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Your Wedding Day is Calling for RAIN... Here's Why It's Going to Be Amazing

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It's Going to Rain on My Wedding Day, Now What?

I remember the week before my wedding day checking the weather and seeing what (for months) was sunny and clear skies, was now showing a 100% chance of a thunderstorm ALL DAY LONG.

Don't panic, they said. It will be fine, they said.

Yeah right, I started freaking.the.hell.out.

I spent so much money on this outdoor wedding that had to be perfect. I envisioned a beautiful, sunny and clear day. Now, things might not be going my way and I couldn't accept it.

I had everyone weighing in their opinions, it was like they were trying to make me go crazy or something. One person would say, "just buy some umbrellas, it will be fine." While another would pitch in with "what are you going to do, cancel? You can't expect people to sit in the rain, I bet people don't come if it's pouring."

As the day got closer, it was very evident there was definitely going to be rain on my wedding day. The venue I chose had a plan B that I did not love. Why did I not think about rain when booking this venue? Every blog article I read searching for comfort only told me to "find a venue with a good plan B." Well, it was a little late for that! This article is here to help you not panic, because I'm assuming it's too late for you as well to switch venues.

Here is what you need to know. THIS IS GOING TO WORK OUT.

You see, my pastor told me the night before at our rehearsal dinner "anything that happens tomorrow that is out of your control, you have to know it's just part of your story. We all have a story and you get to see tomorrow how yours plays out."

I kept this in my mind and here is what I did.

I Accepted It

I woke up the day of my wedding and it wasn't just raining, it was pouring cats and dogs. It was dark, gloomy and felt like there was a damn hurricane taking place. It was in the middle of the summer, what in the world was happening? Why was this happening?!

I had a minor melt down, for about 5 minutes. Then, I pulled myself together and said, I refuse to let this ruin my day. This is part of my story and I know it's going to be badass. I've paid a boat load of money to have this wedding, I'm marrying the love of my life and I'm going to be happy if it kills me!

Now, I suggest you do the same. Give yourself a few minutes to take in that it's going to rain on your wedding day, it's not going to be what you envisioned... but it's going to be even better. I promise.

#2 Getting to the Venue

I got to the venue that morning and my wedding coordinator knew right away how I must be feeling. She assured me that we would do our best to have the ceremony outside just like we planned. Thank goodness the reception was indoors. I told her, "keep watching the weather... we can speed through the ceremony but I WANT it outdoors." I was clear with her and she knew what my goal was.

From that moment, I gave it to God. I let go and started smiling. This was my STORY, it's time to see how it plays out!

My mom was very upset about the rain, she was down and un-excited when she came in the bridal suite. Guess what? I kept smiling. I handed her my gift to her and kept smiling. I was so chipper and happy, it was my wedding day! When everyone started seeing me, the bride, smiling and not fretting about a little rain... everyone started to perk up! Everyone started to remember we were having a wedding and should be happy!

Photo Time

We paid a lot of money for a photographer and I wanted gorgeous photos to remember my day. I wasn't going to let a little rain ruin them. You see, I took pride in being the bride that wasn't freaking out in a corner somewhere, but was taking charge and smiling!

I talked to my photographer when she got there and told her I really wanted to get some photos outside. We were lucky enough that the rain let up for about 30 minutes and we all went outside and took photos.

Let me just say... these photos turned out absolutely amazing. Not having the sun out meant there weren't any harsh shadows and the natural lighting was soft. The photos came out stunning and even better than if there would've been a lot of sunshine. No squinting eyes, no sweaty armpits... it all worked out perfect.

The Ceremony

I was lucky enough that the rain let up once more for the ceremony. We had a quick ceremony and the sun even came out when we said our vows. We got through it beautifully and headed to the indoor reception. The minute the last guest walked inside for the reception, the rain started doing a complete downpour again. I mean... it looked like there was a tropical storm outside. I remember looking outside and just being so grateful that we were able to pull it all off. And you know what? If we wouldn't have been able to pull it off, it still would've been just fine.

It Was Absolutely Good Luck

I truly believe it was good luck. After all, they say rain on a wedding day is a sign that a marriage will last. It's said that a knot that becomes wet is very hard to untie. When you tie the knot on a rainy day, it's supposed to be just as hard to undo! With that being said, my husband and I have a relationship like no other. We truly have weathered so many storms together and I believe we'll be together until death do us part. I think the rain was a sign of how strong our marriage will be, I'm now very grateful for the rain and consider us blessed.

And you know what else? I haven't been to a single wedding where it has rained other than our own. That's kind of exciting.

In fact, I've began to LOVE the fact that it rained on our wedding day. It was unique... it all worked out, and I truly believe it was good luck. I'm not saying all the other weddings I've been to won't have good luck because it didn't rain... I'm just saying it was great for us... it was a part of our story.

If You Have Time, Do This...

If you have time, order some umbrellas so you can do some super cool romantic photos in the rain. If you don't have time, don't worry about it. It will all work out.

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Again, DO NOT PANIC. Make the best of it, you won't regret it.

What you will freaking out and crying in the bathroom. I am so proud of myself that I handled that day with so much grace and didn't let the rain get me down. I'm happy that my memories of that day is everyone saw the bride happy and smiling. It made everyone else follow suit. In the end, it all worked out beautifully and your day will too.

And remember, the rain is seriously a sign of good luck... take it as a blessing and consider yourself lucky!

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