favorite or “most popular” among clients?

I am boring. I am a sucker for a good vanilla cake. I love being creative with flavors, and have made some interesting ones, such as Watermelon, Earl Grey Lemon, and Honey Lavender. My clients rave about my Red Velvet Mocha or my Maple Chocolate Bacon. I think, I just like to be creative, and flavor profiles are just another way to go. Something unique about my cakes is they are not as sweet as the cake most people are accustomed to. I decrease the sugar in all my recipes and use a Swiss meringue buttercream. This allows you to actually taste the flavors and not feel like you were coated in sugar while doing it. I have a lot of people rave about that fact alone. If you ask my daughter, her favorite is my keto vanilla.

How big (or small) of cakes can you create? Do you deliver?

My smallest cake I offer is 6" and my largest to date served around 150. Because of the size of my kitchen, I can only go so big, there are limitations to being a licensed home baker, most of that is oven, fridge, and counter space. I do deliver, in fact, prefer to do so. I think of delivery as cake insurance. If something happens to that cake in transit and it is in my care, I have the opportunity and obligation to fix it. But if I hand off to a client and something happens, well sometimes it just is not worth the risk. Especially with larger cakes. I deliver to the entire Atlanta and surrounding areas. I have driven as much as three hours to delivery a cake before.

Jen, can you show us some photos?

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

Not that I advertise. If I am specifically asked for an item, I will sometimes agree to is. However, cakes are my preferred medium. Cupcakes are cute and I enjoy a good cupcake tower, so I don't mind them as much. But I hate making cookies and cake pops. I try to refer people out to vented bakers who love making those items. I feel that if I don't truly enjoy making something, you aren't going to get my best. And I only want to give my best. I don't want to set myself up for failure or you up for disappointment. So, I prefer to only make cakes. It is where I truly shine and where I am best able to met or exceed your expectations.

What can you tell me about getting started?

I offer tastings so long as they are booked about 2 weeks in advance for $30. My tastings are mix and match boxes where you are able to best decide your flavor profile. I offer a consult and do best if you have either a mood board or inspirational photos you can provide. All my cakes are custom quoted, no two cakes are ever the same and therefor, no two quotes are ever the same. I typically need a guest count, flavor preference, date (to ensure I am even available), and an idea of the dream cake you are looking for. I usually send over several quotes to help my couples decide what works best for their budget and desires. Before an order is considered booked, I require a contract and a 50% non-refundable retainer. I have booked out as much as 18 months out, so the sooner the better as sometimes, especially in the spring and fall, I stay booked up solid for months. Since I don't have a shop and only take a limited number of orders each month, everything I do is by appointment only.

Get In Touch!

Zub Cakes

Location: Buford, GA 30519

*By Appointment Only*

Phone: 678-837-5497


#3 Cakes by Anna - Atlanta, GA

We're Interviewing: Anna, The Owner

Anna with a Cake in Kitchen

About the Business!

Absolutely, I have been creating cakes for a little over 11 years now and love everything about it. I offer custom wedding & grooms cakes in the Atlanta area. We specialize in buttercream designs. Cakes by Anna was voted Best Wedding Cake for 2020 & 2021 by Jezebel. I'm very proud of that recognition!

What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors? Is there a favorite or “most popular” among clients?

My personal favorite is the Almond cake with raspberry filling. I think the tartness of the raspberry helps cut the sweetness but also adds a freshness. My clients also love this flavor, but our salted caramel & Dark Chocolate peanut butter also come in a close second place.

H​ow big of cakes can you create?

We are custom wedding cake bakery, so we create a wide range sizes of cakes.

Do you deliver?

Yes! We deliver to the Atlanta area.

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

We offer grooms cake and during non wedding season we do offer custom special occasion cakes.

Anna, can you show us some photos of your cakes?

What can you tell me about getting started? ​

After the Initial contact, I prefer to get enough information to get a proposal together and set up a Tasting to move forward with their contract.

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#4 How Sweet It Is Cake Studio - Columbus, GA

We're Interviewing: Chari, The Owner

White Wedding Cake with Purple Design Elements

About the Business!

We are custom cake studio specializing in wedding and special event cakes of all shapes and sizes, fresh to order with local ingredients whenever possible.

What are your most favorite cake and icing flavors? Is there a favorite or “most popular” among clients?

Personally, my favorite is our strawberry lemonade cake, pairing lemon cake, lemon curd and fresh strawberries with our whipped almond buttercream. Our clients two favorites are neck in neck, being our Panetela Borracha aka our House Special and out Cheesecake cupcake, a Vanilla cupcake filled with cheesecake filling topped with fresh diced strawberries and cream cheese frosting.

How big (or small) of cakes can you create?

While we do make cupcakes and 4" cakes to top tiered cakes, our smallest single layer cake is 6" serving 6-12.

Do you deliver? If yes, what are your service areas?

Yes, we deliver any distance and even do destination weddings.

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

On a daily basis we have cupcakes, cookies, brownies, Cuban pastries, tres leches, whole cakes and then a weekly special item such as cheesecake stuffed and topped waffle cones or cake pops.

Chari, can you show us some photos of your cakes?

What can you tell me about getting started?

We offer tastings for larger events at a small charge, or you can come by and try cupcakes any time. We always suggest you look online for ideas and photos to provide us for inspiration as we prefer not to copy another artists work.

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How Sweet It Is Cake Studio Logo

How Sweet It Is Cake Studio

Address: 6002 Veterans Pkwy Suite B, Columbus, GA 31909

Phone: 706-341-3966

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#5 Diane Acuna Custom Cakes- Gainesville, GA

We're Interviewing: Diane, The Owner

Headshot of Diana

About the Business!

I was born and raised in Gainesville Ga, where I currently reside with my husband of 14 years, Joel, our 3 beautiful girls, as well as my niece and nephew. I guess you could say I got my start in baking and decorating because I always wanted to make cakes for my children. Over the years, as my skills became better, my baking hobby transitioned into taking on orders for more people beyond just friends and family and before we knew it, we had a cake business.

Do you have a favorite flavor?

We offer a wide variety of cake and frosting combinations! Our Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream is pretty popular for weddings because it is typically the general crowd pleaser but some people like to mix it up and do something not as traditional. We offer a strawberry / vanilla swirl cake that is pretty popular. That cake flavor goes well with either our vanilla buttercream or a strawberry buttercream filling. One of my personal favorites is lemon cake with a raspberry preserve filling.

How big of cakes can you create?

We offer a wide range of cake sizes! Our smallest size cake would be a 6” cake. Sometimes couples will just order this small cake for cutting and do cupcakes for their guests. We also offer different sizes of 2 and 3 tier cakes, as well as 4 and 5 tier cakes. 5 tiers is typically the largest cake size we do.

Do you deliver?

We offer delivery typically within a 60 mile radius of our location. Being that we are located in Gainesville, we are able to serve the Atlanta area, as well as most of North Ga. However, we do have certain minimum order requirements in place to qualify for delivery. We will generally deliver a 3 tier or larger. We would ask that smaller orders that can be easily transported such as single tier cakes, 2 tier cakes or cupcakes be picked up by the client.

Do you offer anything besides wedding cakes?

In addition to wedding cakes, we also offer cupcakes, as previously mentioned, and cake pops as well. We’ve been known to make a few stacked cookie wedding cakes in the past as well!

Dana, can you show us some photos of your cakes?

What can you tell me about getting started?

Getting started with the planning process for a wedding cake is fairly simple! We have a contact form on our