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Wil's Grill - Slow Smoked BBQ for the Wedding? Yes Please! Meet This Awesome Flagstaff Caterer!

We are excited to partner with Wil's Grill for this post!


Introducing a Top Wedding Caterer in Arizona:

Wil's Grill

Chef Holding Sandwich Board

Getting Married Near Flagstaff?

How does delicious BBQ sound for your wedding day meal? Smoked BBQ is really becoming a huge hit when it comes to weddings. From pulled pork to brisket to BBQ ribs... followed by delicious mac and cheese and brussel sprouts. We found an amazing caterer that serves Northern Arizona and we think you're going to love them for your wedding!

BBQ isn't the only thing they offer. In fact, they have a HUGE selection of items and our mouths are definitely watering just reading some of their sample menus!

In this post, we had the pleasure of interviewing John, the owner of Wil's Grill. If you're a couple getting married in Northern Arizona, we know you will find this article to be helpful!

Wil's Grill Logo

Let the Interview Begin!

John, can you tell us about yourself?

Arizona born and raised, I have grown up in a family of cooks and entrepreneurs. Aiming to live in the place I love and to do the things I love, I decided to start a catering business and name it after my dad, Wil. He gave me and my best buddy and business partner at the time our first grill- that was back in 2014. We were cooking on Wil’s old grill, thus the name Wil’s Grill.

What catering services do you offer?

We offer everything from a basic delivery all the way up to a full service waited staff. Our most popular service is our live-fire grill with a buffet and or plated dinner.

What areas do you service?

All of Northern Arizona and beyond. Our motto is “Have Grill, Will Travel.”

What types of foods do you offer? What is your most popular dish?

We are known for our slow smoked meats and family recipe BBQ. With that said, we are constantly inspired by international flavors. We focus on BBQ, Mediterranean and Greek, Latin inspired and much more. Items such as marinated grilled tri tip steak, Greek lemon herb grilled chicken, and slow smoked sliced brisket are all very popular items.

Can you show us some photos?

What is the first step to potentially working with your catering company?

Contact us online at: OR email us at: OR give John a call directly at: (480) 250 0763

Wil's Grill Logo

Wil's Grill

Have Grill Will Travel

Flagstaff, Arizona

Phone: (480) 250-0763

Sample menus:


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